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Cigarette burns on carpets

Cigarettes sometimes drop and you can burn little holes in the carpeting. If you have a little cigarette burn in your carpeting use this method to lessen the appearance of these burns in your carpeting. Just take a very sharp pairs of scissors and snip the burnt edges off of the little indentation in the carpet.

You can use a tiny pair of manicure scissors or a fine pair of sewing scissors so that you don't cut to much of the carpeting off.

Is that burn mark still noticeable? Do you have a hole in the carpet? If you have an area of carpet that is extra or hidden behind appliances, couches or doors, take your tweezers and pull a few pieces of the carpet thread or yarn from this area and 'stitch' it in to fill in the hole where the burn mark it to cover the mark up! You may have to dab a little glue towards the very bottom of your stitching so that the carpeting does not come up when you are vacuuming and cleaning.

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