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I recently used Colour Catcher

Submitted by Sally

I recently used Colour Catcher - it allows you to wash both colours and whites in the same load. This is a great way to save money and time!

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Color Catcher Comments By: Lee on 2008-12-04
Will Color Catcher get out color that has already run into other clothes?
colof catcher Comments By: BJ on 2010-03-04
It doesn't take out color that has already been transferred. It is wonderful to take traveling when you have to wash many colors in the same load. If you know the colors will probably run you need to use more than one sheet in a load.
Colour and Dirt collector Comments By: Katie on 2010-06-17
The Dr Beckmann colour and dirt collector is the same - this video on youtube with Kim Woodburn shows you how to use it if you're not sure:


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