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Lindane Lotion for Pediculosus

Submitted by kerwoman

I believe that it's good to know just where lice originate. The answer: humans. Since the beginning (not sure when exactly that was. long ago ....), they have coexisted with us.

Lice in America & elsewhere come from second and 3rd world countries. If you were to use an over the counter application for lice in these parts of the world they would die instantly 'cause they've yet to grow resistant, however after that first shampooing..voila!! Immunity! 

The only product that I know to work to date is Lindane Lotion. After the follow up treatment the friggin nits fall apart. But you need to be careful using this ,follow the directions EXACTLY! But like with any treatment you have to TREAT all places in which a head would be, and even where they were'nt. Leave no bed unstripped... , no coats and hats towels etc untreated with hot hot wash and dry..no couch unvaccumned,<your car included, no stuffed animal unbagged,<bag it up and throw in cold area for at least a week because they can remain dormant. When you vacuum be sure to dispose of the contents properly. Its also important to know that Lice can live on inanimate surfaces for up to a week.. (headphones, combs, brushes etc..) They need blood to live and don't favor the extreme hot and cold. They don't like bleach, (no not for your head!)..Clorox or whatever brand you prefer. (This is very effective in killing live ones and nits that would be in the brushes and combs ,including the lice comb although I would soak that in a separate cup all by itself.

Ammonia & peroxide will kill the live ones but the nits still live and will hatch fresh lice, YAY!! The only way to insure complete cleansing is: to do your homework! Be persistent and you shall persevere. Remain vigilant and show them sonsabithches NO MERCY!

Leave no nit left behind!

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