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Exfoiliate your lips

If your lips are prone to peeling and cracking, when you are brushing your teeth, use your toothbrush (with out toothpaste on it) to lightly brush your lips, to remove the dead skin. afterwards, use vaseline or other chap stick to moisturize.

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effective Comments By: laura on 2004-08-02
This is a good and effective tip I also use this method.
L,beauty consultant

be careful of the toothbrush you use Comments By: Ananah on 2004-09-14
If you use soft bristle, it's ok.

I tried it with a medium bristle and it makes sensitive lips suffer even more.

try this instead!!! Comments By: lauren on 2005-04-09
ananah does have a point so try using a wet washcloth instead!!! it works to!!!
drink more water Comments By: Wendee on 2005-04-21
My lips get cracked and dry soooo fast if I don't drink enough water. In just hours, my lips are feeling better if I drink more.
maybe... Comments By: kaylee on 2005-07-13
i think that if you are feeling the need to "exfoliate" your lips, it is a good sign that you need to just use some chapstick because your lips are dry.
i don't know about that Comments By: no name on 2005-09-12
it seems that if you have really sensitive and sore lips, you should just put on chapstick and drink more water, instead of scraping them up even more
Lips need care too! Comments By: Jenny on 2006-09-30
Your lips are flesh too, just like your face, and dead skin is there too. Exfoliation is simply removing the dead skin cells. People exfoliate their skin (face, body) because those dead skin cells can clog pores and cause breakouts. Although you don't necessarily have breakouts on your lips, exfoliation is a great idea. As long as you are GENTLE, it should not cause irritation. Afterwards, your lips will be smoother, and lipstick, gloss, whatever...will look better on them. I use an exfoliating cloth for my face, and clean my lips at the same time. It's a great 'twowithonestone' dealie, and they always feel better. I am also addicted to lip balm. Don't laugh, it's a real thing. Not only do I have the mental need to use it constantly, but if I don't, my lips get super dry. if you have the same problem, try a lip balm like Aveeno Positively Radiant Lip Enhancer. It is non greasy, just a hint of shine, and there is no tint. Very smooth and natural.
u r rite!!!!!!!!! Comments By: shifa, muscat on 2007-11-01
ye u need to drink lots of water if the cracking still persists then use a wet cloth instead for scraping n then apply any lip balm.
Another way to exfoliate your lips Comments By: Myra on 2008-12-07
Hi, i tried to exfoliate my lips using olive oil plus sugar, then wipe it off. After that just put on petroleum jelly or your favourite lip balm. Your lips will become super smooth and soft.
sore lips Comments By: ouchess on 2009-11-13
Fruits and veg are also helpful. Does anyone's lips feel sore when they press them?


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