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Eliminating Negatives in your Life

Thinking positive and living a life that is meant for what you want personally in life is more than just a way of life, but a habit that you create for yourself so you feel, think, and act in a positive manner that is going to put you first in life leaving more of the people and things behind you in life that are stressful, harmful and that are negative in your life. Putting negatives in your life behind you is an ongoing process as you will encounter more and more through out your life, but the first step is to think more positively about your skills, ideas, and beliefs so you can get on with obtaining what you want in life. 

Think about what you believe in life. 

Put your ideas, thoughts and feelings first. Don�t feel that you have to listen or be considerate of those things in life that you really don�t believe are good for your family or your personal self. Sure we have to be nice about some things in life, where we allow other people to talk about what they believe in life, that is their right, but it doesn�t mean you really have to listen, follow or consider it. Let them talk, walk away and continue with your goals and what you want to pursue in life. 

An example is, religion. There are so many types of religion and beliefs that it would be hard to really decipher and please everyone around you. What you need to do is follow your own beliefs and allow other people to believe like they want without worrying about it interfering in your life. You don�t have to hide what you believe; yet you don�t have to follow what any one else is teaching at the same time. This same method can be applied to many things in life, business, the Internet, the automobile that you drive and the types of foods that you eat. 

Get rid of all the ideas that surround you in life that you don�t believe in, focus on what matter to you personally for a more fulfilling life. 

Set goals and your life priorities 

When life seems to just go by day after day, set a few goals in life. What do you want to do, what to you want to get, what do you want to achieve personally? If you find that these are hard questions to answer, you are in a place in life where possibly your goals have been met, but you need to take the next step in life to make a splash personally in what you want for yourself and for your family. 

Make it a point to make a list of the things you want to achieve in life and then work towards these goals, one at a time. Sure, some of these ideas are going to be easier achieve and even faster to attain than others are going to be, but the point is that when your life has goals, something to work towards, and something more to look forwards to, you feel better about your personal situation and what you are working for. Aimlessly working your way through life doesn�t make a person feel good, but working towards goals gives life an entire different meaning. 

Learn to take time for yourself

Often when providing for a family, working towards goals, and at different times of our busy lives, we forget to take time for ourselves. One of your goals in life should be to enjoy life a little more. Fly a kite, ride a bike, feel younger, enjoy those special moments with others around you, these are important things. 

No matter how large the goal is that you are working towards or that you are looking forwards to, you have to take the time to make it all stop and enjoy your private time by doing something just for yourself. This could be taking a bath, reading a book, working in the garden, taking a drive to see the lights, or just listening to some music while sitting in the sun. Your personal time is going to relax your mind and thoughts so you can focus on your life outside of these personal moments better. 

Practice being effective 

Use your smaller goals, such as getting organized, getting the laundry caught up, saving money, cleaning the car and such as ongoing goals. Set your goals, get these smaller goals done so you feel your life is more organized, clean and clear so you can then focus on the larger things in life such as fixing the house up, taking a vacation, getting out and meeting more people, or becoming more involved in your children�s lives. While every persons goals are going to be different, one thing is clear, meeting smaller goals while on the path to reaching for those larger goals your life is going to happen in steps and you will feel as if you are accomplishing more every day!

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Negative Boss Comments By: Robin on 2005-04-20
Working in a negative enviroment all the time is hard to do. It is twice as difficult with a negative boss. I try to say something positive with every negative statement she makes. It's hard but my patients see that I am trying and they like it.

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