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Whiter teeth Baking soda with hydrogen peroxide

Submitted by KG4JUP

I have been using baking soda with hydrogen peroxide for many years to whiten my teeth. I read an article by a progressive dentist long before they started including these ingredients in commercial toothpaste. He said the combination was especially effective in killing bacteria in the mouth and on the gums. Of course, don't swallow and rinse well. I usually follow up with a mouthwash like amber Listerine.

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The following was sent in by amber
proof is in the pudding...errr....peroxide
I had all my adult teeth prematurely by the age of 5 or 6 (my son was born with two teeth and had all adults by the same age as well). From a small child, my mom taught me to use the baking soda and peroxide method as well as gargling with salt water from time to time and not only have I never had a cavity in my baby teeth.

At 31 years old, I have never had a cavity or dental problem in my life. In addition, I am a heavy smoker and enjoy red wine and you would never know it from the whiteness of my teeth. No gum problems or receding either and my dentist is always impressed at my check ups. I rinse with 3% peroxide and baking soda every evening for almost my whole life. I gargle with warm salt water once a week. As long as you dont swallow the peroxide-it is perfectly safe.

If your gums turn white then you are sensitive to it and should dilute with water. If this method does not work then why does no one believe me when i tell them Ive never had cavities or professional whitening? It is not too good to be true-the proof is in the pudding-it simply works! If you dont like chemicals-you can buy natural spring oxygenated water. It is mother natures peroxide. lol. Hope this helps,

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listerine Comments By: anon on 2004-08-25
I'm not sure that I would go through the trouble of cleaning my teeth and killing the bacteria only to gargle with an additive laden product like listerine.
Whiten teeth? Comments By: fairheld on 2004-08-30
Can this hydrogen peroxide and baking soda whiten our teeth?

TipKing Says: It would seem so.

hydrogen peroxide??? Comments By: Sensible on 2004-09-07
This is a very dangerous method and is not advised!! Very silly young lady!!
Read the bottle... Comments By: Jess on 2004-09-15
Read the bottle of Peroxide, it clearly says its safe to gargle a diluted amount, half water half peroxide. If it was so dangerous they wouldnt have people gargle peroxide in hospitals. As for Baking soda, anything and everything for your teeth have baking soda and peroxide in them, the key is dilute dilute dilute...
Scientific argument Comments By: Scientist on 2004-10-16
absoloutely, Hydrogen peroxide is safe in dilute forms. that is why it can be used in medicine instead of benzyne peroxide. the more concentrated form would be dangerous, as it is a strong oxidising agent. if the article said you could use it, then there is no reason to doubt it.
To eager to believe ..Re ..labels Comments By: CeltRaider on 2004-10-24
Dont believe everything you read. Just because you wont need to be instantly rushed to hospital, doesn't mean its safe for your body. Man (science) doesn't know all there is to know and never will.

Arrogance is all Man can master when science is used, for he doesn't look to the wholeness of things. Just parts. Aboriginal people had clean teeth without brushing. I'de sooner look to them then to trust someone that is after economical gain. Raw foods (meat if eaten, cooked fast, still chewy) and unpolluted (with chemicals) water seems to be their methods. And don't look to contact period aboriginals either ... their rotting teeth is attributed to sugar and white flour and their spirits being opressed.
I'de stick to plain baking soda, if you must add something to your brush besides water. Oh and eat mint and parsley :)

Why Not? I mean, if it works... Comments By: Kay on 2004-10-28
Peroxide and baking soda works very well. My teeth were very noticably whiter whitin days when I used these two products. I recommed them to everyone who needs a beautiful smile. I mean, if they work for ya'....
Aboriginals? Comments By: Be educated on 2004-11-04
Regarding aboriginals having better teeth than people's today, give me a break. Were do you get your info? Certainly not dental records written on papyrus. Second, aboriginal people rarely lived beyond age 40.

What I believe is that our teeth, like aboriginal people themselves, are designed by evolution to last about 40 years. That some people still have a descent mouth into older age is a tribute to modern thougth and tools.

peroxide-glyoxide...it's all good Comments By: the lone star lady on 2004-11-10
makes sense to me. When I started using that OralB absorbant floss and rubbing it in glyoxide to help my gums fight bacteria due to dental work - I found my teeth so much whiter - just by flossing...and the dentist is amazed at how healthy my gums are. I would imagine the baking soda will help fight acid from forming rapidly. I am going to try it.
Kablah, Jesus is Lord! Comments By: tice on 2005-01-17
Regarding the aboriginals, most of them you see in pictures are only like 20, and don't eat Twinkee or drink Coke. Plus they have the super duper benefit of living to 21, adding an additional incentive. If you want to help your teeth, do this: 1) Use Hydrogen Peroxide sparingly, don't get overzealous 2) Brush every day, and use soft bristles if your gums bleed easily 3) I believe every dentist will thank me for saying this, floss! floss! floss! It only takes 30 seconds and can do wonders, plus your brush can't clean there, and whatever you remove while brushing, the breeding ground in between your teeth can give you a rotten taste when you wake up. Anything you kill while brushing can be replaced by the bacteria in between your teeth overnight (to an extent, of course)
Ouch! Comments By: gem01 on 2005-07-08
I recently had my teeth whitened at my dentists office and it hurt like... It felt like little needles poking through my enamel into the nerves of my teeth. They used pure hydrogen peroxide. I did have great results, but I would only advise doing it under the care of a licensed dentist. The assistant got some on my inner lip and it still burns like crazy, 3 days later, but do what you'd like...
on sale at the dentist Comments By: penny forum on 2005-08-11
I have just started using a product supplied by my dentist which contains hydrogen peroxide. It's contained in a polymer and paints on like using nail varnish. Already I can see a difference after only 2 applications (the bottle is sufficient for 14 days @ 2 applications per day.) It's already making the stains left from smoking lighter, and I feel happier to smile! It cost me 15 in the UK and at the end of the 14 days I will buy another to keep up the whiteness using it just once or twice a week.
What the Comments By: sheepstar on 2006-07-17
hi penny i dont suppose you know what the stuff you got from your dentist was called sounds pretty good
Think about it... Comments By: Wisdom_is_Prudent on 2006-08-02
Sure, its true, these will whiten your teeth, but they are ABRASIVE as well. If you want to trade whiter teeth for wearing down your enamel, go for it, but don't blame me when you're 60 years old and can no longer eat normal foods because your teeth are too sensitive...They are alright on occasion, but I would NOT suggest using them everyday.

As for teeth being designed "by evolution" (as you say) to last 40 years, thats just ridiculous! How do you think people in Ancient Rome lived past their forties? None of them brushed their teeth either, and while it was gross, yes, they still had teeth into their old age. How about Queen Elizabeth? People in her time rarely bathed and believed brushing your teeth exposed you to "evil spirits". Pretty sure most of them lasted past the age of forty without the help of all our "modern technology".

The truth is, with more modern technology, more diseases and plagues come as well. Obesity stems from overabundance of food. We constantly consume tons of chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins. Cancer and other diseases are way more common now than in years past. Is that the kind of example you would attribute to modern technology? I certainly don't think so...

24 years Comments By: Shelley Wagner on 2007-02-12
I had a dentist tell me to brush before bed using soda and peroxide. I have not developed gum disorders, receding gums, nor have I had a cavity. I do not use any commercial products on my teeth any more. Tooth paste and commercial mouth rinses, leave a coating on your teeth. This coating stops the nightly renewel of enamel so that your teeth eventual require more dental remedies to correct the problems.
Dentist Recommended Comments By: Heather on 2007-02-21
A dentist recommended this to me many years ago for heathlier gums. And it also has the added benifit of whitening.
i have heard this peroxide and baking soda work but Comments By: anon on 2007-12-24
I met a person 10 days ago who had the whitest most bueatiful teeth I have ever seen on a person and I eagerly inquired if she had ever had her teeth professionaly whitend or what her tip was as I used to be a smoker for 10 years. She told me that her secret was hydrogen peroxide and baking soda every day. I would like to believe this but her teeth were too perfectly white and she was about 49 years old. She swears by this stuff but I am still weary of side effects and any long term damage that may come from such proceedings. Can anyone shed some light on the issue before I decide to try it.
Good tip. Comments By: Lauren on 2008-01-10
I am constantly asked how I keep my teeth so white. When I tell them I rinse with hydrogen peroxide they all seem skeptical.

I just rinse with it first thing in the morning, before brushing and before eating anything that can scratch the interior of the mouth or gums. Otherwise, you will have some stinging.

I've been using this technique for over 15 years along with regular flossing. My dentist always comments on the excellent condition of my teeth.

Where what to buy for Peroxide Comments By: Gav on 2008-01-17
I would like to give this a go but dont know what stuff to buy. All i can find for pure peroxide is the hair "cream"

TipKing says: You need to ask for 'hydrogen peroxide' at a chemists, pharmacy

Works great! Comments By: Stephanie on 2008-02-19
I just brushed with a hydrogen peroxide capful of baking soda and just enough peroxide to make it thick like paste.. I brushed for 2 minutes, rinsed well, then brushed with toothpaste. Would you believe my mouth never felt so clean and my teeth look brighter! After only one use, 5 mins ago. Im gonna do this everyday!
Whitening and flossing Comments By: sarah on 2008-03-29
You people that are freaking out because of this post are rediculous. All that's being said is that this method of tooth whitening is effective. Who gives a ... if aboriginees lived for 20, 40, or even 400 years? I don't think anyone in here does. So just leave your rediculous comments on another board. This method has worked for me and my husband. And it's a lot cheaper than strips or paste you buy off the shelf. Now, if your dentist recommends something for you, of course that would always be the best thing for you to use. And for all of you that said to floss, good on you. That is definately the key to good oral hygeine!
someone needs to do some research Comments By: curious learning questioner on 2008-05-17
Enamel rebuilds itself, in a process called dental remineralization. So garbage about ABRASIVES doesn't mean anything. Enamel is constantly demineralizing and remineralizing. For remineralization to occur a balanced PH is required in the mouth. Bacteria such as Streptococcus Mutans build up around the base of the teeth and on the tongue and digest starches and sugars and release acids which upset the PH balance and cause demineralization around where they have built up. There is nothing wrong with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
It works! Comments By: shelly on 2008-07-07
yeah.I've tried using these two stuffs and they did brighten my teeth!
Strenght of the hydrogen peroxide? Comments By: JamyLogie on 2008-08-14
Here at home we've got some kind of deluted version of hydrogen peroxide, it's only 3%.
Was that the kind of hydrogen peroxide you were talking about or is it pure hydrogen peroxide which im not even sure of it's existence.
Thanks in advance.

hydrogen peroxides Comments By: peter on 2008-10-24
Is 3% of hydrogen peroxides is strong for
tooth whithening?. thanks

Love it Comments By: Lizzie on 2008-10-29
I've tried teeth whitening solutions i bought (which were quite expensive) from my dentist. They did not work for me. I followed the directions...to a T.
I just recently tried baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and brushed my teeth. It did not hurt my gums (or make them red) or make my teeth sensitive like the stuff i got from the dentist. I can notice a difference and i will continue to use the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I don't really care what the effects are in the long run, lol (as i tried a chemical solution from the dentists office!) as long as my teeth are white. And they are. I am happy.
My smile is important to me, and this method helps. Thanks guys. And good luck to those just starting. :o)

smile on

what percentage of peroxcide should i use Comments By: lilmo on 2008-11-11
can u tell me what percentage is safe to use on my teeth thanks
Baking Soda-Peroxide+Listerine=Pointless Comments By: Jeremy Maddux on 2008-12-08
Alcohol has been proven to make oral problems EVEN worse. It makes more sense to gargle with a baking soda-peroxide rinse. Here's a recipe for a rinse that I use every morning and night:

1 tablespoon of baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide solution
1/2 cup water

It's not the most pleasant-tasting rinse, but it'll leave your mouth feeling clean. Add mint oil, if you wish.

oh my god Comments By: beiblade on 2008-12-13
just put on some mud on your teeth for a few minute then rinse
It doesn't have side effects?? Comments By: Aaron on 2009-01-07
cuz i need this for my project in science

Works!!! Comments By: Devon on 2009-01-09
I used this method for 4 days and i seen a difference in my teeth. From what ive read so far, its very safe to me and others.
strength Comments By: J. Michael Anders on 2009-02-04
Use a 3% hydrogen peroxide for your teeth; this is a safe concentration for oral use. Stronger concentrations can be very dangerous if you aren't very careful with dilution and use; accidents can happen. It is an amazing substance if you research its properties carefully. Good luck...
It works...for real! Comments By: Mariposa on 2009-02-04
I am a coffee drinker so I need to go to the dentist to whiten my teeth and I always get frustrated...so one day I tired baking soda with hydrogen peroxide (10 volumes or 3%) and it made wonders!

I did it everyday for a week, then twice a week and now once a week...and it is just giving me wonderful results!

My brother is a chemist and he told me it is safe...my dentist (who is awesome!) told me it is fine...and have asked so many people...and all of them approved.

I am just doing it once a week now as my teeth are really fine...and so time for moderation...

People who are curios should try it...and get the feel themselves!

Started doing this,works,but need help. Comments By: Mike on 2009-02-27
So ive started doing this like couple days ago,looks like teeth are actually little whiter than before and looks little fresher and shiner than before,but can anyone explain how to properly prepare baking soda and hydorgen peroxide on tooth brush? For example right now i put some baking soda on tip of the toothbrush and then drop like 3 drops on baking soda,but baking soda falls down from bristles to plastic part of toothbrush and completely shakes off when brushing,when brushing teeth it feels some of soda and peroxide but probably like 5% of what i put on toothbrush....so once again i repeat question,how to properly prepare all this thingie? maby mix soda with peroxide before putting on toothbrush and make it something like toothpaste so it wouldnt fall down? I was thinking about this but then I thought maby it will be too big concentration of baking soda and peroxide to teeth,anyway someone pls explain me,thank you
Go for it. Comments By: Victoria on 2009-03-03
Ok everyone who says this is dangerous need to do your research. Yes, swallowing a large amount of hydrogen peroxide isnt safe. Duh! But im not going to be thirsty for it im just using it to whiten my teeth. In fact it is very safe to use this as a teeth whitening product. Ive even asked a friend of mine who is a dentist. I have been using this method for a while now and my teeth are pearl white.:]

TipKing says: I agree. Infact expensive tooth whitening is done with hydrogen peroxide gel. 12%

hi i have just gave it a go Comments By: kevin creevy on 2009-03-15
my mouth has white burns all over it is it worth the poain kev from liverpool
i'm with the sane majority here... Comments By: Rob on 2009-03-18
3% Hydrogen Peroxide is classed as food grade, and is therefore perfectly safe. I've experimented with slightly higher concentrations (my theory being saliva instantly begins diluting it), but stick with 3% to be safe. Mix with to a paste with baking soda prior to brushing, and only enough for each time as it dries out quickly. Use a little dish to prepare this, and then scoop it up onto the brush. I don't think you really need to brush much - just coat your teeth with the paste mix and then hold your mouth open and teeth bared (yeah it looks a bit stupid..) to allow the stain oxidization to take place. Do this for as long as you can be bothered (2 mins maybe). It will tingle whilst it's working, and might temporarily whiten your gums. Brush with regular paste afterwards, mouthwash etc.
dumb Comments By: fox on 2009-04-10
using this method once a week is just harmless. looking at comments that doing this would destroy your teeth makes me laugh. the key is to not over do it, not to NOT believe in science.
I'mgonna try it Comments By: Lesley on 2009-04-10
Iam going to give it ago tomorrow. I am going to use it in amouthwash HP 3 % and baking soda and water. I have receding gums so this looks like I could have better gums and whiter teeth
Seriously? Comments By: Corey on 2009-05-09
Can we all get over ourselves with this evolution/god/hippie/conservative stuff? Just have your say. Will it hurt the teeth? Will it not? Does it work? Does it not? How often to use it? Or to use it at all? Just answer, that's all. No politics please. Get over yourselves!
What Now? Comments By: Goose on 2009-05-11
Ok so I am planning to try the tablespoon of baking soda, 1 1/2 teaspoon hydrofen peroxide, and 1/2 cup of water recipe (sounds safe... i guess) but I want to no if there is anything that could go wrong???
Have any of you who have tried it ever had sensitivity in your teeth???
This sounds like a good idea but I also don't want to harm my teeth...

Be For Real! Comments By: Raini on 2009-05-28
Aborigini folk still exist today, and yes they don't brush and yet they have extremely white teeth. First, know the facts.
Truth Comments By: Rickey on 2009-05-31
I proved myself wrong. I smoke cigarettes and drink coffee, but my teeth are still white. hmm..
6% Comments By: johnny on 2009-06-02
hey guys, tryed this yesterday with 6% from the chemist.. done it yesterday and today in the morning, already i can see a Massive notice in colour!!
What if??? Comments By: Ellen on 2009-06-07
What if I have braces..... do you recomend it??
i love it Comments By: Ian on 2009-06-17
have been using 6% HP with baking soda in gum shield thing morning and night for last 3 days and then rinsing with 50/50 peroxide/water. its just amazing i love it already. i had been becoming very conscious of my yellow teeth lately as i smoke and drink coffee and tea! now im just excited to see them in 2 week time.

PS. To the dumbassses out there! There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest HP is bad for you enamel. its also great for fresh breath as it kills sulphur in your mouth which causes bad breath. and shut up with your prehistoic people crap. we couldnt give a toss if they clean their teeth with raw meat!

just using baking soda Comments By: peter on 2009-07-09
hiya.i smoke ALOT and drink coffe like theres no 2morow.noticed stains on front of teeth and back.iam going to use JUST baking soda mixed with water to try and make a paste.then wash with that 4 10 mins then brush with normal tooth paste and see what happens.
Comments By: bren on 2009-07-09
just started usuing 6percent.i just dip my toothbrush in the bottle of peroxide and then dip it in the baking soda and brush.sssimple...cant believe i havent been doing this 15 years ago
lol @ dumbies Comments By: Buddy on 2009-07-20
Verbatim from Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide 3% bottle label: "Oral debriding agent; Use as a Gargle or Rinse; Directions: mix with an equal amount of water, swish around in the mouth over the affected area at least 1 minute and then spit out, use up to 4 times daily after meals and at bedtime or as directed by a dentist or doctor."

I mean come on. God gave us eyes, language, and the ability to read for a reason......

Science Comments By: Bobby on 2009-08-06
This is a great idea but just a small correction... it does not kill sulfur since sulfur was never alive to begin with. Hydrogen peroxide simply kills the bacteria in your mouth which causes the bad smell.
Good job Comments By: Joshua Pham on 2009-09-05
Also, for those who are saying that it's not good to use hydrogen peroxide, this is for you:

Hyrdrogen peroxide is not poisonous, it just kills bacteria. If you put hydrogen peroxide in your mouth, it will kill the bacteria in your mouth. If you swallow it, it doesn't poison you. Rather, it kills all the bacteria in your stomach and intestines, the good bacteria. So it's not bad to wash your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. Look up information and become educated before you attempt to corrupt the minds of others with your false information. :D

seems to be working Comments By: Gabs on 2009-09-22
I have been using it for a few days now with no problems... I will continue use and see how it goes. It makes my mouth feel ultra clean!
Soda and blackheads Comments By: Rose on 2009-10-22
Would it work on blackheads? Has anyome tried it? Did it work?
How to brush the right way with soda Comments By: Larry on 2009-11-22
Put baking soda in a small covered bowl. Dip tooth brush into water from faucet. Dip bristles of brush into soda and build up a good dose of soda. brush lightly, and let soda stay in mouth letting the soda do its work.
Rinse mouth. Take small sip of Peroxide from bottle (3%) and swoosh around teeth.
Purpose of all of this is for the soda to disolve the acid in your mouth and gums. The Peroxide is to oxygenate below the gums. As Peroxide does it works it produces oxygen. Barceria cannot live in Oxygen, only in carbon dioxide. Result a clean mouth and superior gums.
The side effect is a whiter smile.

YES, YES, YES AND YES AGAIN~! Comments By: Celene on 2009-11-30
Mixing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will whiten your teeth.
You can rinse you mouth with hydrogen peroxide right out of the bottle every day..It will not harm you.
And will whiten your teeth used alone.
Soda could be a little abrasive so I would use it only once or twice a week.
Do not swallow the peroxide,
Rinse it out..
It will actually give you healthier gums.

GOOOOOODD Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-04
you can use the hydrogen peroxide everyday it states that on the bottle :D
but it also says that with CONSTANT use it MAY cause swelling of the tounge but i use it every day only when i go to bed and i havnt had that ... but thought i would warn you ......... its a 3% volume btw

Baking Soda/Hydrogen peroxide Comments By: whitetooth on 2009-12-31
Using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is a great way to clean and whiten teeth. The peroxide kills bacteria while the baking soda whitens teeth.
Safety of peroxide Comments By: whitetooth on 2009-12-31
For anyone who is saying peroxide will hurt you, you're wrong... In it's diluted form (Only about 3% hydrogen peroxide) it's totally safe.
It hurt like heck! Comments By: Perth WA on 2010-01-07
I tried this for the first time last evening. Mixed 2 teaspoons Baking Soda and one teaspoon 6% (that's the only one at the pharmacy) hydrogen peroxide. Covered my toothbrush in the paste and brushed fairly gently and quickly. It immediately felt like my mouth was on fire and I swilled water like mad to get rid of the paste. Yes, my teeth were whiter but I am too scared to do it again for fear of burning my gums.
Very bad idea Comments By: JD on 2010-01-09
Hydrogen peroxide should never be used as a mouthwash as it can cause mucosal abnormalities. Your mouth can become dry. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8247815
hydrogen peroxide&baking soda Comments By: mike on 2010-01-09
make sure you use food grade hydrogen peroxide and aluminum free baking soda.
make sure the hydrogen peroxide is diluted to 3% and this stuff apparently works wonders to keeping the bad bacteria that eat at your teeth and cause the holes gone. if i only would have known about this years ago i could have prevented some of the damage done to my teeth. Live and learn

some of you seem to be confusing Comments By: theresa on 2010-01-24
hair peroxide versus food grade hydrogen peroxide.
I had a teacher in junior high health who was 90 years old. She had taught my dad in school. She had all her teeth and no cavities. She said it was due to using peroxide diluted daily. No receding gums either. Many dentists have recommended a paste of soda and peroxide on receding gums. It DOES help. Cheaper than the products they sell you for this which do not work as well.

kill bacteria?? Comments By: anon on 2010-02-02
I heard that the combo of baking soda and peroxide also kills infection inside the gums, anyone know if it's true???
Breath freshener Comments By: Dennis on 2010-02-02
Better yet, mix the peroxide with water and toothpaste and use as mouthwash, obviating the need to buy some. It kills one source of bad breath, bacteria, and freshens the breath.
Excellent Comments By: Fiona on 2010-04-05
I started using hydrogen peroxide a short while ago and have had very pleasing results. A stain on one of my teeth that even my dental hygeinist could not remove mechanically has almost disappeared! I just swill the hp around my mouth for a couple of minutes then rinse with water.
@Sensible: Upon what information do you say it is dangerous? I do not believe that you are well founded in calling the previous poster a "silly young woman".HP has been used safely and with great results for many years.

Works Extremely Well! Comments By: EggMan on 2010-04-14
I did some thorough research after reading this pos yesterday (consulted my dentist and g.p and looked up online) that assured me the use of these 2 products was safe. On my teeth that is. And I just brushed them with a paste made from 3% HP solution and Baking soda and I'll tell ya , 5 minutes later my teeth really seem whiter and have more of a gleam to them. Also I don't think my teeth have ever felt so clean! I'll post back in a week to show my results. Hopin' for those pearly whites!!!
I brush with peroxide. Comments By: Brandy on 2010-04-28
I brush with peroxide every week to whiten my teeth and it works just fine. As long as you don't swallow the stuff then you should be fine. Anyone who says that is doesn't work is an idiot.
Peroxide + Baking soda = So far, so good! Comments By: Geoffrey John Davies on 2010-05-08
I just brushed very lightly with a teaspoon of 3% + 1 1/2 teaspoons of soda. Then i followed it up with a diluted gargle of peroxide in water. Then i rinsed. So far, so good! Teeth look cleaner and slightly whiter already and my mouth feels supersonically clean. I will do once per day for a week then report back.
Hydrogen Peroxide is good for you Comments By: Oz Jundi on 2010-05-23
Yes, it works, and from the first time you try it. I have been using it for a long time, and now i started adding baking soda.

Its charming white :).

6% is too strong if you have sensitive teeth Comments By: Steve b on 2010-06-05
6% is too strong if you have a sensitivity to it, use 1/2 and 1/2 with water to get to 3% solution.
I use in place of toothpaste Comments By: Lauren on 2010-06-03
I was told by my dentist years ago that my mouth produces more plaque than is normal, so I've been careful with my teeth. I started using this combination in place of toothpaste recently, and have noticed almost immediate positive results. The tartar in the backs of my bottom teeth is all but gone, and my teeth have never felt cleaner! No pain or discomfort at all, and still no cavities. It probably helps that I don't drink sodas or consume much sugar as well (and, of course, floss daily).
I use the combination as a MouthWash ! Comments By: Mel on 2010-06-23
I used Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda combination as a mouthwash. I learned long ago that Hydrogen Peroxide works as a debriding agent and that the main problem with bad breath is Sulfur build-up in the mouth. Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda neutralizes that Sulfur build-up in the mouth.
baking soda and peroxide teeth whiting Comments By: keykey87 on 2010-06-23
Yes this really works I been using it everyday for the past 3 weeks and my teeth gotten 4 shades whiter, and this will not harm you.
It works Comments By: kate on 2010-06-30
i have been using 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed with bicarbonate soda for approx 9 months now. I use it twice daily morning and night. I have had no ill effects (sensitivity, sore gums etc...).
I used to be a smoker and my teeth were quite discoloured and my breath was foul at times. Once i began using the hydrogen peroxide/bicarb mix my bad breath dissapeared almost immediately, my teeth began to whiten gradually and my mouth feels looks and smells great. I cannot recommend this enough. people who are considering this as an option to them please note to use only food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide which can be easily bought via a chemist or online. happy brushing.

HP and baking Sode, can it harm your gums! Comments By: Nicola on 2010-07-28
I have been useing HP and baking sode for the past 2 days and my gums have started to bleed, can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong as i want to carry on using this as it is working!
Time and expert tested :>) Comments By: Maurine Hansen on 2010-07-29
I've used hp/baking soda for half of a century now. I dated a dentist for awhile who told me that if everyone used hp/bs, he'd be put out of business. He said to watch my tongue color, it may become dark if the bacteria gets off balance. If it does, back off the HP for awhile. I have all my pearly whites, smile proudly, and am soon to turn 68. And no, I'm not chewing roots and raw meat... :>)
Of course it works... Comments By: Old Nik from TN on 2010-08-06
Bacteria eats sugar--->produces acid--->slowly rots teeth. What dentists don't tell you is that teeth slowly restore themselves. Yea when you wake up, that nasty taste in your mouth, is baking soda. If you notice, the aftertaste in your mouth from brushing with baking soda is the same. If it tastes slightly different, well please compensate for foods prior to sleep and your own rotting gums. lol Acids will eat them to. Your body creates it to stop the acids from rotting you to death. Baking soda has been used forever as a heartburn (to much HCL) antidote, and that's also an acid. Sure it's a different chemical than the acids in your mouth, but a hydrogen bond is a hydrogen bond. That's why the Ph scale works across all those different chemicals even though they're all different makeups. If you can stop the acid erosion, your body will repair your teeth with the 3 mighty elements to the teeth, Sodium, Calcium, and Phosphorus. It's called "remineralizaiton." Don't believe me? Look it up. Dentists don't talk about it... Well I broke a tooth in half my sophomore year of high school, and i brushed with toothpaste everyday. Since i Started with baking soda, ive never had another problem, and my cavities have totally repaired themselves, even the nasty black broke in half tooth. As long as the arteries blood flow to the tooth is still there and dentin covering it, your in luck. (how do you tell you ask? well if you have sensitive teeth like me, put cold water on the broke tooth. If it gives you that Deathly cold hurt feeling its still alive and you at least have an blood flow.) Your body will naturally repair it. Do nails grow back? How about Hair? Bones? Skin? Veins and Arteries? Muscles? Does your body destroy cancer cells? (look it up) Teeth are no exception to this rule. Are your teeth beat and battered like all of the above? Of course they repair themselves, you have to eat to maintain a body. To those who say "Baking soda is abrasive and will erode your teeth", well your completely correct. If i rubbed straight salt on my teeth it would be too wouldn't it? Pour the Baking soda on your toothbrush and make a small mound of it. Then put about 1oz. of water in your mouth (or a shot glass's worth of water will work) and mix it in your mouth and start brushing. Easily though, many make the mistake of scrubbing hard and destroy the enamel. And don't swallow it. Unless you have heartburn in which case you could probably swallow a small amount and it would help you. Anyway, since iv'e been brushing with the good ole Baking Soda, my teeth are unbelievably strong and white as white can be! On top of that anyone who says Fluoride=#1 needs to be smacked. Sorry for the straightness of that, but it's true. They say it makes teeth harder, tougher. Well it does. Its like glass. Trying compressing glass and breaking it. It's unbelievably strong as far as hardness goes. But shift the angle of attack (the direction of force) and it becomes brittle piece of nothing. Do you think food or chips are always pointed in the same direction inside your mouth when you bite? That's right it would snap or break it in no time. Calcium on the other hand it not as hard but it is more malleable(more easily bent and shaped without snapping and breaking). It won't be broke off your tooth as easily, and if it does break, and your using the baking soda, it will eventually grown back out and fill it in. I was at the dentist's office for my checkup and had been using baking soda since i was last in there. He said it looked like some of may cavities had "repaired" themselves, and that no drilling would be needed. I mentioned baking soda and that fluoride was not the cure. Of course i was talking out loud, but he told me to shut up and wouldn't talk to me the rest of the operation. Why? come on you know why if you've read this far. Want proof? hear's my word, My broke tooth has completely been covered by enamel and i can use it to chew on again no problem. My grandma still uses baking soda and has one of her baby teeth that never fell out (of course it was pushed out of the way by adult teeth, it is on the bottom right(her view point) near her canines) and she's over 70! Some complain about having tooth sensitivity, like me. I've tried sensodyne. It never worked. Dentist said its cause you have cracks in my teeth all the way to my roots. Not true. If your like me there is no fix. I have no cracks. My veins/arteries in my teeth are just sensitive to hot and cold. Get used to it. Good luck with the baking soda! If anything, Fluoride is detrimental to your health. I'm very serious. Research that too while you're at it. If it helped your teeth, Native American Reservations would have excellent teeth. Have you checked recently? Stay away from it. As well as sugarless gum, That contain Aspartame, Acesulfame K(Potassium), or any other artificial sugars. They rot your brain out and cause holes to appear inside your brain. I am not kidding. I am trying to help you. Read the ingredients. You're Welcome!
hydrogen peroxide as a oral cleanser Comments By: KT on 2010-08-06
hydrogen peroxide alone or with bicarbonate of soda has been in use for decades (@ least) as an oral cleanser. My mom used it as a kid, and we used it as kids if we ran out of commercial paste. If you don't like the taste/feel of it in your mouth you can add a drop of mint oil or some other food grade extract to the baking soda.experiment. It is inexpensive and a great whitener. By the way"Pure" hydrogen peroxide will melt bones and is not available to the public. It is diluted with deionized water to the correct strength and if 6% or any other dilution is uncomfortable you can dilute it yourself until it is comfortable.
Hoping this works!? Comments By: Julie on 2010-08-13
Well I just tried it for the first time myself, though I didn't see immediate results like some claim. I can truthfully say my mouth does feel Very clean, and now have that fresh from the dentist cleaning feeling.

I was worried though, as I brushed my teeth my gums began to sting and then I noticed they were turning white. I know it's a natural reaction of the H202, I guess I used too much? If anyone knows the proper proportions I should be using while making the paste please enlighten me. Also I did rinse with peroxide and am wondering if brushing with the mixture And rinsing is fine?

hydrogen peroxide is a natural healer Comments By: Sir J on 2010-08-26
Here's a link to a lot of common sense. In some cases dating back to the early 1900's. This article (further down) talks about drinking Hydrogen Peroxide (diluted of course) and the effect it has on cleansing the body of toxins. I have used Hydrogen Peroxide (10 volume) mixed with baking soda and put into a mouth mold for years and yes it does do an excellent job of whitening the teeth. I love red wine and also smoke which doesn't help my case. There are a multitude of uses for Hydrogen Peroxide. Read the information in the link below. Let me know what you think.

Mix it in paste or rinse? Comments By: may on 2010-09-14
need to know how to mix it. After mixing the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, do i make it into paste or rinse it like a water?
Mixtures for food grade hydrogen peroxide Comments By: hcooc on 2010-09-18

A. 1 part B. 11 parts C. 12 parts
A. 1 and 1/4 cups B. 14 and 3/4 cups C. 1 gallon (16 cups)
A. 1 and 1/4 tablespoons B. 3/4 cups + 2 and 3/4 tablespoons C. 1 cup (16 tablespoons)
A. 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon B. 3 and 1/2 cups + 3 tablespoons C. 1 quart (4 cups)

owwie Comments By: Linda on 2010-10-10
I heard from a friend the other day to use peroxide and baking soda. I just did it and I listened to some of you and used it gently and diluted and all that good stuff but only after a few seconds i noticed that around my teeth white burns had appeared on my gums. its really sore and hopefully it goes away. it might've just been the way I reacted to it. It hurt but my teeth are white lol
This whitened my teeth but made my gums tender and bleed! Comments By: Queen on 2010-11-05
I've tried this and in two days I could see a difference, but not only I could see that my teeth were whiter, my gums were also redder, and very sore, just today I start brushing my teeth this morning and I saw blood streaming down my teeth from small cuts in my gums.

So, yes it whitens, but is it safe?

brush w/ bak soda & per. Comments By: shandin on 2010-12-08
OK, I just came back to this after using it as a kid. I started 2 or 3 months ago because I was a year overdue for my cleaning and embarrassed for my dentist (who I've seen since my 1st tooth) to see my mouth. It's a funny taste for a day or two, just like using an electric toothbrush is a funny feeling. You can feel the absence of buildup within a week- so smooth. BTW, bad family Hx on teeth (English, lots of cavities, 34 now and steady)- but this makes my teeth so clean. No one has to worry about the amounts- just have a small cup by sink and make a PASTE everyday, then brush w/regular toothpaste. I am a 17 year smoker and have the beginnings of periodontal disease (nothing obvious, just according to the hygienist) but that would account for the white foamy stinging that person got the first time- it'll stop after 1 or 2 uses, probably. Remember, you want to stay clean and keep the bacteria out of your bloodstream and coronary arteries!
Dilute? Comments By: Logan on 2010-12-27
You don't need to dilute the peroxide. Dentist say it does nothing at all whe nyou dilute it. Just use 3% hydrogen peroxide, don't swallow it and you will be fine.
White gums Comments By: deanna on 2011-01-06
My gums turned white after I used a paste of hydrogen peroxide & baking soda - why?
LMAO!! Comments By: RahRah on 2011-02-01
Ok it works but people are getting confused between baking soda and bicarbonate soda... if you're trying to raise something in your mouth it's baking soda if you're looking to whiten then it's bicarbonate soda!
Braces? Comments By: Steve on 2011-02-07
Hi, I have braces. Would using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda do any damage to them?
Slow effects? Comments By: Kabir on 2011-02-25
Well first of all thanks for the wonderfull tip and after reading all the comments here i decidedto give it a go and after using it for 20 days(once daily) i have some analysis,questions and doubts:
1.) my teeth feel very clean after doing this.
2.) are the effects slow? Or it is because i do brush once a day ? As the effects are not as noticable as promised.
3.) the paste that forms after mixing the peroxide and thr soda is either a little on solid side or little on the watery side(we dnt get a perfect mixture) , well my question is witch one of them to use?
4.) peroxide bottle says 20Vol and its a 100Ml bottle how much percent is that?
5.) I can feel the shade slowly improving bot some of my teeth have got white spots due to this which the element of my hope but is it normal?

Someone please answer my queries(even if they sound dumb :) ) as it would be a life saver for me as well others with same questions


unbelievable!!! Comments By: maymay on 2011-02-25
i got 2 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp 3% hydrogen peroxide, mixed it, added a little more baking soda to make it thicker, then some of my toothpaste and it didnt taste bad at all, just a little salty! didnt burn or anything my teeth turned out like hella noticeably white RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!!! i highly recommend!!!!!
unbelievable!!! Comments By: maymay on 2011-02-25
my teeth feel so slick and smooth like i just came back from the dentist!
*sigh* Comments By: nixn on 2011-03-24
@RahRah aka LMAO!! Baking Soda and Bicarbonate Soda are exactly the same thing. It's YOU who's getting confused with Bicarbonate/Baking Soda and BAKING POWDER. Do your research next time before you post, less you come across as a fool, which in this case is too late. Laugh your ass off at that.
Peroxid 20% Comments By: Adam on 2011-03-30
I BORD my self a hydrogen peroxid 20%,would there be any problem with that???pls answer
It's good. 2 days so far... Comments By: JoeJoe Coffee on 2011-04-05
noticibly whiter after first time. burns gums and made em bleed a little but i brushed hard and for long time. i want white teeth
tell me Comments By: anon on 2011-05-17
can i use it everyday,, 3x a day??? is it safe?? reply ASAp tnx
hey!!! Comments By: princess on 2011-06-24
where can i buy hydrogen peroxide in the UK - i.e, must I have a dentist's prescription?

TipKing Says: Any chemist will have it

It Works. Comments By: AverageJoe on 2011-06-29
Short and simple, I spent 30 mins reading this, looked at other sites, and tried this method.

It works. No harm, just overall clean and seems more effective for even the first time.

If you think that using peroxide orally is dangerous... Comments By: Too many morons! on 2011-07-20
...then I suggest you stray away from commercial brand toothpaste as well...


Lizzy the First Comments By: Suzan on 2011-08-02
Don't know about the Romans, but Elizabeth I had HIDEOUS black and rotting teeth owing to a fondness for sweets.
what kind of peroxide Comments By: hairdresser on 2011-09-19
Hey im a hairdresser, and we use peroxide to mix our colours, what i want to know is can i use the same peroxide i use mixing dye or is this peroxide diffrent?

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