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Thrips tiny black flys that live in houseplants

Submitted by flo

If you have Thrips, tiny black flies that live in houseplants plants. Cloves of garlic in the earth,  will keep them away but if you have them now in your plants it will take a month or so to get rid of them but it really works. I had an infestation of them and tried every thing, someone told me about the garlic, it works!!

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Thrips that bite humans Comments By: Bugs on 2007-01-10
Did your thrips bite you. I have had these for sometime and don't know how to get rid of them. Rentokil have been in but no-one can come up with a solution. I sometimes see them and they do bite but they also get into anything that is warm, like my pc and lay their eggs. Is there anyone else out there that has had a similar problem. They get into my clothes. I was told to wash everything above 60degrees, dry clean etc, which I have done but still they are with me. They are now at work, they are also in my car. If someone out there has had them and they were able to get rid then please let me know what you did. Thanks

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