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Eyes Get rid of pink eye

Submitted by Kathy Johnson

You can use a tea bag to get rid of pink eye. Wet a tea bag and place it over the infected eye for 20 minutes 3 times a day. The infection will be gone in 1 to 3 days, depending on the severity.

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Your tips is BAD!!! Comments By: lorin on 2004-07-19
Pink eye is a sever but curable and temporary eye disease,when i had pink eye my doctor said to absolutly not put anything on my eyes, even make up! so it's way way better to go to the doctor!
Salt wash Comments By: Mom with pink eye on 2005-07-11
Say what you want about the Dr. The salt bath (a little salt in a glass of warm water)eases the infected eye immediately. A long with the salt wash, changing your pillow case daily helps too. We had reoccuring pink eye in our family one time and finally fiqured out the culprit was our pillowcases.
Chamomile tea soaks r great Comments By: Luna on 2009-01-09
It almost always gets rid of pinkeye unless its viral. Definately give it a try. Especially if u dont have insurance to go to a dr.

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