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Get gorgeous big eyes

Submitted by Carrie

I always use to think that by lining my eyes with a white pencil it would make them look bigger but it instead made them look clownish. Instead, I found it much better to line eyes with a nude colored pencil to make eyes look huge. Also, a dot of very translucent, white eye shadow in the corner of your eyes makes them look bigger. 

Just don't put too much white otherwise you will look clownish.

Visitors comments

well.... Comments By: Gennifer on 2006-04-29
has anyone else heard this??? i want other people 2 use comments before i try this
I do this as well Comments By: kaelinne on 2006-12-24
This does absolutely work, they use the same technique in theatre (that's where the white eyeliner came from) but with nude or a peach it looks more natural. You want to make sure to apply darker eyeliner on the upper lids though otherwise your eyes look strange.

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