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 Absorb moisture and smells
 If you have a cottage or travel trailer, during winter storage, place ...

 Absorb smells with coffee and lemon
 Coffee grounds and squeezed lemons can kill odors.

 Air freshners in the car
 Instead of using expensive air freshners in the car stick a dryer ...

 Ashtray odors
 You can get rid of foul ashtray odours by covering the base of the ...

 Bathroom odors
 Here is a tip to combat the bathroom odours, odors

 Bathroom smells
 If your bathroom often smells musty you might be having a problem ...

 Books. Remove the musty smell on old books
 Here is a way to remove the musty smell on old books

 Cars. Deodorizing Cars
 Here is a tip to deal with odours in your car

 Cat Litter. Fresh smelling cat litter
 Here is a simple idea to keep your cat litter smelling fresher ...

 Cat Urine Smell Removal from boots
 I needed to remove cat urine smell from inside new Timberland boots! ...

 Charcoal burning
 One of the things that absorbs odor very fast is: I usually burn a ...

 Cleaner, fresher carpets with baking soda
 Sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet before you go to bed and in ...

 Clothes. Musty smell on stored clothes
 Keep clothes and other items from smelling musty using this tip:

Clothing. Remove odour on clothing
 Fed up with smelly laundry? Have a look here

 Confined areas. Odors in confined areas
 Here is a tip to deal with odors in confined areas:

 Deodorizing with Baking Soda
 The deodorizing properties of baking soda? Bicarb, sodium bicarbonate

 Diaper pails. Deodorize Diaper Nappy Pails
 Here is a simple way to keep nappy and diaper pails fresh

 Downy Fresh Homemade air freshener
 Take an old fabreeze bottle (rinse it out well). Dump 1- 1/2 cap ...

 Drains and waste disposal. Remove odors and smells from your drains and waste disposal
 Baking soda will remove odours and smells from your drains and waste ...

 Fish smells
 You can eliminated the smell of fish from your hands by rubbing your ...

 Free Air Freshening
 Buy a four pack of Imperial Leather Citrus Twist Soap. Unwrap one bar ...

 Freshen ashtrays
 Got a smoker in the family? Place 1/2 inch of Baking Soda in the ...

Freshener get rid of the smell
 When cleaning your bathrooms or kitchen put some essence in your ...

 Garbage cans. Cut garbage can smells
 Keep your garbage can smelling great using this tip:

 Gas - Petrol. Remove the smell of gas from clothing
 Here is a tip on removing gas petrol smells from clothing

 General tips for removing smells
 Here is a host of ways you can remove smells around the home

 Hands. Remove smell from hands
 Here is a tip to remove smells from your hands

 Humidifier. Remove humidifier odor
 Here is a tip to take the smell awway from your humidifier

 Keep your waste can(s) smelling fresh
 Using a fragrant dryer sheet in the bottom of your trash cans,(before ...

 Kitchen cloths. Fresh smelling kitchen cloths or sponges
 Here is a great way to remove odours from your kitchen cloths and ...

 Kitchen drains. Smelly kitchen drain?
 Here is a tip to get rid of a drain smell

Kitchens. Dealing with kitchen odors
 Here is some advice to help remove kitchen and cooking smells

 Laundry basket - hamper. Keep your laundry basket - hamper smelling fresh
 Keep your laundry basket or hamper smelling sweet

 Linen. Fresh smelling linen
 Here is a tip to keep your linen smelling sweet

 Making the restroom smell pleasant
 Thread potpouri and hang it on the wall. You can use this to border ...

 Microwaves. Fresh smelling microwave oven
 Here is a really great solution to your microwave cleaning

 Mosquito coils
 Here’s a great tip that I stumbled on by accident. I was a rookie ...

 odors coming from your kitchen drain
 If you have odors coming from your kitchen drain, I will assume you ...

 Onions. Eliminate onion odor
 Here is a tip to help get rid of the smell of onions

 Oven and stove odors
 Here is a tip to help deal with oven and stove smells

 Pet bedding. Deodorize Pet Bedding
Deodorize Pet Bedding Eliminate odors from pet bedding

 Refrigerator. Fresh smelling refrigerator
 Here is a good way to clean your refridgerator

 Remove cigarette smoke smell
 Try soaking your rubber and plastic items in a bleach/water solution ...

 Remove musty smell.
 To remove musty smell from closets or even books, place charcoal ...

 Remove odors with kitty litter
 To remove odors just place a pan of kitty litter or an opened can or ...

 Removing odors from a room

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