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Copper cleaner. Make your own copper cleaners

Using equal parts of the following

  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Flour

Mix all the ingredients together to form a paste, use the paste as you would any metal cleaner. Buff clean with a soft cloth.

Visitors comments

Copper Cleaning - Fab Comments By: Utopian on 2008-06-21
Thank-you for that - was horrified at the safety instructions on Brasso tin today. Flour, salt and vinegar worked brilliantly!
Rubbish Comments By: HR on 2010-09-14
Followed yr advice - they cleaned up eventually using the flour mix now they are dingier then ever after only 12 hrs
In LOVE with this method! Comments By: hannah on 2011-07-02
I too am leery of the Brasso warnings, and then Mr. Wonderful went and bought some CLR - that stuff is just evil! I just tried this recipe on my Revere Ware and it works FABULOUS. Even with whole wheat flour. *lol* Thank you!

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