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Grease spots on white carpet

Submitted by Wendy Lukowitz

Rug grease spots. you cannot hide them with your furniture! Especially, if they are in the center of your living room. I tried many professional products. Nothing worked. I had two very obvious grease stains on my WHITE carpet. When they got darker and darker from dampness, I was jsut about to buy new carpet.

DON'T DO IT UNTIL YOU TRY THIS! I had nothing to lose-try it on a small area 1st. Isopropryl (rubbing alcohol) poured directly onto the area...or sprayed onto it. Let it sit only for a few minutes. Then, take a dampened sponge with a scouring pad side amd rub firmly against the carpet's grain. I now do not have stains and do not need to buy new carpet.

Visitors comments

It really works! Comments By: Anon on 2005-06-28
Wow... i had grease on my carpets and also tried everything. I poured a little alchohal on, boom! a little rubbing and it came right up! thanks for the great tip!
i will have to try this... here is another tip Comments By: stefani on 2005-07-10
my hubby is a mechanic and comes home with grease on his boots all the time... my M-I-L told me to use bathroom cleaner like scrubbing bubbles (the cheaper stuff that foams up works well too.) you spary it on the spot and let it foam wait until the foam is going away and then take a scrub brush and scrub a little then take a little water and a cloth to the spot and your grease stain SHOULD be out you might need to repeat the process. most cleaners come with a lemon fragrance, a little bonus if you like the smell of lemons. *always test on unseen spot of carpet first*
excellent! Comments By: Paul on 2006-11-14
I didn't have rubbing alcohol so I used nail varnish remover - the results were astounding!

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