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Here are a host of unusual, uncommon and different uses for Hairpins

 Apple bobbing
 Let your guests bob for apples without getting wet. Insert hairpins ...

 Use a hairpin to mark your place in a book.

 Cuff links
 Insert a hairpin through the cuff-link holes on a shirt to make a ...

 Invisible tie holder
 Run the rear apron of your tie through the loop on the back of the ...

 Nail holder
 Spare your fingers � use a hairpin to grip a nail when hammering in ...

 Ornament hanger
 Slip a hairpin through the loop at the top of any fragile Christmas ...

 Paper clip
 Hold several pieces of paper together with a hairpin.

 When propagating plants by layering, hold their stems down with wire ...

 Wire holder
 Clip the ends off hairpins so they slide easily into cracks; you can ...

 Zip pull
 Replace a broken zip handle with a hairpin.

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