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What is TipKing?
Tipking is probably the worlds largest collection of tips, hints and ideas that have been passed down through the generations. They have been compiled with the sole purpose of trying to make our lives easier simpler and cheaper. Through the efforts of one family man these tips are now available for the world to view for generations to come.

About the site
It is hoped that you will find site informal however this is not to be confused with the power of it's structure. If you find that one of the categories has started to drift into a mixture of tips, it is only a matter of time before that category will be spit into other sub directories. 

TipKing is a living website, through the efforts of the TipKing Team and it's visitors the site is continually growing and developing. 

Visitors have complained in the past about typos and spelling mistakes. Well TipKing is British and I try to include a variety of spellings of a similar word. The difference between UK English and US English can be quite profound. So on the same page you may find a word spelt in two different ways. This is in fact intentional and is part of the infrastructure of the site. Alas in my excitement to get a tip out to my visitors I will not always reach for the dictionary, or check the grammatical content of my sentences. More people write to me pointing out errors than they do positive comments. I am always glad to have this feedback, however I do laugh when the letters sent in complaining of my typing mistakes are themselves full of errors.

Where do the Tips come from?
95% of the tips on the site are sent in by visitors, many are just one or two lines but other visitors have sent in pages of tips that have made whole categories at TipKing. I often try to include the name of the sender however many times the tips are sent in anonymously. 

The adding of the tips is a 2 stage affair. First the information is submitted to the by visitors where it is vetted. Once there is a good collection of tips they are put together into a page on the main site. 

Message from TipKing
I started TipKing in May of 2000 for the simple reason that I have quite a poor memory. I have tried to write down tips, hints or ideas that I have picked up over the years but when the time comes when I need the tip I can never find it. So I thought, put all the tips on one web site, that way if my computer ever crashes the information is still there on the internet for me to use.

I am not a web or programming guru, everything that TipKing is, has been the result of many hours work and many, many mistakes. The day I started the site I had a blank page and a handful of PC magazines about creating web pages.

Due to the success of TipKing I have incurred expense so I have offset this by serving adverts on the site. I try to keep them to the minimum, alas it is a sign of the times and I apologize if they effect your viewing experience.

TipKing has approximately 250,000 unique visitors dropping by each month, generating 1,000,000 page views a month. Visitors are of all ages looking for a solution to a problem that they have around their home or place of work.

I am grateful that you have come to my site, enjoyed my tips and read my story.

Kind Regards to all


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