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Repair Heat Stains on Wood

If you have a white spot on your wood table from a heated plate, put on a dab of mayonnaise and it will disappear!

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It doesn't work Comments By: L.Parrino on 2005-01-06
Except for making my table smell like mayonaise, this didn't work at all. The white stains are still there. Help!!
Worked great! Comments By: Lester on 2005-12-26
I put on a paste of mayo and let it sit for 10 minutes. I spent another 10-15 minutes rubbing on two white spots. They are completely gone!
heat marks Comments By: sherry on 2005-12-29
I tried the mayonaise as well and left it overnight. the white markes are still there.
did not work for me Comments By: KP on 2007-06-15
what did work was some fine wirewool and 3in1 gun oil,
do not attempt to use wirewool on its own the 3in1 gun oil was an excellent lubricante, do not rub hard! the slower/lighter the better and follow the grain

Brilliant mayo + wire wool Comments By: Chris on 2007-06-25
Perfect results on really deep white heat stains using mayonnaise rubbed along the grain with fine wire wool. Credit to Sherry for her idea of wire wool and gun oil but I used mayo instead as a lubricant
Use an iron - it really works Comments By: Darren on 2007-07-21
I just did this 5 minutes ago (found the solution on another web site). It really works!!

Set the iron on LOW. Get a white linen napkin (or white t-shirt). Place the napkin over the stain and place the iron on the napkin as if you're ironing the napkin. depending on how deep the stain is, it will dispappear in 2- 5 mins. I was amazed - how can heat remove heat? But trust, it works. I had the stain in our cherry wood table for months and tried everything to remove it.

Omigoodness Comments By: Meg on 2007-07-27
and i was baking a cake and i put the hot wood 1's on my moms old special dining table and it took 1 away. Didnt work 4 the other 2. we stood 4 inches away with a hair dryer and rubbed w/ a dry cloth and polished w/ orange glow and it was good as new!
SO SO Comments By: JK on 2007-08-04
I tried the mayo + wirewool and it removed the whiteness but the mark remained?
iron works Comments By: loro on 2007-11-05
had a large white mark on the table due to a hot plate.. tried the mayo but no joy,so tried the iron and hey presto wonderful can't see the mark any more...thanks for the tip
cloudy white marks gone in seconds Comments By: del on 2007-11-13
the secret to removing stains (including ring marks) is have the iron set on steam. when steam iron is ready place towel over mark iron over lift cloth all gone...
iron really works Comments By: clare on 2007-11-25
really and truly, I dont understand it but it works utterly and completely.do not mess with mayo or steel wool.. the iron is the answer.
Mayo does not work, but steamed iron does! Comments By: AK on 2007-12-10
I just did it...amazing! Like the spots never been there:) Thanks all!
hot iron works! Comments By: mjk0324 on 2008-01-13
oh my gosh..had a white stain on my diningroom table for 3 weeks...tried the hot iron and napkin...and it took the stain right out....
it really worked Comments By: caroline b on 2008-01-20
I tried the nail polish and it didn't work. I used the hot iron and they came right out. I've had the hot white marks for several years and my husband didn't think the iron would work, but it did.
How clever ! It really works !! Comments By: Daisychain on 2008-02-09
I truly didnt think the hot iron idea would work.....but it most certainly did !
Its a tip I shall pass on to everyone I know.

Steam Iron Works Haaaaaaa Comments By: Scott on 2008-02-12
The reason i cam to this site is because the the reason I got the white stain is because I used a steam iron to iron a crease in my pants and the mark appeared
White stain on waxed / laquered Ducal pine table Comments By: Gary Mellon on 2008-02-16
Steam iron over white tee-shirted worked in about 30 seconds on several 10 to 15 square inch sized marks deposited by heat from hot food.
Steam Iron Comments By: Mark on 2008-02-17
We just used the iron method and it worked great. My wife and I couldn't believe how fast and easy the iron go the stain out. Just put the iron on a white t-shirt lightly with a little steam for a couple seconds and it's gone
Yeeha for hellmans Comments By: Karen B on 2008-02-17
I just simply smothered mayo on and wiped off with kitchen roll. Suprised at the outcome. Will be telling people that mayo is best - iron just made it worse.
Spooky !!! The iron works !!!! Comments By: Annette Dale on 2008-02-22
I read the tips about the iron and was to scared to try it, I waited 6 months before I plucked up the courage to try it. My Ducal varnished pine table had two really white rings. I used the iron and white cloth and they were gone in under a minute. I will never understand how, butit works !!!!
TRULY !!!! THE IRON DOES WORK !!!! FANTASTICALLY !! Comments By: Tony Buchanan on 2008-02-25
I can't believe what I just saw !!! The iron did it and I have been sooo scared to try it. The Mayo guy must have done something wrong with the iron - maybe he left the mayo on the table an ironed it, because believe me - the iron WORKS !!!
USE THE IRON TRICK Comments By: Lydia on 2008-03-03
I nearly destroyed my boyfriend's very expensive coffee table with a Superbowl Artichoke Dip - I had several layers of padding under it but the heat still went through to the wood. There was a HUGE, square, white mark in the middle of the table and then there were tears. I used a pillow case and the iron trick and it worked TOTALLY. Just do a little bit at a time and you can see it start to disappear. I think you have to make sure the table is varnished - because that's what is scorched - not the wood itself. I was shocked - I didn't think it would work. Amazing. And it saved me a couple thousand dollars!!
Woohoo it WORKS! Comments By: Tara on 2008-03-26
Yes - the iron with STEAM option really does work! I've been staring at these white burn marks for almost a year (scrambled eggs on paper plates, whodathunk?) I tried the steam iron over a cloth and BINGO - amazing - the table looks just like NEW. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
Another endorsement for the iron trick_ Comments By: Peter & Karen on 2008-03-29
it really works!
Steam Iron Heaven sent Comments By: Dickon Povey on 2008-04-02
Panic and wife's wrath.. White ring on newly revarnished table... Hot steam iron on doubled tea towel.... ten seconds... mark gone!! Thank you all!
It really does work Comments By: anon on 2008-04-07
We used a white tee shirt and the iron on low (with no steam) but we did not have any luck; so we rolled the dice, cranked up the heat, still used the tee shirt, hit the steam button and then it worked like magic
magic iron!!!!!!!!! Brilliant. Comments By: Diane on 2008-04-18
Thought my ducal table had be ruined! but didnt want to throw it out as it was a wedding present. Thank goodness of this site and this tip was 100% successfull. Had been trying to hide heat mark for a year now can put my table back in the middle of the room and show it off again. Delighted!!
hair dryer works best! Comments By: happyme on 2008-04-20
i left a hot tea cup stain on my boyfriends wooden table and he was not amused. secretly tried the iron t-shirt thing (ruined my tshirt with strange wood color spots, so use a tea towel)...and had even more stains from the iron then before. i was horrified to say the least! secretly sneaked iron back into closet(vey worried by then) gave it another try with a blow dryer and it worked!!!! total relief. table looks better then before. thanks thanks thanks! (hold blow dryer really close to spot, it vanishes before your eyes)
Worked! Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-21
Reproduction mahogony table, some kind of polyeuranthane finish I think. White stain from spilled glass of wine. Used hot steam iron through white towel. Worked like magic in seconds. Am amazed. Fabulous, thanks for tip.
hairdryer Comments By: Dee A on 2008-05-03
Mayo didn't work and was a bit reluctant to use a hot steam iron, so I decided to try the hairdryer. Didn't think it was going to work to start with, but with a bit of patience, I can tell you the white heat mark caused by a hot coffee cup on our pine table completely disappeared!! I assume the heat reconstitutes the varnish and takes away the discolouration. Wonderful!
mayo with "magic eraser" worked Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-03
I didn't have fine wirewool so I used mayo with "magic eraser" by Mr. Clean and I could believe it worked. The table looks like new after I put a horrible white spot on it by using an iron with only a towel under it.
MIRACLE HOT IRON!! Comments By: Jojo in New Zealand on 2008-05-08
Can't beleive that this worked, but it did!! Hot steam iron on linen tea towel. Thanks so much to those who shared this miracle!!!
mayo worked!! Comments By: mayobeliever on 2008-05-28
tried the mayo before the iron, b/c it was the easiest, and lo - gone. who would have thought it? at first only the white was gone, but the ring was still there. then buffed a bit more with a dusting cloth, and then sprayed the whole table with furniture polish. gone baby gone!
trial & error Comments By: nickJ on 2008-06-08
Had ring marks and white blotches on birch varnished table. Used towel and iron on high setting as advised by another website. marks disappeared initially then came back worse. Girfriend's table and she was on her way home so started to panic!! Dropped the heat setting, put the steam setting on 1 and used a t-shirt instead of towel. As soon as marks disappeared i started wiping off moisture and used hairdryer at same time. marks now gone and not back yet! brilliant!
Steam ron it works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: L.Htu Seng on 2008-06-20
Iron and napkin , this work can remove heated mark on my table.
It works amazing!!!!!!

Iron Absolutely Works!! Comments By: Amazed Mom on 2008-06-29
We bought a table that had a huge white burn mark. We use the may at first, but this did not work. We then tried the iron. I actually made more white spots at first, but then tried to go over the spots and leave it on longer, it worked great. Unless you knew the spot was there, you would never notice. Make sure to polish it afterwards - it will make all the difference!!
This is the scariest thing but it was truly amazing Comments By: Amanda on 2008-07-01
Thank you to all those who shared your comments about how using an iron was so scary to do - it pushed me over the edge to try it and I am so happy that I did. I can now take the tablecloth off of my beautiful & expensive wood table!

I put some water in the iron and laid down a white napkin (folded a few times) and put the iron on the stain and pressed the steam button and removed the iron. I repeated for coverage over the entire stain. Thanks so much for the tip, I even shared it with the furniture company where I bought the table!

What an easy solution! Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-09
I thought the heat stain had completely ruined my tables (that's right i damaged 2 tables!) BUT thanks to the steam iron the stains went away! Yay! Ps - whoever came up with the mayo idea anyway? why on earth would that work?
worked but another problem Comments By: Raghu on 2008-07-17
Steam iron did work. But before I read this article I tried to scratch the deep white stain with edge of a spoon and the flakes started coming out. This is when I realised something was wrong. This seems to be coating which was coming out. Then tried the iron on other stains and it worked perfectly.

Any ideas what to do for the scraped area. iron doesn't work as scratches are formed.


White marks removed in seconds from my table! Comments By: Margaret Larkin on 2008-07-19
After years of unsightly white heat marks on my Strongbow dining table, I used a medium hot steam iron and white linen napkin and, hey presto the marks disappeared !

Many many thanks !

So you want me to apply a hot iron to my Ducal pine table?! Comments By: David & Ros on 2008-07-20
Today we decided to dust and polish our dining table and discovered a large white mark under a table runner. No idea from what or when; we assume it's a heat mark. Tried briwax but little or no change. Arms aching, we dug out the home DIY books, called parents for advice etc - special removers, stripping varnish etc. Eek! Did an online search and found this page and frankly we didn't believe it: feared it might even be a spoof, but found similar reports elsewhere (thiftyfun.com and tipnut.com) and even a youtube video demonstrating.

So, with white towel and steam iron, rubbed the mark through the doubled towel for a few seconds so that the towel got damp and hot. Lifted the towel to check progress, ie it wasn't getting any worse, and quickly flipped it over while it was still hot. After 3 flips the middle of the mark had obviously faded and after 3 more the mark had completely gone. Whole process took about 1 minute. Amazed.

Seems that success may depend on the type and depth of finish, so your mileage may vary. Good luck!

Best tip ever! Comments By: Stella on 2008-07-23
Came home to 3 white steam marks (from Pizza's) on my beautiful "Rimu" coffee table. Could have cried my eyes out but kept my cool and came online to see what I could find. Did the steam iron suggestion. It worked! All I can say is....thank you thank you thank you!
Steam Iron Great!!!!!!! Comments By: Joan on 2008-07-25
Have a soft pine table-don't know the finish. Used steam iron and t-shirt. Worked but left fuss on the table. I had been using Pledge on the table and think I should have cleaned that off first. Polished afterward and most sploches gone now. Great tip!!
The iron really worked! Comments By: Sandra on 2008-07-31
I didn't try the may option, I thought it'd be messy but I did try the iron solution on two white heat stains and they miracoulsy dissapeared. I used the iron in a low setting and used a white thin cloth. It worked great. Thanks!
steam iron is the best!!! FANSASTIC Comments By: ZAINAB on 2008-08-08
i spoilt my mother in laws expensive table then found this site and tried every thing but nothing worked. was scared to use the steam iron at first.WHEN I TRIED THE IRON IN 1 MIN THE WHITE CLOUDY MARK DISAPPEARED. i would suggest this teqnique to everyone. IT IS THE BEST ! THANKS A LOT ITS A MIRACLE!
steam iron is the best!!! FANSASTIC Comments By: ZAINAB on 2008-08-08
i spoilt my mother in laws expensive table then found this site and tried every thing but nothing worked. was scared to use the steam iron at first.WHEN I TRIED THE IRON IN 1 MIN THE WHITE CLOUDY MARK DISAPPEARED. i would suggest this teqnique to everyone. IT IS THE BEST ! THANKS A LOT ITS A MIRACLE!
Amazing Iron Trick Comments By: Joanne on 2008-08-05
The iron trick works brilliantly. I was a little nervous of doing it but was so fed up with the white ring marks, (they had been there for at least a year) I thought I would give it a try.I used my iron set on low(silk & wool setting) and a white cotton T shirt,I just slowly ironed the T shirt over the marks on the table and the marks dissapeared like magic within about 40 seconds. Amazing!
IRON WORKS Comments By: SANDY Rainey on 2008-08-25
IRON with steam WORKS!!! Comments By: Sharon on 2008-08-30
We read the iron tips for removing heat marks with some disbelief. We have a $3000 cherry table that had two heat marks, one was about 8" diameter, other about 3" diameter. Used folded up white T-shirt, hit each area about 5 seconds with iron on low steam setting, marks are GONE. If I did not see this for myself, I would not believe it!
USE THE IRON!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-31
After much hesitation we agreed to try the iron trick that so many people have vouched for. A doubled tea towel and iron on low heat, high steam setting worked within 3 seconds. Amazing stuff!
Absolutely Amazing! Comments By: Simone ( New Zealand ) on 2008-08-30
I am probably the world most skeptical person but the iron and cloth has just removed a very large heat mark left from a laptop on my beautiful english pine table that has been there for months, you have got to try this im still gobsmacked!
Mayo as a last resort Comments By: RatGuy on 2008-09-17
I tried the iron to minimal success. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I tried the mayo and it #&%*! worked! Something about the oiliness in it. The iron removed the lighter spots, but with the mayo it is perfectly shiny. I appreciate whoever came up with that.
Soooo HAPPY!! Comments By: Sarah on 2008-10-01
I have been hiding white scorch marks on my 25 year old table that has been in my family since I was a child. My husband contributed by placing a hot dish and making two white rings. Tried the iron on high heat w/steam and a white t-shirt. Every single mark/ring is GONE! Thanks so much!!
HAIR DRYER AND SPRAY POLISH Comments By: RON on 2008-10-01
Heat up the wood with the hair dryer, Spray the polish on stain, continue to heat up the stain and rub the polish in, spray a little more polish and continue repeating as many times as required until it's gone.
P.S. DONT STOP TILL IT'S GONE.(keep up the HEAT and rub in more spray polish and don't worry)

Hairdryer works! Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-05
I was a little reluctant to use the iron on my mothers beautiful desks so I opted for the hair dryer and it worked great. Just be patient it takes a few minutes but does work. Rub with furniture polish and heat.
the iron fix worked like i couldnt beleive. Comments By: Paul Mac. on 2008-10-07
I was VERY sceptical at first but it was an ugly stain...only took about a minute...disappeared like magic thanks so much..I used the steam setting.
IRONING REALLY WORKS!!!! Comments By: Jan on 2008-10-13
I was amazed that the clody white bloom I made on my oak didning table was removed in seconds by my steam iron on a hot setting witha tea towel underneath. Very simpl and very effective - thank you for sharing these wonderful tips.
iron Comments By: Edwina Mitchell (Merseyside) on 2008-10-16
It took me a couple of days to get the courage to do the iron remedy but believe me it was brilliant. Really works. I set the iron to the wool temp and ironed over a white t-shirt for 1 minute.
The Iron was brilliant! Comments By: Andrew on 2008-10-27
Just looked at this site and read a lot of the pro's and con's for the iron. Had already tried the mayo a few days ago which didn't work. Decided to have a go with the iron method straight away and wow it works brilliantly. I started off on cold and gradually increased the heat adding the steam on a tea towel. THen polished off with a spray polisher and yellow cloth. - Thanks for the tip
heat marks on wood Comments By: irene on 2008-11-07
mayo and plastic abrasive sponge works fine not as much chance of damage as wire wool
Use the iron Comments By: Matt on 2008-11-16
I have a dark wood table that had two white heat stains. After reading the tips on here I tried the Mayo, that didn't work.. I then places a cotton towel over the stain, set the iron to max and ironed the stain for around 20 seconds. After removing the towel I just cleaned the area to find the stains had gone. great tip..
iron worked Comments By: A.N. Rajah on 2008-11-16
Well we had two white heat marks on the bed side table. I was skeptical but did the steam iron.It is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steam Iron worked for me Comments By: Phil on 2008-11-19
large white stain removed with steam iron set on low, using kitchen hand towel. Would never have tried this without testimony from others here.
The Hot Iron Worked INCREDIBLY! Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-20
I went with the suggestion of a hot iron set on a steam setting with a cloth napkin covering the white heat stain. I was unsure of whether or not this would make it worse so I checked after only a few seconds of having using the iron and the heat stain was already gone! Thank you for the wonderful tip!
Love that ironing tip Comments By: annie on 2008-11-28
I placed a hot cake on the table for just a minute and oh! what a mark it left. The ironing tip is amazing! Yes, you must use the steam setting and be careful not to leave the iron on it too long. It's not perfect but soooo much better. Thanks!
Genius! An iron to remove an iron mark! Comments By: Micky on 2008-11-28
I'll never laugh at a tip website again. A visiting friend made 3 large, deep stains on our table with an iron in a rented apartment and I had no idea how to get them out. The steaming iron on a folded napkin worked a treat. Thanks!
Another good resource. Comments By: Andrew on 2008-11-28
Try this site as well, it has good tips on removing heat marks and water spots:


Still friends Comments By: Queen Jo on 2008-11-29
Placed a very, very hot paper plate on my friends coffee table and you know the rest. I immediately panicked, grabbed the Pledge, began rubbing and rubbing; no can do. Got online for tips; fisrt one I saw was the dab of mayo tip; nothing doing. I got back on the same sight and the very next tip was the steam iron. It worked instantly. I still have my friend. Thanks to all!
Use Iron with Caution Comments By: mtp on 2008-12-14
An iron caused my white stain, so I was reluctant to try it as a remedy. And, truth be told, it only seemed to make matters worse. (Maybe because the wood is so old???) So, I tried the hair-dryer & furniture polish approach and that has proved more successful for my finicky furniture.
THANKS Comments By: EVIE on 2008-12-27

Thank you for saving my butt Comments By: Tom on 2008-12-30
i thought my wife was going to kill me when she found this burn stain... this resolved it in less than 1 minute... thank you and my wife is none the wiser!
Fantastic success with iron Comments By: Yvon ne, Newcastle on 2008-12-31
Very reluctantly tried the steam iron over doubled terry cloth on our strongbow dining table and it worked like magic within seconds. Tried everything else, i.e. vaseline, mayo, oil and vinegar without success.
Hot iron wins again! Comments By: Lori on 2009-01-26
I tried the mayo trick and that didn't work. Maybe lightened the stain a bit but not much. Tried the hot steam iron and the stain disappeared in no time!! So glad I found this site!!
ducal table Comments By: Bill on 2009-01-27
have had white heat marks on my ducal table for three years and after reading various articles on how to remove gave the suggestion of the hot iron a go The table has now been reinstated to its original condition Thanks to everyone
oh my god Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-28
Following a misjudged ironing incident at christmas I have felt sick every time I looked at the huge cloudy white marks on my brand new varnished wooden dining table, I was terrifed to get the iron out again but following the responses on this website I decided to go for it and yes I actually works!! Followed with a good rub with olive oil and the table looks as good as new!!! Thank you Tipking!!
The iron really works!! Comments By: Sherri on 2009-02-01
I just tried the hot iron with a white t-shirt with MUCH hesitation and to my surprise - it worked great! Be brave - give it a try!
Can't believe it! Comments By: JoJo on 2009-01-16
Tried the mayo, no joy, but the iron, absolutely incredible, what a fantastic tip!!
EXCELLENT STUFF Comments By: Renee on 2009-01-18
Some of my marks were heat marks and a steaming hot through a towel worked excellently. For the other water marks, mayo seems to have done the trick. Its worth a shot, dont be scared to use a hot iron on the table as I was, it really works.
Go with Hair dryer! Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-18
I read all the posted comments after placing tea pot on wooden office desk to get rid of large white heat stain and decided to go with the hair dryer trick. It worked great you just have to be paitent and hold it close.
WOOHOO Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-18
It really does work, dont think for second, just do it and all your problems are solved
You ROCK!!!!!! Comments By: Chad and Amy on 2009-01-03
I have a very expensive dining rooom table that my parents bought us that had five six inch white heat mark on it from a hot breakfast with paper plates. I tried EVERYTHING else before trying the iron and steam, however only the iron and STEAM took the stains out in seconds!!! THANK YOU so much I could not have imagined the look of horror if my parents had seen the spots on the table.
hairdryer seems least intrusive---????? Comments By: Gary on 2009-01-09
Most report that the Steam Iron methodology worked best.....I have to admit that I am fearful of that approach.....

My question...HAS ANYONE HAD BAD RESULTS from using a hairdryer? (apt to try that first) So did the hairdryer cause more damage or was it just ineffective?

Please Advise.

white spot on table Comments By: anon on 2009-01-10
Hair dryer did not work. The steam iron on medium worked immediately, and the spot is gone. I called the furniture retailer, and told him how I fixed it, and he couldn't believe it.
The iron worked like a charm!!! Comments By: Tracey on 2009-01-11
I tried the mayo and made no difference. I tried the iron and worked like a charm. Didnt even ruin the shirt I used!
Hair dryer 0 Hot Iron 1 Comments By: Doug on 2009-01-12
Tried the hairdryer as it sounded safer to no avail, tried med hot steam iron with a thin towel underneath all gone in less than a minute. twas magic in deed.
Low iron with steam over a t-shirt works like a charm Comments By: Craig on 2009-01-14
I just wanted to add my experience to the chorus of success for the iron treatment. Our 14-yr-old daughter put a hot pop tart on our deep red table and left a big white stain. Just a few seconds with the iron and it started to disappear, to my wife's complete amazement. Another minute or two of ironing and the stain was gone!
Hair Dryer Trick Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-15
I thought my solid oak table was ruined. Heat mark from a teapot. Saw the comments about hair dryers and tried it. It Worked!
Iron works... but what about the cloud? Comments By: jjc on 2009-02-05
The iron thing worked great completely getting rid of the white scorch mark, but now there's an iron shaped haze where the iron was... while it looks way better, it's not perfect... ideas?
Water and heat marks on unvarnished wood? Comments By: Jenny on 2009-02-06
Does anyone know if any of these remedies work on unvarnished wood?
Iron All the Way Comments By: Tews Golfer on 2009-02-07
We tried the mayo, then the hair dryer...with no luck. But WOW, the iron worked within 15 seconds. Absolutely amazing! Used a little Murphy's Oil to bring back the shine.
Comments By: Jouee on 2009-02-15
the iron worked foe me too. BUT I think I had it a bit too hot as it melted the varnish a touch (the former white heat stain now looks great, but feels rough to the touch)
steam did the trick Comments By: Laura on 2009-02-16
I used my iron (with steam) and hovered it slowly back and forth over the stain and after about 3 minutes it completely disappeared. I think the trick is the steam....wow!
Steam iron is the trick Comments By: Jay on 2009-03-01
my girlfriends room mate was upset over a heat stain from pancakes a varnishes table, pancakes...go figure. Used a steam iron and hovered over a pillow case for 30 seconds, totally fixed! You all are awesome thanks so much for the life saving tip!
OMGG the hair dryer really works Comments By: chad on 2009-03-09
So I was at a friends house and he set a hot plate on his very expensive table...lifted the plate and surprise a white cloudy stain appeared. He was so upset and could think of nothing to do; so I jumped online and found a solution that worked...the hair dryer within seconds the cloudy stain dissappered!
Iron and Mayo Comments By: Sonia on 2009-03-19
I used the steam iron and got most of the white mark out of my table. I then got a non scratch pot scratcher and mayo and scrubbed the rest of the stain, It is now all gone. I dont have to hide the table under table cloths any more.
You are amazing! Comments By: crystal emery on 2009-03-30
I bought a new table last week and was very upset to find what I thought was a drink ring on the table (only to blame my husband) later to find out it was a heat mark from our lap top being on the table too long. I used the iron at first with no steam and medium and it failed to work. I was worried to try steam, but decided that since it had worked for so many others I would give it a shot. I set the iron setting to wool and added steam. After about 3-5 minutes of directing the iron over a white tee shirt over the stain, it started to vanish right before my eyes. I continued with a couple more storkes and the table is new agian. Thanks so much for your help with th is. This has to be the best do it yourself tip i have found to work online! Thanks again!
Hot iron removing water mark Comments By: Mrs Beryl Morris (pensioner) on 2009-04-05
It really, really works. I cannot believe it really has removed stains and very quickly, too. I used a double thickness of of a well-worn linen tea-towel. obviously I was very wary but stains were gone in less than a minute! Thank you all who recommended this method!
Help me get my heat stain out!! Comments By: nicholas on 2009-04-07
On my other wood table all the advise was fantastic but i have a little problem. My other wood table it has paint over the wood and i have tried everything that worked before to get the heat mark off. If you have any advise please help me out!!
It's a Miracle! Comments By: Karen on 2009-04-17
I was a total skeptic but tried the iron out of desperation and it worked beautifully!! All of the white stains on my wooden kitchen table are completely gone!
Finally, the solution Comments By: Kathy on 2009-04-19
Tried the dry iron, the steam iron, but that only made it much worse and more obvious to see. Finally reread tips and tried the Mr Clean Eraser and mayo. It came right off with a little elbow grease. I quickly sprayed a dry rag with WD-40 and wiped it over the entire table and wiped it dry. The table looks new! Thanks for the "eraser and mayo" tip...it is the only thing that worked.
Steam iron Wow!!! Comments By: Chuck on 2009-04-20
Steam iron worked like acharm
Steamed Away Comments By: Edwin on 2009-04-20
Got a nice dinner table from the parents and there were white stains all over it. My gf wants to buy a new table because of it, but thank God I found this!

The steam works so great! Even on old old old white marks. Got a couple of white streaks to finish but the rest of it looks amazing. Thanks again! Mayo seems like a bad idea more then a iron just imo.

Hair drier Comments By: amanda on 2009-04-23
Didn't have the guts to use the steam iron. so tried a hot hair drier. It worked fantastically.
Firework and water damage on mahogany Comments By: Antique Terminator on 2009-04-23
Yes ... we did it! Damaged 1 antique mahogany table with an indoor firework - nasty white mark - and another with water which had been standing under a large planter for some time -even bigger nasty white (the table surface was raised by the time it was found). Having left the white marks for several months I finally had a go. Both white marks came out using the steam iron with linen tea towel, remaining fainter white marks were erased with mayonnaise and a flash mark and stain remover. They've polished up brilliantly. Thank you! Just need to find out how to restore faded mahogany now!
Amazing! Comments By: Becky on 2009-04-23
I have had a terrible white ring on my grandmother's dinning room table for about a year from a tea pot. I just tried the iron after reading all the comments and to my amazament it worked. You must use steam, and I used a white tea towel. Give it a try.
Hoollllley Conoollllley!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: 1 lucky hubby that didnt make table worse... on 2009-04-25
I'll I can say about the Iron is ,When my wife gets home ....She is gonna be so happy.I used the Iron and followed behind w/some liquid gold and it looks Great!(I will say make sure you move the iron as if ironing or the you will see the steam ports lol trial by error)
The iron really works Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-26
I was sceptical about using a hot iron on my lovely table, with the white mark, but I did it anyway. Thank you so much. No more white mark. Brilliant.
Iron trick, Wow works on light oak Dining Table Comments By: Jim on 2009-05-03
Gave it a try on table and it works! Table for 12, family used paper plates for Hot Pasta. Well it sorched the table leaving white marks where every one sat the first and last time we used the table without pad, table cloth and place mats. Antway $1200 table and chairs we bought 12 years ago. 1 minute rubbing iron with grain. appling steam over white t-shirt at medium heat... it worked. thanks.
It works, but also needs a buffing oil Comments By: Ernest on 2009-05-07
Worked great on a Cost Plus dining table we have. Ate hot food on paper plates and left six hot spots! WHOOPS! Tried this fix on 05/09 and it worked. Best if Iron is set to LOWEST HEAT THAT STILL PRODUCES STEAM. All it took was about 10-15 seconds. It lifted off some of the nice laquer finish. Used Old ENGLISH wood oil finish and it came out fine. Cost 4$......
the iron on an oak table worked...fantastic Comments By: caw on 2009-05-09
I decided to try the iron set on medium heat on an old gateleg dining table using a piece of cotton material, amazing 2 minutes and its gone
The iron works! Comments By: Schvenn on 2009-05-09
I had a party when the wife was away at the in-laws tonight.
I left pizza boxes on our oak table and have two very large white spots from the heat.

I'm impatient, so I set the steam iron on high rather than low and used a dishtowel.
I ironed for about 30 seconds at a time and kept checking, redoing the really bad spots once or twice until they were gone.

Now the wife will never know.

Hovering steam iron works! Comments By: Brilliant on 2009-05-27
I have a very expensive antique mahogany round table that was damaged by a hot pizza. It left a horrendously large white cloudy mark on my table. I too was reluctant to use a hot iron, but after rubbing the stain with wood oil for over 20 mins, the stain only slightly improved. I decided to use an iron; set on cotton setting, using full steam, and hovered over the trouble spot in only 5 second bursts, approximately 10cm above the table. After 7 attempts, the stain disappeared completely. If you do it gradually, you can see the stain vanish slowly, and know when to stop. I then applied wood oil to the table and it looks brilliant.
Removed the ring in seconds Comments By: Alan on 2009-05-31
I had a white heat mark which i tried toothpaste then a hair dryer on with no luck, i tried the iron for about 5 seconds with a bit of steam and the ring had gone completely, i am now in my wifes good books :)
no messing Comments By: sandra...Plymouth on 2009-06-10
Been on holiday, came back and my son had scorched my mahogany coffee table with a hot pizza box, tried the iron and napkin solution and hey presto, the white mark is gone. Brilliant!
thank you thank you thank you!!! Comments By: dk on 2009-06-10
our pottery barn table we had for sale got coffee mug heat marks. we wanted to sell it. a buyer was on their way over but i was so nervous to lose a buyer over the spots. So i googled the problem and found the iron trick on here. Thank you so much for sharing.
Amazing! Comments By: Jamie on 2009-06-23
I was so reluctant because I actually CAUSED the white stains by ironing on the kitchen table with a towel underneath. I did the steam trick, low heat, with a couple layers of cotton underneath and it vanished. Thanks!
Iron with STEAM works! Comments By: Lisa on 2009-07-01
Go for it! It works. Takes less than 30 seconds to remove the stains.
steam iron and t shirt tip really works Comments By: phyllis on 2009-07-07
i was 5 minutes away from going to the store to buy a sander and some stain to try to remove the white stain on my dining room table caused by a hot pot someone set on the table. i went online and saw the oron tip. it works great in 30 seconds. no more stain.
steam iron and t shirt tip really works Comments By: phyllis on 2009-07-07
i was 5 minutes away from going to the store to buy a sander and some stain to try to remove the white stain on my dining room table caused by a hot pot someone set on the table. i went online and saw the iron tip. it works great in 30 seconds. no more stain.
ruined with mayo Comments By: Ninny on 2009-07-08
I put mayonnaise on my water stained antique table..silly or what? I now have a much worse dark grease stain. Any ideas what i should do next? I daren't go near it with an iron!
HOT IRON WORKS.... Comments By: Bonnie on 2009-07-15
All I know is that I had a white stain on my wood table for 1 month tried hot iron with a t-shirt in 2 min it was gone Thanks for the tip.
iron for heat marks Comments By: marie on 2009-07-20
totally gob smacked used the steam iron remedy with tea towel tables like new thanks all.elated
MAGIC ERASER Comments By: Jay74937 on 2009-08-04
Use a magic eraser, and ONLY a magic eraser. It will take some elbow grease, but the white spot will disappear. The entire area should be retreated afterwards.
STEAM IRON ON TEA TOWELL WORKS Comments By: Geri on 2009-07-26
I tried the mayonnaise, left it an hour DIDN'T WORK, also tried petroleum jelly overnight DIDN'T WORK, also tried baking soda & oil, DIDN'T WORK, then tried salt & olive oil DIDN'T WORK...all were recommendations from websites on how to remove white marks off oak table. Got out my STEAM IRON & used a tea towell on top of my table AND THAT WORKED...couldn't believe my eyes...only took a few seconds, I still keep looking to see if those white marks have come back...they have NOT. YEH...for such a simple fix that really works !
Steam Iron Comments By: Mattr on 2009-08-05
Fantastic. I was sceptical, so used low setting and steam for 2-3 seconds and the mark is gone.
What a treat! Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-11
The iron worked a treat - did NOT for a second think this would work but had to try something as the table I had ruined with a white mark was not mine. A couple of runs over a white cloth with a steam iron and the mark had improved considerably. Thanks!
I would never have believed it.... Comments By: Wendy on 2009-08-10
Until I used the iron and white cotton napkin. I tried it out on an older table first and was amazed. It did a miraculous job on both old and new furniture with the iron on about medium (no steam).
GREAT Comments By: DAWN on 2009-08-13
OMG! It really worked Comments By: Pat on 2009-08-14
Less than 10 seconds with a stem iron and a t-shirt and the heat stain was gone. Still don't believe it....waiting for the mark to reappear.
WOW! IRON TIP WORKS! Comments By: Michelle C. on 2009-08-18
I got white marks on a table my mother bought me when I moved into my apartment and suffice to say, she was not pleased. I tried the iron tip and now my table is looking good as new. Don't know how it works but it really does!
wierd but true Comments By: Twila, Newfoundland on 2009-08-29
I read some comments on this website about the iron on the table. I said to myseft if people is trying it on more expensive furniture than mine, it must work. tried it and it didn't work. Cursed like the devil and said should have known better than put a iron on wood. Come to fine out you must use a thin white cotton napkin and high heat. Hold crap my table looks like new and the white mark was there about 2 years.
Love this web site.

Converted sceptic Comments By: John Turner on 2009-08-30
I have had a white heat mark on a very good oak table for several years and tried every stain treatment I could find. Twenty minutes ago I was a sceptic now I am completely converted. I used an hot iron and an old cotton tee shirt and the stain was removed in about five minute gentle ironing. I assume the rating and the higher the better.
STEAM IRONING YOUR DUCAL TABLE Comments By: Mandi on 2009-09-03
Having had several white stains on my Ducal dining table I am gobsmacked at the amazing result. No chemical, not cost - and now a rejuvenated table. Thank you so much
Hot Iron fantastic Comments By: Linda Munro on 2009-09-09
I thought it would not work but boy it sure does . I just did it on my Grans old Varnished dining table and the mark just vanished. Thanks everyone x
No Mumbo Jumbo Comments By: Sceptic Anon on 2009-09-12
Try the steam iron trick, it really does work. You wont believe it. 5 secs on the stain and the wood looks as good as the day I bought the table, the stains are completly gone.
unbelievably effective steam iron trick Comments By: Gerr on 2009-09-13
I like many others was very very scared to go near a table with a white heat mark with a hot iron as it was the iron that caused the problem in the first place!!.
Having heated the iron and using a white cotton T- shirt I nervously applied the steam iron to the mark and within seconds it was gone, Great tip.

It works GREAT Comments By: Herb on 2009-09-15
had a white mark on table and it came right out. Thanks Great site
PEOPLE... USE OLIVE OIL!! Comments By: steve on 2009-09-19
its that simple... don't have to use mayonnaise, just use olive oil or canola oil, rub it on with a soft cloth.. done, no hairdryer, no iron, no heat gun
"Hot Iron" Did the job!!!! Comments By: E.V. on 2009-09-22
Tried many cleaning products until came accross this website & tried using a white T-shirt with hot iron. Within seconds the white stain disappeared!!!
MORE HEAT!! Comments By: amanda on 2009-09-23
Mayo didn't work, iron on a white t-shirt did the trick!
Iron & Cotton Shirt Comments By: I'm a Believer!! on 2009-10-04
We have an amazing solid oak table that I made the mistake of using to iron on my son's various Cubs badges. I put down a towel and took all the precautions I could think of to keep from damaging anything... Once finished, I pulled up the towel only to find a large milky white stain that would not come out no matter what I did. I wanted to fix this myself seeing that having the table professionally refinished would cost and arm and leg. I tried baking soda & toothpaste, teabag, mayo and various other tricks I had seen posted and none seemed to work. My last ditch attempt was to use the hot Iron set to the Cotton setting and a 100% Cotton Tee-shirt. I thought to myself that this is how the stain basically set in the first place so I wasn't overly enthusiastic!! I laid the shirt down, turned on the iron and started to "iron the stain"... I lifted the Tee a good 30 seconds later and the stain was still there... I decided to try the steam while ironing my table and after a good minute with a couple blasts of steam I pulled up the tee and low and behold, the UGLY stain was gone!! I would not in my wildest dreams have thought it possible but the proof is in the pudding!! I saved myself several hundred dollars and got my beloved table back... Try it... It really Works!
iron and mayonaise doesn't work Comments By: CV on 2009-10-04
I tried the iron on steam but it didn't work. Details on the methods used by others on this site are a little sketchy. I put the iron on wool setting and steam. I tried moving the iron around the 4 foot square are for about 2 minutes, checking periodically. No improvement. I tried it on both a higher and lower heat. Still didn't work. I thought maybe I was letting it cool down too much by checking it so I tried ironing the area for 2 minutes solid. Again didn't work. Tried the mayonaise method. Put some on the table and rubbed it in. Again no improvement. I'm not sure where to go from here. Might try the hairdryer technique.
TV unit with pizza box damage Comments By: Karen on 2009-10-19
I bought a nice TV cabinet but it had a huge white mark on the top from a pizza delivery box, so I got it very cheap. I googled for a solution and found the iron trick. Started ironing with a medium steam setting and a white t-shirt and it started to work! I was so excited I dragged my mother in from the other room to witness it. She was totally amazed!!! Thanks so much!
It worked a treat! Comments By: Karen on 2009-10-20
I've had white marks on my pine dining room table for years, as it was a very expensive one so didn't want to replace it so just used to put a table cloth over it (not very fashionable!)however just tried the steam iron and it worked a treat! first of all I did it with a tea towel but the impression of the tea towel came out on the table (I panicked a bit as it made it look worse!) so then I got a white cottone pillow case and it worked a treat!! really pleased, just wish I could get the stratch marks out now!!
Using an iron on heat stains ! Comments By: Jim in France on 2009-10-31
This is amazing. A linen cloth on the stain and iron it, at a medium heat for about four minutes... and the stain has gone. Don't understand, don't care... it really works.
WAS SCEPTICAL Comments By: greg on 2009-11-04
tried the mayo, no luck(i was using Hellmans tho, maybe Kraft has more wood repairing quality's) but i did try the iron and no luck at first but tried again with a thin cloth and high steam and it worked great.
fine steel wool and oil Comments By: nancy on 2009-11-09
I just used fine steel wool and canola cooking oil. It worked just fine and I finished off with a orange oil for furniture. What a relief to get rid of those heat marks!!!
me again Comments By: Nancy on 2009-11-10
I posted recently about using steel wool and canola oil. I wanted to add that later it was evident where I had used the steel wool in that it removed some of the finish, but today I got out my furniture wax and let it soak in, then buffed it up and then use regular spray furniture polish and it looks amazing, shiny and beautiful.
Repair heat stains on wood Comments By: Tony on 2009-11-20
Tried metal polish, vaseline and finally the iron treatment, had a big white stain from a plate and the iron removed it after a few minutes ironing the mark on a linen napkin. Brilliant thank you very much!!
The Steam Iron Does Work Comments By: Ann on 2009-11-14
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing. The steam iron removed all the white milky stains, now I will posish it. New table in 15mins. No need for mayo and steel.
amazed!!! Comments By: Terri on 2009-11-16
Thanks for the iron tip!! Couldn't believe my eyes. I bought all kinds of expensive old english oils. Nothing worked. But the iron on a paper towel took off the white marks in seconds!! Now my husband will have to find something else to grip about.
No Luck with the Iron Comments By: Diane C. on 2009-11-27
I tried tooth paste and baking soda and it took the white heat spot out.
vanished before my eyes Comments By: julie B on 2009-12-04
just had people for lunch and burned huge white scorch mark on dining room table after casserole dish was put down in error. Googled for solution and tried the steam iron vanishing trick - white mark vanished before my eyes, unbelievable, thanks so much..have saved me from divorce
OMG!!! Comments By: Ron on 2009-12-10
I left a hot cup of tea on my highly polished wooden drawers, I tried Mayo and it did not work, so tried the steam iron and napkin tick and IT WORKED!!!! I am totally amazing and so appreciative of the suggestion. Thank you so much
Iron works great! Comments By: silveroakgirl on 2009-12-17
Mayo is good for water spots, esp on oak tables, but just tried the iron on a dark table (set on low then steam) and VOILA! Thank goodness....the table was borrowed from a friend and now I will show HER the trick as her coffee table has the same dilemma :-) Thank you!
Yes! Steam iron works!!!! Comments By: Bev M. on 2009-12-18
I was so upset when those awful white heat spots appeared on our beautiful diningroom table, and VERY reluctant to try the steam iron method! Now I'm so thankful I did! I put a tea towel down and sort of "hovered" over it with the steam iron. White marks are GONE!
God bless you!

STEAM IRON WORKS! Comments By: Kevin on 2009-12-19
Got rid of the stain with the white t-shirt and iron. Awesome
Made it worse Comments By: geoff on 2009-12-20
I tried the iron on med with steam over a cotton white t-shirt and it made a bigger white mark!!! any help on what i could have done wrong???
Not hair dryer or mayo use steam iron Comments By: Pete on 2009-12-24
Tried mayo then hair drier with no luck, reluctantly tried iron as this is how marks originated and "brilliant". One quick puff of steam a quick wipe and magic.
Steam iron is a miracle! Comments By: Ara on 2009-12-26
I can't believe this worked, but it did! Whoo hoo!
The steam iron works Comments By: Avch on 2009-12-25
I didn't want to risk even more damage but I did it and it worked instantly!! Pass it on it took 1 minute with the steam iron and countless minutes with mayo and the hair dryer.
Hot iron works! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-28
I just tried the hot iron tip to remove a heat stain from my dark wood table. And it worked in minutes!
Hair Dryer for those who are cowardly Comments By: lake cherokee on 2009-12-27
After reading everywhere that the iron would work to remove white heat stains from the table, I decided to try it. Last minute though I thought well maybe Ill try the hairdryer instead. Got the white thin cloth and a powerfull hair dryer. I went back and forth over the stain over the cloth and its gone! So for those who arent brave enough to put an iron on their beautiful new tables, try the hair dryer!

Damage your table with an iron! Comments By: Chris on 2009-12-28
Used an iron with tea towel as suggested. Left an iron-shaped heat mark on table. Bad idea!
Brilliant saved my table Comments By: Carole Hulse on 2010-01-02
I had my doubts but tried it and it worked so well. Such a relief thought I would have to fork out for a French polisher.
wow it worked in 2seconds Comments By: pam on 2010-01-03
I had this white steam mak on my shiny oak table and been trying for months to get the stain off, tried the steam iron and it worked in 2seconds could not belive my eyes.
Don't believe the mayo advice! Comments By: the mayonnaise queen on 2010-01-10
Hi - I tried to use mayo to get out the water rings on my table and it has completely destroyed the table. It left grease stains that will not come out.
worked great Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-13
Used white cotton napkin, steam iron, low heat - the (large oval) scorch mark was gone it a minute.
Iron fantastic Comments By: Hilary on 2010-01-18
We had 3 different white marks on our dark wood furniture, one of which had been there for years and the others just a couple of immoveable white marks. I put the iron on steam and placed a kitchen towel betwen the stains and the iron....perfect, I am so pleased. The deeper stain has become much less noticeable but not disappeared altogether. Fantastic, thank you all.
Worked a treat Comments By: James on 2010-01-18
Used a T-shirt and the iron and it worked a treat!
Steam iron on low worked for us! Comments By: Linda C on 2010-01-21
Cherry table with 9" white stain made from a steam iron in the first place. The stain came out in a couple of minutes. The irony.
cool Comments By: gonepostal on 2010-01-23
used a t-shirt, a little water and a small heated pan. worked great, no hint it was ever there!
tryed the iron and steam- didn't work! Comments By: Val on 2010-01-24
i tryed it on my table and it made it much worse! Now we have a stain from the iron in additiona to the original stain!
Use a steam iron IT WORKS!! Comments By: cb on 2010-02-07
Place a hot steam iron over a white napkin on the stain for 2 - 3 seconds and the stain disappears.
We have lived with the horrid white heat stain for three years. I got a quote through last week to have it removed professionally. Thought I would look online to see if there were any cheaper ways and saw the comments on this website. We have saved ourselves 290.

Miracle Mend Comments By: Bar-b on 2010-02-10
2 x white rings from coffee pot base on my pine table miraculously disappeared by following the iron method recommended here. I put iron on steam (half-way setting)at lowest temperature (silk setting)and placed a white tee-shirt (single layer and turned inside out)on top of stains. Ironed for around 3 minutes and voila! I thought I was in for a morning in a DIY store and an afternoon with wire wool and wax with no guarantee of a favourable result. Thanks to all here for taking the trouble to post the tip!
White Stain on Wood Table Comments By: Pam on 2010-02-11
A hot teapot was put on top of a napkin on a my beautiful wood table. When the napkin was lifted a huge white stain was beneath.

I took the advise of mayo but did not work at all. So I then put a white cotten napkin and ironed on top of stain.

The huge white stain was gone in less than 60 seconds!

Hurray!!! Comments By: Janet Smith on 2010-02-13
After spending hours rubbing linseed oil, etc into the white marks on my coffee table with now joy, I tried the steam iron trick. After only 5 seconds the marks had disappeared!!
The Trick Is to wipe the steam water away quickly! Comments By: SupaJohn on 2010-02-17
The iron method WORKS really good, but the trick is to iron a white shirt and then LIFT IT AND WIPE AWAY THE WATER on the table before it evaporates. Somehow, when it evaporates it becomes white before your eyes, but you can prevent it by wiping!

Then rub in some wood or nut based oil like walnut oil (we used it) and it SHINES LIKE BRAND NEW!

Its not 100% perfect, but its WAY WAY better. Thanks for the tips!

Used on an IKEA table

Steam iron really works! Comments By: Jupiter on 2010-02-20
Fantastic piece of advice, the cloth and steam iron technique is brilliant.

Don't use a steam iron!!!! Comments By: JV on 2010-02-27
It just leaves a worse mark than before, in the shape of an iron!
All I can say is WOW Comments By: Sherry on 2010-02-26
I was very skeptical, but by golly it worked!!!! I had purchased a Trundle bed for a friend and she threw in her dining room table and chairs, with the exception of the heat stains the set was lovely and in wonderful condition. I was going to cover it with a table cloth so I thought it sure couldn't hurt to try...it works folks and it works well.
Brilliant Comments By: Wendy on 2010-02-28
A recent party left my oak veneer table scorched. I was told about the iron method but too scared to try. I have just read this site and plucked up the courage. Amazingly the white mark has disappeared. Use on steam over a napkin.Thanks
iron is amazing Comments By: mel on 2010-03-01
i had rings on my new table used the iron and a t towel all gone thank you so much really good advice glad i tried it
Use a Hair Dryer Comments By: Happy on 2010-03-01
Had white heat marks on a Stag Minstrel Table, were quote 500 to make good, used a hair dryer and wow! really worked.
Whoa! Vanished before your eyes! Comments By: Penny on 2010-03-10
Very hesitant to use the iron. But when I did with a folded flour sack towel, it worked right away with the steam. It made me actually laugh seeing how easy it was this whole time and me just not knowing!
Success Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-12
Just tried the cool iron and napkin idea on quite a large white heat mark. Completely disappeared - fantastic!
great tip thanx Comments By: sammy on 2010-03-14
laura ashley mahogany table with a few white patches which have been there a year or more. Read this advice and after 20 sconds with steam iron and a white towel they had gone. many thanx
I have to iron my table too? Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-17
The mayo didn't work, but the iron did! I have a veneer, and it has small bubbles, another site had said to use the iron for the bubbles, and it took out the white spot too! I know I'm a lousy housekeeper, don't iron my sheets, don't iron my towels, and I can live with that, but I didn't even know I was suppose to be ironing the table too!
That is Fantastic!! Comments By: Paula on 2010-03-22
I have had a scorch stain on one of my nest of mahogany tables for years and today I decided it needed to go!! I read these tips, got my iron out immediately and it's gone!! Thank You :-)
Iron out the problems Comments By: Santorini Holidays on 2010-03-27
Tried the iron tip with steam and it worked a treat - who would know! Table looks like new again!
Iron WORKS!!! Comments By: Jay on 2010-03-29
Hot pizza box plus wood table= white marks. Used the iron w/steam on both high and low settings. Either setting will work but some white marks kept re-appearing. So i used toothpaste (not gel) per another site to buff out remaining marks, wiped clean w/damp towel, polished and no more white stains. Also used t-shirt instead of napkin.
Disaster Comments By: Shirley on 2010-04-05
I tried the advice re both the iron and the mayonnaise. Mayo was harmless enough but ineffective. However now I have an extra iron shaped white mark on my yew dining table - thanks a million folks! The iron was on low steam setting and placed just momentarily on a white cloth - lift off and the table is wet from the steam, mark still there but now edges overlaid with the iron shape. Pah!
Fantastic Steam IronTip! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-05
Serving Dish left a large circular heat mark on our varnished Antique Pine table - mat too thin. Medium hot steam iron with folded over teatowel did the trick. The area is slightly duller but the horrid white mark was gone in just a couple of minutes. Thanks a lot.
Do not put an iron on your table! Comments By: Nik on 2010-04-07
told mum to do this and now she is trying to get an iron shaped mark out of her mahogany table with polish! what a mess!!!!!!!!!! worse advice I have ever given!
CRAPPIE!!! Comments By: Charlotte on 2010-04-20
It was rubbish, didn't work, the way i solved it was putting warm water on it and rubbing mayonise. that is the soultion
it worked! Comments By: neil on 2010-04-17
I thought everyone was mad - but it worked instantly.

looking at other posts I think if you have too much steam this will leave a white mark but a little will be absorbed by the cloth and keep the temp right.

STEAM IRON WORKS!! Comments By: AZHot on 2010-04-19
Girl friend had set a placemat on my black top Bermex table and placed 3 baked potoates on it. When we moved the placemat, there were white scorch marks from the 3 potatoes as well as marks from the place mat. After reading the comments here, we tried the mayo first. Did not work. Then we took an iron, set to steam, placed a towel over the spots and just hit the towell with steam from the iron. After a few minutes, the white scorch marks were gone. The table top is black and now you can't tell there was ever a problem.
Thanks to this forum, we were able to bring the table top back to new again.
Thank you!!

DOUBTING THOMAS CONVERTED Comments By: frank on 2010-04-22
Like every one else I can`t see how this works. I used the steam iron on my Ducal pine table and it now looks as good as new. All I need to do now is get the dents out of it.
Amaizing!!! yes the iron works Comments By: jerome on 2010-05-11
newish veneered table, Hot cup marks, been there a while.Use a Hot iron with low steam,and white linin cloth. Iron the marked area for three seconds with the towel underneath,rub dry, and it's done. GREAT REALLY GREAT.
use the iron on steam over a white t shirt Comments By: karl on 2010-05-14
i used the iron method to remove the marks a hot pizza box left on a dark wood table that was a family airloom it was like magic thanks tipking
Plastic mark on wood desk Comments By: Deborah on 2010-05-20
We have a horrible dark, shiny "stain" on our wood office desk where a scrapbook with a plastic cover had been sitting. I cannot get rid of it(won't respond to polish) and am sick because it's a whole unit for a home office. What IS this and how can I get rid of it?!
Hot iron works even on stains caused by Steam iron Comments By: http://www.gymnasticsman.com on 2010-05-22
My wife did a real number on our table with a steam iron. I tried the tooth paste trick on another spot that we have been overlooking 'cause it was so small. It made some difference, but not enough that I thought it would even put a dent in the larger very white spot. I don't hav any mayonnaise so I went for the iron. What did I have to lose. It was as bad as it could get.To my surprise, it worked beautifully.
Fantastic Iron! Comments By: Rachel on 2010-05-26
This works so quickly its amazing. I used the hot iron over the white T-shirt. The stain had been annoying me for weeks and so I looked it up and hey presto!
The Iron bloody well works Comments By: Andrew on 2010-05-30
Its counter intuitive but the steam iron over a tea shirt bloody well works ... weird.
Iron Comments By: Possia Sanders on 2010-05-31
I had a white heat mark over 8 inches long and 6 inches wide in an antique oak table. I used an iron with a towel under it, the marks were gone in seconds.
Iron works like a charm!! Comments By: Artsyken on 2010-06-07
I have a dark brown wood dining table and got two big white heat stains from soup bowls. Tried the steam iron and a white towel. After pushing lightly down on the towel the rings disappeared! Amazing!

Thanks for the tip!!!

This works,I just tried it! Comments By: JDolani on 2010-06-20
I just sat two plates on my coffee table and it burned two white places on it.I tried the mayo and nothing changed.The steam iron on a white t-shirt worked instantly.Bravo!
Hallelujah! Comments By: Kellie on 2010-06-22
You guys gave me the courage to try the iron.... I just removed a large white stain in 3 seconds from my great grandmother's 100 year old mahogany table. Used a tea towel and iron on medium with full steam. Absolutely amazing. I feel like I just performed a miracle!
Laquered Dining Table Comments By: Deebee on 2010-06-29
Ruined a beautiful 10 seater dining table by dropping a huge bowl of boiling soup. Huge white heat stain. I was in despair but it was ruined so I thought I would risk the iron and was amazed - it truly works. thanks to all of you, saved my life :-)
TOTALLY MADE UP Comments By: A Bennett on 2010-07-06
I cant believe it worked but can honestly say that the tea cup marks on my dining table have gone and also got rid of the water mark on a side unit made by my fish tank. The Iron and tea towel method does work.
fantastic Comments By: g.p on 2010-07-13
spilt a cup of hot tea on polished table tried mayo,but no good,then tried steam iron on low setting but mark still there so turned on to high heat and it brought out the marks...fantasic..saved me the cost of a new table.
hot iron works Comments By: margaret on 2010-07-13
i used this on a huge white mark on my table gone in five minites
WOW Comments By: REBECCA on 2010-07-15
Try Olive Oil instead Comments By: Britt on 2010-07-16
I tried the mayo and it didn't work; however, it's the oil that the wood needs as the heat sucks out the moisture... so I used olive oil and put a little dribble on the spot; rubbed it lightly, then let it sit for a few minutes and then rubbed the entire area again and it took all the white out.
Sceptic to Believer! Comments By: Viv the ex - doubter on 2010-07-17
Although I thought I had protected the table enough - big white square! Raced to internet and found this site. Had my doubts but no longer, will pass this tip on. Even told my son to remember what to do if he marks his furniture in years to come. Thanks
OMG 30 secs and gone !!!!!!!! Comments By: Chris...lincoln on 2010-07-17
Paid 200 to get my Ducal table resurfaced after heat damage...MUG....did the same on a Ducal set of drawes with a pizza box...came on this site and tried the steam iron and white T shirt MY GOD ITS GONE....recoated it ...good as new
hairdryer is amazing!!!!!!!! Comments By: Jonny Wilson on 2010-07-18
Had made a lovely cup of coffee this morning and had set the perculator down on our maple table.
Woooppppps!!!! round burn mark
Mr Sheen and the hair dryer 3 times completey removed the ring mark!!!!!
Amazing it worked

Repairing white heat marks on wooden furniture Comments By: TWFP on 2010-07-29
There are all sorts of products to buy for removing ring marks and we find that none of them actually work. The only method we use is dangerous, extreme fun and we have only known it not work twice. But we take no responsibility if you get it wrong! You need methylated spirit, cotton wool and a cigarette lighter. Just dampen the cotton wool with the meths and hold only in your left hand. Hold the lighter in your right hand. Wipe over the ring mark with the cotton wool, make sure that your hand is well away and flick the lighter on at the edge of the mark. The meths will light and the mark will disappear. Do you want to know why? Well the white mark is caused by putting something hot and wet on the table, such as a dripping mug of tea. The heat opens up the pores of the timber which soak in the moisture. As the cup cools the moisture is trapped inside the wood. Meths burns at a very low temperature and does not burn for long. What happens is that the lit meths opens up the pores long enough for the moisture to escape before they close up again. This way you are not disguising the mark, you are removing it. But remember: Only use meths, make sure you use the smallest amount, if it burns for more than 3 second then just blow out the clear flame as you would blow out birthday candles and do not set fire to the cotton wool or your fingers. It will hurt! Also remember that heat resisting mats for your table are not a license to put 200 degree pans on. You will damage your table, the mats resist heat they dont repel it!
Don't fear the Iron! Comments By: Devon Cottager on 2010-07-30
Amazing result! Took a couple of minutes with a medium setting steam iron and an old white tee-shirt to lift a fairly substantial tea mug mark. Not quite perfect, but good enough, and also removed a few marks from olden days.Don't be afraid!
They Mayo didn't work but the hot steam iron did!!! Comments By: Dee on 2010-07-30
Have a nice set of side tables, but one had got two nasty white stains, about the size of a plate and mug. Saw these tips, the mayo didn't work and made my arms ache but the steam iron worked a treat, without effort, table is as good as new, but needed a coat of varnish.
steam iron Comments By: Julie on 2010-07-31
oh yes - not 100% but unless you know you can not tell! have lived with these annoying marks for far too long, be brave and have a go!
miracle heat stain remover Comments By: joyce on 2010-08-06
tried the mayo but it didn't work. Tried the steam iron and after 2 minutes hovering above the stain with a medium heat steam iron over a cotton t-shirt the hot coffee cup stain disappeared. tThank you so much for the tip.
Weight of Evidence. Comments By: James Watkin on 2010-08-07
T was searching through the internet for a tip to remove a horrible white stain caused by my dopy Son leaving his piping hot pizza (in a box) on our antique mahogany cabinet. I found various tips to remove a white stain from using wire wool with mayo to buying metal polish wool and rubbing with that, and virtually everything in between. However, the sheer weight of evidence from people posting about this problem suggested using a steam iron with a cloth had proved to be the most succesful solution? I was sceptical but decided to give it a go and I promise you it works perfectly. I set the steam iron on a pretty cool setting and laid the white cloth on top of the stain and gently ironed using steam for a few seconds. A Perfect Result and a Fantastic tip that genuinely worked for me!
steam irons works Comments By: jennifer on 2010-08-09
omg .. steam iron and white t-shirt works.
i had a hot tea ring(son did) on my new furniture and bit the bullet and tried steam iron and it worked within few seconds and hasnt returned ...

bloomin fantastic Comments By: jacqui on 2010-08-10
the hot iron definately works.i just ruined my dining table..tried this tip.absolutely fantastic.thankyou whoever thought of this one. august 2010
Had me worried! Comments By: shortyjude on 2010-08-10
I had white marks on my table from my iron so I was worried about using it to fix it. I tried it and it didn't work. I kept looking for tips and read the one about the iron and the olive oil! It saved me, I kept the steam iron on the spot for a few seconds and flipped the towel over a few times. Once the marks were gone I rubbed the olive oil on. Table looks great!
Yes! It has just worked for me. Get your iron on. Comments By: Samantha Culyer on 2010-08-15
I am so amazed this big water mark circle has gone without a trace. I can't wait to see my husband's and my mum's face in the morning. I was toying with the mayo or iron idea. As lots of people had ironing success, I gingerly gave it a go. I keep checking to see if the ring mark will come back!! But of course it has completely gone. That is me out of the dog house. Also, the mark has been there for about 4 years I thought it was make a difference, but no, it has still been ironed away. I used a white tea towel and hot iron (no steam). Very very impressed. I am a cleaning wizard!
Neither the Mayo or the Iron Worked! Comments By: Stacey on 2010-08-15
I tried the mayonnaise and the steam iron method both, and as I thought, neither one worked for me.
Oh dear! Comments By: Annie Smith on 2010-08-19
Yes, it works brilliantly, I'm now in the process of removing the iron-mark - I never did know when to stop!!
The iron with steam totally worked! Comments By: Dan Osborne on 2010-08-19
Wow! My marriage is saved! :-) The iron with steam worked, but, DON'T IRON TOO LONG as it seemed to glaze over the finish and make the varnish a bit harder than the test on the tabletop.
Great tip! Thanks!

What a fail. Comments By: Hazza on 2010-08-26
Burnt off the varnish, now have a white iron mark instead of two small heat marks. Don't do it!
Iron it, NOW! Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-28
I got a white heat mark on my boyfriends parents table and was mortified. I was leery about trying the iron but I caved and tried it...100% better. All you have to do is put down a slightly damp peeve of cloth like a T shirt then run a iron over it to create a little steam...DONE. in an instant it'll be gone! I kid you not!
100% on Veneer, Not So Much on Cherry Comments By: LB on 2010-08-31
Couldn't believe it but it worked on my veneer table, in a about 3 mins. I tried it on my antique Cherry side table and it may be that I wasn't aggressive enough (care too much about that table) but it didn't work on that one. Will try that table with a dry iron and report back. SOOO happy with the table that it did work on though, saved me from having to buy a new dining table. Wow!

Link to before & after pics of my table:


Iron the white stain out Comments By: Amir on 2010-09-01
Our new ironing person decided to iron the clothes on the dining table, we established the white marks were due to the steam from the iron. After an hour of worry and brainstorming we came across this site and believe it or not the iron on a napkin on low heat DOES work. Thanks to those who commented on the iron method.
magic steam iron Comments By: Jenny Andrew on 2010-09-04
Very sceptical but had nothing to lose so gave the steam iron a try. Immediate success... white marks just disappeared!
OMG!! Steam iron worked! Comments By: Jane on 2010-09-05
Lacquered mahogany table with small plate sized heat mark. Medium heat and maximum steam over a tea towel. Light pressure applied with circular motion - 5 seconds at a time. Mark began to fade after 1 minute and completely gone after 2 mins. AMAZING!!
Now, any suggestions for removing/hiding scratch marks on the same table?

The Iron Seriously Works! Comments By: Happy on 2010-09-09
Our mahogany training room tables at work had huge white heat marks on them left from pizza boxes. I did a little google search and came across this page and several others that mentioned the iron and white t-shirt remedy. I just finished and it really works. It's hilarious and I have no clue why, but all of the 16" marks are gone. No cloud is left, nothing. A little polish now and these tables will look brand new. Amazing and VERY happy I came across these pages. For two tables that seat 20...it took me about 10-15 minutes tops to clear them free.
The iron works but less is more Comments By: Caz2000 on 2010-09-06
Bought a solid dark oak dresser from eBay (40years old) was a bargin as had a white coffee cup heat mark on a shelf. Tried the iron (wool setting, steam on) over a cotton teatowel and it took it off in a few seconds (move the iron around and check every 10 seconds or so and move cotton as well to prevent a pattern being etched) however some of the steam got onto the facing edge of the shelf so then had to re iron the facing edge to remove that mark - tip make sure towel/sheet is relatively thick (i.e double up a thin cotton t-shirt) - a thick cotton or linen napkin would work best to reduce the amount of moisture getting through and make sure you cover all the areas the steam from the iron could hit. I think it probably works best on tables that have had plenty of wax or polish on as I'm sure its re-melting the waxed surface that helps to remove the mark so I imagine the newer the furniture the less likely the mark will be removed but I may be wrong. I used mayo and a green brillo pad (with the grain) to finish up then a coat of polish = perfect! Sept 2010
Polish the Cloudy spot away Comments By: BillJoeWillie on 2010-09-12
The below worked for us:

After reviewing the successes and failures on the Web, I decided to treat the wood finish of our table as I would treat a car's finish. I believe with enough elbow grease and a good polishing compound, you could resolve most problems, but I used an Oxidation remover, to get a head start with chemistry, and an orbital - consumer grade auto polisher - to save the old elbows. I would be afraid to use a high speed industrial polisher, as I assume the clear coat will "burn" quite easily. Be prepared to polish the table's entire surface, so it'll match evenly - don't forget the extra "leaf".

Use the Oxidation remover only on the fogged/milky area(s). This took me several applications. Rub on with small circles and off with large circles.
Then using a fine polishing compound - hand polish the area's in question. This took me several applications. Rub on with small circles and off with large circles.
Once the affected surface areas are close to clear, apply polish to the entire table to ensure an even result. I used the orbital polisher and liquid polish for this phase to save time.
A couple of applications of the liquid polish should suffice.
I used my favorite, easy to use, car polish (NuFinish) for the final (3rd) application. Put on by hand and off with the Polisher.

Products I used:
Oxidation remover: Meguiare's heavy duty Marine Gel Coat Cleaner. I would think most oxidation removers should work.
Liquid polish: Waxmaster cleaner and Glaze. Did not mix Simonize paste wax with it as the instructions call for.
Final finish application: NuFinish

I would test the products that you select in a non visible area to make sure it doesn't cause damage. The Clear Coat on your table could be different chemically than mine and might react differently.

mandha Comments By: amanda on 2010-09-21
used the cloth and a hot iron and all the marks went straight away with in seconds brilliant
Marks made by an Iron Removed by an Iron!! Comments By: scavenger on 2010-10-02
I was very sceptical that removing marks made by an iron could be removed by a steam iron, but it worked I am amazed.
Un-Friggin-Believable. The Iron Works !!! Comments By: Peter on 2010-10-02
If I had not seen it I would not have believed it but there were to many people on here saying it worked. Took 10 seconds on medium heat and 1 squirt of steam.There was more time spent shaking heads and laughing with joy then it took to remove the stain.
Whomever came up with this, YOUR A STAR!!!

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Comments By: Julian W on 2010-10-03
And another happy bunny who's just put his/her iron away with a big grin! Like most I don't know how it works (other than reintroducing a small amount of moister between wood and varnish?). It works so quickly (medium heat, steam on with a double layer of white cotton) so be careful: ONLY APPLY AND MOVE THE IRON FOR 2 SECONDS AT A TIME.
Be brave - the iron really works! Comments By: Linda W on 2010-10-05
it took a while to pluck up the courage to try this remedy but I'm so pleased I did. the iron on medium heat, with steam, used with a pillow case removed the white mark on my dining table in about 20 seconds.
Steam iron with finesse! Comments By: Jo on 2010-10-09
Using a small cloth, iron only the discolored spot otherwise you can burn new spots in the wood. Also "touch iron" it in small increments until it is gone.

Iron Works Beautifully Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-14
For years I have restored scratched wood furniture with fine steel wool and furniture oil. The theory being the steel wool takes down the raised grain and the oil restores/lifts up the wood finish. I knew that the white heat stain on an oak dining table recently given me would not respond to this treatment because the clear coat finish was damaged. The iron trick worked brilliantly. I used the lowest steam setting per suggestion and folded a white cloth napkin several times just to be extra careful. Wow, now I have a restored table and neatly ironed napkin :-)
Hot iron removes cup stains Comments By: Jo on 2010-10-17
I used the steam iron on the top of a pine bedside table and it worked!!!Can sell it now!!!
THANK YOU! TO WHO FIGURED IT OUT Comments By: Maria on 2010-10-18
My husband put the HOT pizza box on my chocolate colored wood table and left a huge white stain on it!!! :( I tried the mayo treatment and it did not work then I tried the White cloth/Iron treatment and SHOCKING! IT REALLY WORKS!
The Iron Is The Savior Comments By: Tony on 2010-10-19
The Iron use the iron it Really Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Water stains out easy Comments By: Stain blocker on 2010-11-01
Weather it's glass rings on tables or steam marks from hot plates it is water that got underneath the finish. Take rubing alcohol and spread it on liberally the ring or stain before you eyes. It absorbs the water and won't hurt the finish. You say its heat stains but it's condensation that formed under the plate
*****THIS DEFINITELY WORKS***** Comments By: HELEN WALKER on 2010-11-01
I couldn't believe what I was reading.......All these people stating that they had put their HOT iron onto their table to remove heat marks........I read and read more and more, all saying the same thing. I closed the kitchen door......plugged in the iron....got out the napkin.....placed on the heat damage..........rubbed over the top with the HOT iron.......and HEY PRESTO!!!!!!! Called on my husband in a very relieved voice and he couldn't believe it when I told him I ironed it out.GET GOING, DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!
The iron works! Comments By: Mrs0tto on 2010-11-06
We've just moved into a new house and have beautiful new furniture to go along. Well, while canning apple sauce I didn't have enough hot pads on my dining room table and now have white quart jar rings all over it!! So I put my iron on low steam, and ironed over a white tshirt for a few minutes....GONE. PERFECT! Follow up with furniture polish just like it says and presto - not a single heat mark!!! THANK YOU!!!
Hot iron Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-06
wow i didnt really think the hot iron thing would work but it really does. i have white milky spots on my wood table from where i was ironing and the steam had caused the marks. i read all the post about using a hot iron and a cloth to take care of it and it works. i thought it wouldnt because it was the iron that caused the marks in the first place but it does then i tried it on a table that had marks from years and years ago and it took it right out. thanks everyone for the tip!
hot iron for wood stain Comments By: sandy on 2010-11-11
tried the hot iron and made it worse! had iron marks all over my ducal table! decided to read some more comments and tried it again - nothing to loose now - but this time i had iron on low heat and full steam. used a t shirt instead of towel as well. this time was much more successful, not perfect but better than it was. so go ahead and have a go!
wow it does work Comments By: Jean on 2010-11-07
Hot iron after having white stain for years read about the hot iron tried it and it does work Thank you whoever thought of it

tried the steam iron Comments By: TPJones on 2010-11-17
I tried the steam iron first due to it being less messy than the mayonnaise method and it worked in about a minute! Awesome tip will definitely keep this in my repertoire!
Hot Iron Comments By: TiffanyH on 2010-11-23
I tryed the iron. It worked wonderful. I really didn't think it would but boy did!!
Amazing this really works Comments By: kimberley on 2010-11-23
I would not believe this works... I had 3 white stains from hot coffee and they came out under a min with the iron and a napkin.
Iron works!!! Comments By: Kim on 2010-11-25
I had a white stain on my oak table from a hot plate. I took a white napkin n placed it over the spot n places a hot iron on the spot. It took it right out!
Remove heat spots with MORE heat! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-26
I usually don't let the kids near my dinning room set fearing they'd ruin it. But it wasn't the kids ... on Thanksgiving in a hurry my Husband set down a hot bowl, half missing the pot holder. Upon clean up I noticed the white foggy spot. I wanted to kill him. I took an old white tee shirt and a medium setting on the iron with steam and about 3 minutes later the spots were really gone. He will live another day!
Removing White Heat Stains on a Wood Table Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-28
I could not believe it but was desperate to try anything to remove white heat stains (left from hot Thanksgiving Dinner Plates)from my antique wood dining room table. As directed by the internet suggestions, I placed a white pillow case directly on the white stains, and ironed over them with a steam iron (on steam setting). It only took a few seconds to a minute and the stains are gone. I would never have believed heat to remove a heat stain:)
Steam heat okay, steel wool better Comments By: JJ on 2010-12-01
Tried the mayo first - no improvement after more than 10 min. rubbing, then tried the iron. Steam ironing did work a little, but plain old steel wool, rubbed gently along the grain did the trick.
WORKS LIKE A CHARM and IDIOT PROOF! Comments By: John on 2010-12-05
I'm speechless. We've had 3 white heat rings on a $3000 Birds Eye Maple table that occurred shortly after purchasing the table 7 years ago. I'm about as far from being handy as it comes. I used the iron on med-high heat over a white tee shirt and in literally minutes the heat marks were completely gone and the table like new!.
The hair dryer works! Comments By: Rachael on 2010-12-12
My son put a hot pizza box down on my varnished walnut table and it left a huge white scorch mark. I have family coming to stay for the holidays and I didn't want a big white mark on my table for Christmas dinner. So I tried the hair dryer because it seemed the least scary. The mark disappeared within two minutes under the dryer (about three inches above the table, on the hottest setting). I can still see a very faint shadow of the mark, but I think I can easily cover that with a bit of polish. Either way, I think I'm the only person who'll even notice it. Excellent tip, thanks!
Heat / Steam Iron Works in min Comments By: Toni H. on 2010-12-14
I tried the mayo and it did not work. The steam iron worked immediately. For the darker white spots just needed to repeat a few times allowing a 1 or 2 between applications and making sure any water from the steam is cleared away immediately following steam. Ended with some furniture polish on entire table. Looks like new.
I have this amazing, huge awesome dark wood table Comments By: Nica on 2010-12-18
I have this amazing, huge awesome dark wood table. I was devastated when it got ruined.I tried the blow dryer on it and I can't believe it worked. I was too scared to use an iron. I held the blow dryer a few inches away from the table and with patience right before my eyes the huge and ugly white spot was gone! I am so thankful for your advise. I still can't believe it.
steam iron Comments By: Todd on 2010-12-20
It works, was a little woried at first, but med-hi heat and a little steam. No more white spot.
wow !! Comments By: linda Peters on 2010-12-26
after ironing a table napkin on a pine worktop I was left with 2 big white marks.In a panic i found your site and read with interest the iron tip -didnt believe for one min it would work but OMG its brilliant,only took a few secs too disappear and now no trace at all BRILLIANT !!!!
BINGO!! Comments By: CHRIS on 2010-12-22
Two stains on the bedside table and 5 on the coffee table all gone in little more time than it took the iron to heat up. Dry pad over the stain and a shot of steam, and voila,
white spots on table from hot plate Comments By: L HARRIS on 2010-12-27
OMG the iron works dry did not but with steam came right out. Amazing I was really freaking out
Iron - really works! Comments By: Alix on 2010-12-28
Have just tried the iron to remove a heat mark - it really works - I had a large cloudy heat mark on my oak table for a few months! it came out straight away, i did have to turn uo the heat a little but it was still on low!
worked like magic Comments By: chrislondon on 2010-12-29
tried this on my dark wood ikea dining room table and the white marks disappeared like magic. buffed it up with some olive oil and a twenty year old table looks like new and trust me it takes a lot to impress me!!
Heat Mark Removal from Wood Comments By: Anon Appleton UK on 2010-12-30
Highly recommend the hovering steam iron and linen tea towel method. Just removed heat ring mark from a small Ercol table by this method. Do not press with the iron but just hover over the towel covering the table for approx 30 seconds. It does work. Many thanks to whoever suggested this. My husband and I couldn't believe our eyes.
sceptical convinced: the steam iron worked for me! Comments By: xander on 2010-12-30
like many, I did not believe it but after many month of trying to remove a heat stain on varnished oak (tried commercial wood pilish, lemon oil, orange oil, olive oil...) I thought there was little to lose. Dry white soft clothe and low heat steam iron worked in seconds. am now waiting to see if stain re-appear!!!!!!
Easier way with a cool iron Comments By: Mr Lawrence on 2011-01-01
I so agree with the tip about a iron on cool setting over a white cloth. I tried it on my laura asley dark wood chest. Be patient it lifted 2 white circles after about 5 mins(keep checking) I think it brings natural wood oils to the surface to eliminate the white heat marks. Top tip and no mess!
Iron Works Comments By: Satisfied & Happy on 2011-01-01
I tried Mayo - no good. Then I got a t-shirt, Iron set on wool. Ironed over spot and it disappeared. I went a little further while warm rubbed maple stain which matched tabled. Put t-shirt over it and Ironed. Looked like new. Use 1 layer of T-shirt then 2 works better.
Hot iron worked brilliantly Comments By: Sunny on 2011-01-01
Round white stain left by tealight on cherry wood table disappeared in seconds with hot iron. Totally amazed.
steam iron worked well Comments By: Anthony on 2011-01-02
we had a 30cm diameter white mark on a good dining table. As reluctant as I was to try it, the iron technique worked exceptionally well. The steam was the critical component.
Hot Iron P_L_E_A_S_E_!!!!!! Comments By: Art on 2011-01-03
Took less than one min. and it was gone.I used the white t-shirt and steam iron. Many thanks!!!
Blow drier works perfectly Comments By: Ed - London - UK on 2011-01-05
Thank you so much this was an excellent trick. I surely thought our table was ruined. Mayo worked slightly, but blow dryer certainly did the trick. Thanks a million again.
Blow Dryer worked Mayo Not Comments By: Nacita on 2011-01-06
Tried the Mayo first did nothing..Didn't want to use the iron so I used the blow dryer and what do you know it worked....
Amazing it works! Comments By: cheekyb711 on 2011-01-15
At Christmas we had a hot 9x13 pan put on our black finish urban home dining table. The mark was the size of the bottom of the pan. This truly works! Took my hubbies white t-shirt, put the iron on cotton setting and steam and the white mark went away. When you finish it looks like you ruined the finish on the table, but polish brought it right back to new.
Hot iron does NOT work! Comments By: Askerwatt on 2011-01-17
I have been steaming a white cloth napkin for 40 minutes and all it has done is create more white marks on the entire table. I used a white t-shirt as well. I don't know what to do now. It is a Sears & Robuck sewing table that is an antique and all the varnish is now gone and what remains in its place is a white haze. I am going to see if Murphy's Oil will stain over it or I will try to stain it and see if that works.
Iron Does work Comments By: Eddy on 2011-01-20
Girlfriend decided to steam iron some curtains on our varished mahogany dining table...left huge strips of dull cream stain.

Tried the iron and t shirt set at maximum heat with no steam and thankfully we now have a usable dining room table again!!

the iron method is amazing Comments By: Bernadette on 2011-01-20
I had utterly despaired with my heat stains extremely white on a mahogany lacquer cabinet - mayonaise, special polishes and alcohol solutions (read that elsewhere) didn't work. I was really scared of making things worse with ironing. But ironing on a low heat steam setting through clothes worked an absoluet miracle. Thanks for the tip!
Thank you for the IRON tip -- it works!!! Comments By: Dana on 2011-01-21
I thought it would be a good idea to iron on our beautiful wood table today -- of course, I used a thick towel for protection. And then an hour or two later, I noticed a white heat mark in the shape of an iron. OMG! I found this web site, and was reluctant to try the iron trick but with so many positive responses, I gave it a shot. It works. I set the iron to medium, ran it over the stain for a few seconds, pressed steam, turned the cloth over, did it again. End of story. End of stain. THANK YOU!!!
Totally worked on my table!!! Life Saver!!! Comments By: Ben Baccarella on 2011-01-22
I just did this on my table from World Market. Not sure of the name, but it's the darkish red table with all the chisel marks on the top. I put the iron on low at first on top of a t-shirt, with no results after 10 minutes. Turned it up to med-high and in 3-4 minutes it was going away. 3 more minutes and it was gone. I jumped over to another one and it went away in 5 minutes. The higher setting worked like a charm once the iron was heated up.

And my Wife is stoked that the table is like new now! TOTALLY WORKS!!!!!!

Steam Iron WOW Comments By: Sharon on 2011-01-22
I had a big white mark on my wood table the size of 11x13 pan and the marks of the place mat as well. Put white t-shirt down ironed over it for approximately five minutes and stain gone!!! Could not believe my eyes!
Steam Iron = Cabinet Magic!!! Comments By: Jennifer on 2011-01-23
I had a scorched white marks on my top kitchen cabinet for months due to an overactive coffeemaker. I placed a white t over the mark, set my steam iron to low/med heat and then went over the mark. LIKE MAGIC the white marks disappeared in minutes!!! THANK YOU!!!
YES! Steam Iron WORKS! Comments By: Laurel on 2011-01-23
Just used it on my dining table to remove large white area caused by steaming hot pizza left on table 2 weeks ago! Amazing and FAST- if it doesn't work pretty quickly, you may not have the kind of varnish that will respond to this technique. Mayo and blow dryer did not work.
I feel better now Comments By: ay on 2011-01-26
i was terrified to try it but the steam iron made the table look new again. my husband keeps asking me how i did it...i'll never tell ;-)
scorch mark on table iron trick magic !!! Comments By: marie, belfast on 2011-01-27
like others I was afraid to try the steam iron over white tea towel to remove scorch marks from my lovely oak table, which I have been hiding under a table cloth for months, but it woked in seconds and my table is on show again! thanks to all who shared this tip
hair dryer is amazing!! Comments By: Heather on 2011-01-30
would never have believed it. just got a new cherry table and even through the protective layers the heat made a spot on my beautiful table. I was in tears. Expected to have to keep a runner on my table to hide the damage from now on. Thought what the heck, the damage is already done so may as well try the hair dryer. It was amazing!!! The white spot completely disappeared in seconds. TY TY TY
it really works with a steam iron Comments By: Maureen Beaumont on 2011-01-30
three white heat patches, one steam iron and an old clean pillow case. Just 5 minutes, and job done, like new
Table top transformed Comments By: Petunia Rose on 2011-02-04
Sceptical at first but after reading all the comments I give this treatment a try (at 11.00pm at night!)Wow, it really does work & my mahogony dining table looks like new, thanks all
The iron worked! Comments By: Shirley Hally on 2011-02-06
I had a mess of heat stains on my table from my kids...I was ready to throw the table away...I used the steam on the iron and it removed them in less then a minute...
Paper Bag & Iron WORK LIKE MAGIC! Comments By: Carol on 2011-02-09
Mayo & Baking Soda....NO!
Brown Paper Bag & Med-Hot Iron...YES!
No Steam Required!
Fresh or Old Stains...This Works!

Brilliant! Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-13
Heat stain on wooden table...Tried mayonnaise...didn't work. Iron had it fixed in twenty seconds. Thanks for this...a life saver..
BRILLIANT Comments By: Mrswoo on 2011-02-14
In a hurry one day so used the dining table as a board with a towel on it. Never Again! some people said to put the iron on low,one said high so put mine on "wool" used a napkin and just brilliant. Kept lifting the napkin to see if I was doing more damage but it was disappearing in front of my eyes. Did I say......brilliant
Iron did NOT work Comments By: anon on 2011-02-16
I tried the iron but it just made everything worse.
Help Comments By: Lori on 2011-02-19
I used the hair dryer...it removed some of the white stain but seems to have created another. I think the actual wood is now scorched. Any ideas on this?
Amazing !!!!! Comments By: Doug on 2011-02-22
Very apprehensive as the only steam iron Ive got is a Tefal high pressure iron, it has a separate steam generator and makes LOTS of steam. So, got a pillow case, laid it on the heat mark, ironed it with the steam at full blast for 5 seconds. The mark has gone !! Tried all sorts of other methods but without success. Totally brilliant.
Hairdryer really works! Comments By: Gberry on 2011-02-25
I read the great reviews about the iron but was too nervous to use on my dark wood lacquered table so I tried the hairdryer instead. It worked!! Clearly melts the lacquer back on and white stain gone!! But surface to the touch us less smooth but to the eye is perfect! Thanks so much
Hairdryer really works! Comments By: Gberry on 2011-02-25
I read the great reviews about the iron but was too nervous to use on my dark wood lacquered table so I tried the hairdryer instead. It worked!! Clearly melts the lacquer back on and white stain gone!! But surface to the touch us less smooth but to the eye is perfect! Thanks so much
spoilt dining table Comments By: Reformed sceptic. on 2011-02-26
Have tried to avoid looking at my table since christmas.ITt was a real mess.Thought it was fit to scrap.HOT STEAM IRON TIP.WONDERFUL! Table looks like new .THANK YOU>
steam iron worked Comments By: s martineau on 2011-02-27
was looking at these white clouds for months and now gone mayo did not work but steam did thank u and godbless all.
iron on ring marks Comments By: lynne on 2011-03-01
Oh my goodness I bought an oak coffee table 2 nd hand and when I got it home I saw it had three really bad ring marks in it.I tried using furniture polish and leaving it on for 8 hours but it didn't work but I was scared of using the tea towel and hot iron as suggested .I plucked up the courage to try it and hey presto every ring mark has gone completely.fantastic my table looks like new.thankyou so much for that miraculous tip I won't hesitate to use it again if I need to
mayo/petro jelly made it worse! Iron works! Comments By: B. Scott on 2011-03-07
After checking many website regarding a large white mark on my beautiful table from my mother-in-law, I tried putting petroleum jelly on it for 6 hours. The while mark looked WAY WORSE!Even though I was scared I would meake it even worse, I tried the hot iron with moderate steam for 15 seconds and it disappeared! My husband and I were both in shock, but thrilled!
WOW-DON'T BE SCARED Comments By: Kendra and Jay on 2011-03-10
So my husband and I were super skeptical. He ruined my sisters buffet table, and we had to figure something out. He sat a hamburger down, only seconds, lifted it, and there was a white ring. We tried mayo, nothing. So I decided with all the positive reviews we would try the iron. IT TOTALLY WORKED. The only thing that I saw, it took the varnish off a little, so the texture felt a little rough on the spot that I left there iron a pretty long time. I would say only put down a few seconds at a time, and then stop when the spot is gone! Don't be scared, IT REALLY WORKS!!
hot iron works Comments By: carol on 2011-03-13
my cherry wood coffee table had about 10 white rings ironed nearly whole table with white cotton t towel rings vanished now looks much better
Rescued a relationship and a table! Comments By: Stuart on 2011-03-14
Hot iron worked a treat. The stain was caused by whiskey - not a heat ring.
WORKS EVEN ON COMPRESSED WOOD :-) Comments By: Lydia on 2011-03-17
I was reluctant to use the iron because no where on this page does it say it works on compressed wood.... but, YEA!! These steam stains have been on my dining room table for almost a month and being the anal retentive person that I am, they were driving me crazy... it works and now I'm soooo happy! thanks for the suggestion!
Hairdryer worked! Comments By: Rebecca on 2011-03-18
Tried mayo and nothing happened... didn't want to use the iron on my 2k oak table so figured I would try the hair dryer as it's not as harsh..

While holding it there I was thinking of restaining, sanding and ow much it would cost to fix but after a minute or so.. the white marks started to disappear.. god, the relief!!!!

Thanks for the tip!!!!!

Seriously?!?! Steam Iron Comments By: cortney on 2011-03-19
I was mortified when I got those white marks on my table from ironing new curtains. thought holy crap what am I going to do to cover it on my cherry wood finish.... so came here and the steam iron totally took those marks out of my table, a tip that I can finally pass along thank you so very much, you guys are genius!!!!!! Saved my life... not really but my anxiety levels returned to normal lol
WOW Comments By: P Hanson on 2011-03-21
Iron worked brilliantly after trying everything else!
iron was scary but worked once committed to it! Comments By: jessica hayes on 2011-03-23
i tried to mayo and it sort of covered it but not completely and my table smelled gross.. obviously
i then tried the iron and at first it started to get rid of the white mark while adding an iron shape mark around it! i freaked! but then i continued to do it and added more steam and lowered the temp and all white stains disappeared! amazing trick
im very happy

nothing worked Comments By: still cloudy here on 2011-04-06
I tried the towel/steam iron method,
plain toothpaste, mayo & cigarette ashes, pencil eraser, vinegar & baking soda,
magic eraser, hair dryer. Nothing worked!
Any more suggestions?

REPAIR WHITE HEAT STAIN ON DARK WOOD VARNISHED TABLE Comments By: kristin juel on 2011-04-02
TRIED the hairdryer. nothing.
Then tried the iron with steam on a double folded soft white t shirt.
BRILLIANT!!!!!!! it worked perfectly and sooooooo easy.

iron tip AMAZING Comments By: kiera on 2011-04-09
can't believe iron it worked and it took seconds, it was amazing
Steam Iron Works!! Comments By: Amber, IL on 2011-04-09
I am so excited!! I ran across this website this morning after I noticed I had white spots on my table. I got out a white potato cloth and my steam iron, and went to work. To my amaze, within 15 minutes my white spots were gone! Thank you to each and all of you for your input! May God Bless!
it really does work!!!! Comments By: cody boy on 2011-04-10
We had just had our 40 year old dining table refinished about six months ago. Last night we had a bunch of friends over and when I took the cloth of the table there were 5 white stains from hot coffee cups. I had this sick feeling. then I seen this article. I thought it was worth a try. It was amazing, it really work with the hot steam iron!!!!

Laptop reacted with plastic Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-13
Have had my laptop on dark wooden table, I thought it would be ok as I have a plastic covering & material place-mats. Something told me to lift the plastic up & I was horrified to see like someone had painted clear nail polish on my table. Obviously the laptop has reacted with the plastic/place-mats. Googled & quickly found this site, was nervous to try but did it on low wool setting with steam and its soooo much better. Only suggestion use a plain white tea-towel etc, as I only could find a creamy colour tea-towel with stripped piping through it, now I have slight stripes on the table, but its 90% better. Thank you to everyone's comments. Oh & put a bit of olive oil & rubbed after
Fan-bloomin'-tastic!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-15
I have a very expensive polished table which had a large white bloom on it when I removed a wicker table mat - mould through the mat onto the table plus bloom! Found these comments too hard to resist - did the iron trick and in 2 seconds back to normal! Amazing! Thank you whoever discovered this!!
Iron works nothing else! Comments By: Paris on 2011-04-17
Use the iron 30 seconds and repeat. We had one really bad mark and two smaller marks. The smallest was gone after one time. the middle one was about three times and the big one took around ten times but a little bit disappeared each time.
whew! problem solved by a steam iron and a shirt!!! great!!! Comments By: shynn on 2011-05-01
i happened to think about doing a heat solution for the heat stain on our table but didn't think about the steam iron. i checked the internet if any website could help me with my problem and the stain has been on that table for almost 3 years now. thanks for this tip and my problem is solved! told my husband about it and he was so happy with it coz he really loves that dining set. yey!
Brilliant! Comments By: Bari on 2011-05-01
This serious DOES work! We were nervous to try it and at first it did not look like much would happen. Five minutes later - it's GONE! So happy. Try it!!
I am so excited and so pleased!!!` Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-06
bought an antique table of which I was very proud. My teenage son put a hot plate on it and caused a white stain of substantial size. Looking for a solution, I found this site and the hot iron solution. To my surprise, IT WORKS! I will never fear the stain again!
Blow dryer works like a charm!! Comments By: Bee on 2011-05-09
Hold it right over the spot for a bit, takes it right off
IRON WORKS, BUT READ THIS BEFORE TRYING IT! Comments By: Aliana on 2011-05-17
I tried the mayo and hair dryer with no luck. Was skeptical about the iron since a steam iron caused the damage in the first place. But it was either that or expensive refinishing on my antique oak table.
HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART: Keeping in mind other posters' comments about ending up with iron-shaped marks on the wood and the importance of wiping up moisture quickly, I first protected the undamaged area around the spot with heavy magazines. I hovered the iron about an inch above a white cotton pillowcase, gave the spot a burst of steam and immediately rubbed it dry with the pillowcase. The cloudy spot began to fade after the first application, and within about two minutes, was completely gone. Just keep checking your progress, and be gentle. It works!

The iron trick.... Comments By: Becky on 2011-05-17
House sittting at my Mother and had made a heat mark on table. Found the trick and amazingly it worked. Thank goodness won't be in trouble now.
did'nt work Comments By: Peter on 2011-05-18
I have tried the iron trick,it made the problem worse[it depends on finish] i have tried mayo,toothpaste nothing works the stain just keeps coming back.i put my brain in gear and come up with ceramic hob cleaner and a little liquid wax on a piece of cotton rubbed lightly and the stain disappears,it goes a little dull where you have rubbed but that is rectified by reapplying the wax polish. JOB DONE.The stain is only the surface polish or lacquer and rarely goes in to the wood.
repairiing heat stain on wooden table Comments By: the crazy sister in law on 2011-05-23
Oh my God! My sisterinlaw's friend loaned us her condo for the weekend... I "thought" i ruined her antique table using it as an ironing board,with a towel on it.It left a huge white cloudy stain ..... I found this website and thank you Lord and Tipking, the table does not have a stain anylonger. Using of all things, the iron worked!!!!!!!

Perseverance is the key Comments By: Phe on 2011-05-30
I have just frightened myself with this tip, I used the steam iron method on my antique mahogany table and made the stain larger and worse, tried the mao, hairdryer and cold coffee tips to no avail. Went back to hot iron with no steam and managed to get the stain out. Therefore I would not recommend steam iron on highly polished antique table but hot dry iron with perseverance is the best.
It's amazing! Comments By: Nadia on 2011-06-15
The iron really helps!!! Thank you for the best advise!!!
Booyah!! Mayo!! Comments By: Wallace on 2011-06-21
Mayo worked great, only con is lingering smell!
woo hoo..... it worked! Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-26
Phew......The iron trick has worked for us getting a coffe mug stain out of a acacia wood table!
Sounded Silly But Worked Comments By: rod fender on 2011-06-29
Betty Fender (My mother) bought us fish and chips and the packaging similarly marked her table, - so after having a fit and trying the usual obvious old fashioned polishing options - which all failed, - until with a bit of internet searching we got here. Downstairs, - trepadacious (sp?) but eureka - it did, all say above, - work. - Can't believe how many comments on here about this and saved me getting my lugs dadded.
From a non believer to praise the lord !!! Comments By: Jeff. on 2011-07-01
As en engineer, I hade some serious doubts about appying heat as it was the reason the table was stained in the first place, right?

I was encouraged by all the positive comments and decided to go with a lead of faith instead of the usual scientific explanations.

Thank you all for saving me big bucks in restoration fees as well as bringing down the stress level when this happens again.

The iron trick works 100% :) !

Steam iron totally works! Comments By: Robyn on 2011-07-08
Mayonnaise tip doesnt work, but the steam iron does. I heated the iron up for no more than 30 secs on steam, and placed a folded teatowel on the stain. I gave the stain a shot of steam - and hey presto! the mark was gone.
Brilliant result Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-11
I tried the warm iron tip on my heat stains and they've completely gone. Brilliant result!
iron vs toothpaste Comments By: Mary on 2011-07-16
The toothpaste didn't work at all, but the steam iron worked completely like magic.
Genuine Remedy for Rosewood Heat Stain Comments By: June Smith on 2011-07-26
Lay a white pillowcase over the stain and gently iron with steam at low setting for seconds at a time and the stain disappears.

It Really Works Comments By: Graham King on 2011-07-29
My wife was planning to "polish away" yesterdays white matk on varnish from leaking hair spray. I got out the iron per these references and hey presto it worked. Miracle !!
use the iron Comments By: jim on 2011-08-20
wow, tried the mayo thing..no go.
then tried the hot iron with steam thru the
cloth - 5 seconds..done. still can't believe it worked.


oak table Comments By: Dave Ellis on 2011-08-04
Combination of the 2. I had scorch marks on our oak table after doing a quick piece of ironing. (Never again)! I used the iron on steam with a medium heat for 1.5 minutes. This partially worked but left definite lines. Those came out by rubbing a small amount of mayonnaise gently with wire wool. The wife will never know. Hopefully!
IRON WORKED -- JUST USED THIS TRICK Comments By: Shrikes on 2011-08-07
The iron tricked worked amazingly! I just tried it about 5 minutes ago on our dining room table. After having some friends over last night for dinner, we saw that some of the plates were not on the mats. Sure enough we had the infamous "white marks" underneath the dishes that were hot. After I Googled "fixing white heat marks on table", I came across this forum. I was really skeptical about trying an iron, but had nothing to lose. IT WORKED!
IRON WORKS!!!!! Comments By: Carolina on 2011-08-09
I tried the toothpaste but no luck...I decided to try the iron before sanding & refinshing, it was a miracle!!! In just a few seconds they were gone.
Wow amazing Comments By: Claire on 2011-08-26
Wow I was really nervous as I really didn't understand how this can work but it does! Used a White tea towel over White burn marks then ironed over with a medium heat. Came out after just 30secs! Saved us a lot of money!!
We used the Steam Shark and it worked great Comments By: SunrayMinor2799 on 2011-08-28
Too afraid to try the iron so we tried the blow dryer but it obviously was not hot enough. So I used the Steam Shark with the squeegie attachment on a clean white cloth and once it got to temperature, most of the mark quickly came out (only along the grain did a little marking remain).
Black scorch marks?? Comments By: shelly on 2011-08-29
I placed a hot cookie sheet on a wood table and now have black scorch marks. Any tips?

Iron does work! Comments By: Crystal on 2011-10-24
I was mortified that I burned these white marks on my dresser, Got on the internet and decided that with all the positive feedback about the iron- I would give it a shot. It worked! Bizarre since it was the heat from ironing that caused the white marks in the first place!!!

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