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Silver polish. Cigarette ash to clean silver

Submitted by Robert Thompson

just watching an auction show and it was mentioned to use-cigarette ash to clean silver --???ok--

I took a small silver box (well tarnished) and diped my finger in the ash tray (dry) and had a rub---it worked.

Tried with a little moisture(licked my finger)dipped and that worked even better--will wounders never cease???

Visitors comments

Wow!!!!! Comments By: Maggie on 2006-01-12
I laughed when I read this! It sooo works! No soaking, no elbow grease, no mess, no mixing, no recipes, no horrible chemicals. This is awsome! I used a SOFT paper towel, cigarette ashes, a couple of drops of water and my finger!
Wow,who knew? Comments By: Chelle on 2008-06-03
Excellent tip,just polished up my silver ring that was tarnished,thanks!

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