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Grocery Shopping With Children

Dealing with a shopping list, coupons, and a shopping cart (it never fails; you get that one that has the dragging wheel) and on top of all that the children. Not to mention the check out line, you always seem to be drawn to the one that comes up with the problem after you stood in line for twenty minutes.

We can try to cut down on a lot of this stress by planning ahead. Make a shopping list check it several times before you head out, also check the sale flier, this way you know ahead what is on sale before you go. Stick to your list; do not get extras that are not on your list. This will keep you from over spending and help cut down on the children growing restless. 

When going shopping dont go at lunchtime or dinnertime, feed the kids and then go after. Naturally they will be restless if they are hungry. Also have a snack and a drink along with you for your younger children. When they see snacks that they want, offer them your snack with the choice of yours or none. 

Lollipops are great because they take a longer time to eat. Small toys will keep younger children entertained. Use these special toys only when shopping so they are the special shopping toys. 

An older child could have the responsibility of marking off the items you purchased on your list. A smaller child could be giving a small note pad and crayon. They will imitate their older brother or sister by marking off their own special list. 

Set a shopping goal time; say 60 minutes to get in and out. Set a special fun treat if you make it in and out in the allotted time. You children will be so excited about getting a special surprise that it will cut down on the whining and crying for additional purchases. Give them a stopwatch to keep an eye on. 

Remind them that your time is moving and you must hurry. This will be such a big game for all of you. You will see that you will stick to that shopping list that you made up. 

With older children, such as ten and eleven year olds could be a huge help. Give them the coupons of items you need they will be able to go through the store and find them just the same as you would. This cuts your time to make your shopping go a lot quicker.

Ask younger children to help by finding colors. This will give them a great sense of helping out and will educate them in the long run. 

Always praise your children, we are quick to yell and discipline our children when they are acting up so why not praise them just as often for good behavior. Encourage them by saying, You are doing such a wonderful job or I like the way you are walking next to mommy. Praising your children will encourage them to keep up the good work.

Some stores have small child size shopping carts; your child could push one of these small carts beside you. You could let her place some items from your shopping list in her own cart.

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