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Lift candle wax that dripped onto the carpet.

Submitted by Sheila

Once wax has hardened, scrape up what you can with a dull knife. Put paper towels or and old, white cloth over the area; with iron on low-warm (no steam), gently press.

As wax is lifted, move towels so a clean part covers the remaining wax; repeat until wax is gone. If coloured wax leaves a stain, blot with spot remover or carpet cleaner, following label directions.

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I'm going to try this on a wax stain Comments By: rachel on 2005-03-03
I have been disappointed with the last 2 professional carpet cleaner I have hired. I have an appt for Sears to come out. I discussed some of my issues (others left the carpet too wet and it mildewed). She gave me a tip that I could use damp clean white towels on my carpet and iron it.
you can also... Comments By: stefani on 2005-07-10
i was told to use brown paper bags. i had a large wax stain on my carpet and i used my iron and brown paper sacks, just be careful. if you use too high of heat and hold it on there for too long you will burn your carpet.

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