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Peanut butter Removing gum from hair.

Submitted by Judy

When my daughter was little and got gum in her hair, I had to cut it out that was all we knew.

Then, I heard a tip that saved the day!

Peanut butter removes all traces of gum from hair.

Ice cubes also help in other situations to harden the gum and remove it, then if possible peanut butter. Watch for the oil in peanut butter on surfaces.

Hope this helps as much as your other tips!

Visitors comments

Olive Oil Comments By: M. Stopps on 2004-10-05
Just apply olive oil to hair around the gum. It should start to slide out. Then comb out and wash hair with Dawn.
Olive oil spray works great too! Comments By:
We just tried the olive oil in a nonstick spray I had--very easy to apply to the right spot. It worked like a charm and doesn't leave the peanut butter smell.

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