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Whiter teeth Baking soda with hydrogen peroxide

Submitted by KG4JUP

I have been using baking soda with hydrogen peroxide for many years to whiten my teeth. I read an article by a progressive dentist long before they started including these ingredients in commercial toothpaste. He said the combination was especially effective in killing bacteria in the mouth and on the gums. Of course, don't swallow and rinse well. I usually follow up with a mouthwash like amber Listerine.

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The following was sent in by amber
proof is in the pudding...errr....peroxide
I had all my adult teeth prematurely by the age of 5 or 6 (my son was born with two teeth and had all adults by the same age as well). From a small child, my mom taught me to use the baking soda and peroxide method as well as gargling with salt water from time to time and not only have I never had a cavity in my baby teeth.

At 31 years old, I have never had a cavity or dental problem in my life. In addition, I am a heavy smoker and enjoy red wine and you would never know it from the whiteness of my teeth. No gum problems or receding either and my dentist is always impressed at my check ups. I rinse with 3% peroxide and baking soda every evening for almost my whole life. I gargle with warm salt water once a week. As long as you dont swallow the peroxide-it is perfectly safe.

If your gums turn white then you are sensitive to it and should dilute with water. If this method does not work then why does no one believe me when i tell them Ive never had cavities or professional whitening? It is not too good to be true-the proof is in the pudding-it simply works! If you dont like chemicals-you can buy natural spring oxygenated water. It is mother natures peroxide. lol. Hope this helps,

Visitors comments

listerine Comments By: anon on 2004-08-25
I'm not sure that I would go through the trouble of cleaning my teeth and killing the bacteria only to gargle with an additive laden product like listerine.
Whiten teeth? Comments By: fairheld on 2004-08-30
Can this hydrogen peroxide and baking soda whiten our teeth?

TipKing Says: It would seem so.

hydrogen peroxide??? Comments By: Sensible on 2004-09-07
This is a very dangerous method and is not advised!! Very silly young lady!!
Read the bottle... Comments By: Jess on 2004-09-15
Read the bottle of Peroxide, it clearly says its safe to gargle a diluted amount, half water half peroxide. If it was so dangerous they wouldnt have people gargle peroxide in hospitals. As for Baking soda, anything and everything for your teeth have baking soda and peroxide in them, the key is dilute dilute dilute...
Scientific argument Comments By: Scientist on 2004-10-16
absoloutely, Hydrogen peroxide is safe in dilute forms. that is why it can be used in medicine instead of benzyne peroxide. the more concentrated form would be dangerous, as it is a strong oxidising agent. if the article said you could use it, then there is no reason to doubt it.
To eager to believe ..Re ..labels Comments By: CeltRaider on 2004-10-24
Dont believe everything you read. Just because you wont need to be instantly rushed to hospital, doesn't mean its safe for your body. Man (science) doesn't know all there is to know and never will.

Arrogance is all Man can master when science is used, for he doesn't look to the wholeness of things. Just parts. Aboriginal people had clean teeth without brushing. I'de sooner look to them then to trust someone that is after economical gain. Raw foods (meat if eaten, cooked fast, still chewy) and unpolluted (with chemicals) water seems to be their methods. And don't look to contact period aboriginals either ... their rotting teeth is attributed to sugar and white flour and their spirits being opressed.
I'de stick to plain baking soda, if you must add something to your brush besides water. Oh and eat mint and parsley :)

Why Not? I mean, if it works... Comments By: Kay on 2004-10-28
Peroxide and baking soda works very well. My teeth were very noticably whiter whitin days when I used these two products. I recommed them to everyone who needs a beautiful smile. I mean, if they work for ya'....
Aboriginals? Comments By: Be educated on 2004-11-04
Regarding aboriginals having better teeth than people's today, give me a break. Were do you get your info? Certainly not dental records written on papyrus. Second, aboriginal people rarely lived beyond age 40.

What I believe is that our teeth, like aboriginal people themselves, are designed by evolution to last about 40 years. That some people still have a descent mouth into older age is a tribute to modern thougth and tools.'s all good Comments By: the lone star lady on 2004-11-10
makes sense to me. When I started using that OralB absorbant floss and rubbing it in glyoxide to help my gums fight bacteria due to dental work - I found my teeth so much whiter - just by flossing...and the dentist is amazed at how healthy my gums are. I would imagine the baking soda will help fight acid from forming rapidly. I am going to try it.
Kablah, Jesus is Lord! Comments By: tice on 2005-01-17
Regarding the aboriginals, most of them you see in pictures are only like 20, and don't eat Twinkee or drink Coke. Plus they have the super duper benefit of living to 21, adding an additional incentive. If you want to help your teeth, do this: 1) Use Hydrogen Peroxide sparingly, don't get overzealous 2) Brush every day, and use soft bristles if your gums bleed easily 3) I believe every dentist will thank me for saying this, floss! floss! floss! It only takes 30 seconds and can do wonders, plus your brush can't clean there, and whatever you remove while brushing, the breeding ground in between your teeth can give you a rotten taste when you wake up. Anything you kill while brushing can be replaced by the bacteria in between your teeth overnight (to an extent, of course)

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