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Removing sticky residue or baked on residue

Submitted by Alicia

Oasis floral foam works great for removing sticky residue or baked on residue from nearly any hard surface. i.e. price stickers, melted bread bag on toasters, tough baked on food, soap scum.

Just moisten the foam and rub over surface and wipe or rinse clean.

Visitors comments

You saved my electric range top!! Comments By: T.S. on 2006-01-22
Thank you so much for posting this tip awesome tip!!! I accidentally dropped a plastic bag on a hot burner on my sealed cook top. I managed to scrape off most of the melted plastic, but a thin flim remained. To my amazement the oasis foam totally removed the film. If I hadn't found this tip I would have had to buy a whole new electric range. You saved me a whole lot of money, THANK YOU!!!!
What is Oasis Floral foam? Comments By: Fran on 2006-02-20
Am I correct in thinking that Oasis Floral foam refers to the foam stuff used by flower arrangers? At first I thought Oasis was a brand of cleaning foam with a floral scent, but when I searched on google, I noticed the flower arrangers stuff! can you please clarify what exactly Oasis Floral Foam is? Also where do you suggest I get it from and how much do you think I should get? I live in N.W. London, UK

TipKing says: Yes the tip refers to the foam used by florists. If you ask at a florists they may let you have some. Just get a peice the size of a bar of soap.

Amazing Results Comments By: Kate on 2007-03-17
Well, another life saved! I also melted plastic on my stove top and used this tip. I was sure that I had done major damage to a major appliance. This is like magic. Thanks for sharing.

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