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Never truly trust a guy

Submitted by Jodi

Never truly trust a guy, because if they have your heart in their hands, they are capable of hurting you. When you love someone, you will know it, it won't be a question in your mind...and when you honest to god love someone, and they love you, only then should you give them your heart, for them to keep safe.

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Today, I have to agree with you Comments By: Jaye on 2004-09-12
I've been with the man of my dreams for 2 years. He has decided that it's time for me to move out. Will not give an explanation. It's not another girlfriend. If he's not working he's at home with me.

I feel like my heart has been ripped out and stomped on. It's going to take a long time to get over this and I don't think I'll ever be able to trust anyone with only the Y chromosome again.

Trust comes with time. Comments By: Tamsin on 2005-01-30
I agree with the above statement although i believe trust comes with time and knowing someone, as well as using your extincts this will be your greatest strength to help guide you. Look at the persons actions and the way they treat you. I have been hurt before, but I have also bouced back and learned to trust again.
HA HA ABOUT TRUST Comments By: MARSHA on 2005-04-24
i definitely agree! Comments By: loi on 2005-07-19
I've been with this monstrous guy I loved but BROKE my heart...He's a BEAST!
Yeah, you're absolutely right! Comments By: Mary on 2005-09-20
"Burn me once, shame on you...burn me twice, shame on me!" Yeah, never give them all they want or need. Once they feel secure, they will screw you over and you'll hate yourself for allowing it to happen. Always keep 'em guessing! Men are only as good as what they've not gotten.
Very, very wrong Comments By: Chase on 2006-01-17
How dare you say just because most guys are jerk-offs, that none can be trusted. I agree that most guys are screw-ups, but that doesn't mean that all guys are bad. I am one of the good-natured ones and would want a girl to give me her heart. I wouldn't break or hurt it, because if she truly gave me as hers, I honor and cherish her. I have one now and love her now and forever
It is instinctive behaviour (unfortunately!) Comments By: David (mature - not old!) on 2007-10-02
We humans are members of the animal kingdom and our primary instinct is to procreate so as to ensure the survival of the race. In the case of the woman this means to connect with a strong male who can give her strong children and protect her and her children. In the case of the male this means that he should procreate with as many women as possible so as to produce many strong children.
In our western society we men try to overcome this instinct and most of us really want to be true. But it is HARD! Now that I am on the last lap, so to speak (I'm 75), I can look back and understand how my hormones ruled my thought processes when I was younger. Things that I did and the thoughts that I had when I was a testosterone junkie appal me now. I apologise for my behaviour and that of most would-be good men. This is not an excuse - it is a reason.

DAVID YOU'RE WRONG Comments By: Sarah on 2009-09-11
So men should be pigs and woman should wait around and stay with pigs? HA BS!!!
Truth Comments By: Preston on 2009-09-30
As a gay guy I can truly attest to this statement! It's always hot to hookup with a guy but afterward they're all insensitive.
ex boyfriend Comments By: Gina on 2010-09-15
i been with a guy for 7 months i thought he was great but he really hurt me a whole lot now he still miss me but i cant trust him anymore he hates everyone even black ;my ex was very controling jealous guy i still love him but he had no job nothing i was his maid i cleaned his house all the time when i got him i was in tears how he trusted me real bad but i'll give him until Oct 31 to shape up im asking him if he wants to be friends but if he agrees he wants to be friends then ill be friends but NO dating him ever again lots of guys aren't mean i'll fine someone one day when i do ill be happy again

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