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Childproof Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Are you a parent of a toddler? If so than you know the importance of safe guarding your house. We are going to cover the kitchen and bathroom. These are two key rooms where most accidents happen. It takes only a few small and simple steps to insure of your little ones safety and well being.

Lets start in the kitchen. The kitchen is where the parents spend much more of their time. Small children usually want to be in the same room as an adult so that is where they are more likely to be also. 

The following are a couple tips to follow for a safer kitchen:

  • Store lighters, knives, and household cleaners in a cabinet accessible only to adults.
  • Put safety latches on all cabinets that are at a lower level.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use and keep cords out of childrenís reach.
  • Never pour hot liquids near a child or leave hot drinks with in reach.
  • Use back burners of the stove and turn in pot handles toward the back.
  • Secure freestanding ovens to the wall or floor.
  • Watch out for tablecloths, small children enjoy pulling on things in which could cause items to drop on their heads.
  • Keep stools and chairs away from counters and stairs.
  • Be sure to keep alcohol locked away from children.
  • Cook meat, eggs, poultry and shellfish thoroughly to prevent food poisoning.
  • Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap after handling meat.
  • Use safety plug covers in all outlets.
  • In the doorway keep a safety gate, if possible, to keep children out when youíre in a different room.

Since children enjoy helping us in the kitchen, give them a cabinet of their own. If they have one particular cabinet they are allowed in you will have less aggravation. 

In your childís cabinet you could place things such as large plastic containers, wooden spoons and sippy cups. This way your child will have a place to play while you are preparing meals.

The following steps are for your bathroom. Since there are many dangerous items in a bathroom safeguarding your bathroom is very serious.

  • Make sure all bathroom cabinets have safety latches placed on them.
  • Store all medications, vitamins, hair dye, tooth paste, bathroom cleansers and other hazardous solutions in a locked cabinet.
  • Be sure to keep the bathroom door shut and use doorknob safety guards to prevent children from entering the bathroom.
  • Keep toilet seat lids down at all times and lock them with lid locks.
  • Use non-skid bath mats in bathtub and shower to prevent slipping.
  • Install electrical outlets protected by ground-fault circuit breakers to prevent electric shock. Use safety plug covers in all outlets.
  • Install an anti-scald device on faucets or set your water heater at 120 degrees F.

Never allow children to play in the bathroom. Never leave children alone in the bathroom (not even for a second or two). Children could drown in just two inches of water. Never change a baby on bathroom countertops, use a changing table.

It is important to practice these safety steps at all times. Go through your whole house and safeguard everything. Blinds are a danger some people donít even think about. These strings hanging down from the blinds could cause a child to strangle itself. All outlets should have outlet cover protectors; children are so attracted to putting anything they possibly can in those outlet holes.

Children like to investigate everything. If out of reach they will try any method to succeed in their endeavor, thus things will get pulled down, knocked over and climbed on. All methods are very dangerous seeing how things could fall on your child or he himself could fall and get seriously hurt. 

Best way to safeguard every thing in every room, get down on your hands and knees crawl your way through from room to room. You will be seeing things at your childís eye level. Remember everything looks interesting to them, they do not know danger yet so think like they would. This will give you a better know how to safe guard your rooms.

Kids are precious keep them safe, sound and happy at all times!

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Great with the article Comments By: Samantha on 2005-04-09
I have a 10year old and just found out I'm pregnant I really found this helpful with the big changes I'm in for at my house. Thank so much
Pregenant at my age!!!!! Comments By: Robin on 2005-04-20
Yes that is what I said when the Doctor told me I was having not one but two babies ---- My daughter is 20. I thought my childproofing days were over but here we go again. I am excited!!!!

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