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Removing Permanent Ink from washer or dryer with SOS pads

Submitted by Mary Thomas

I found this tip that if you get permanent ink on you washer or drier try hair spray and a sos pad it really works.

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not good Comments By: tami driver on 2005-02-11
I just tried to use sos pad with hairspray to remove and ink pen that went through the dryer and it did not take any of it off.
Thanks a Lot !!!!!!!!! Comments By: Dee on 2005-05-27
My husband always keeps pens in his pockets, After washing clothes I found one in the washer, so (stupid me) laid it on top of the dryer. When I went back to check on the clothes, it had leaked a little on my NEW dryer. I tried the nail polish remover first it worked very well, and for the rest of it I tried the sos pad and my hairspray, at first it did not work because I did not put enough elbow greas into it in fear of the sos pad scratching the surface. But went I scubbed a little harder and added more hairspay it came right off.
Removing ink from dyer Comments By: Sean on 2008-01-06
I used hairspray and a "magic erase" pad
to clean the drum and I removed 95% of the ink

Nail polish remover works better Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-28
A black Bic pen went through the dryer and we had blackish ink scattered all over the inside of the front load Whirlpool dryer. Nail polish remover on cotton pads worked the best.

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