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Cleaning house plants. Keep house plants looking good

Keep your house plants looking good in some rather unusual ways.

Using Mayonnaise!
This is a simple tip that might surprise you but you can wipe down the leaves on the plant with mayonnaise. This will give each leaf a long lasting shine while dusting at the same time. This is very inexpensive compared to the commercial sprays, and will not harm the plant at all.

Banana skins
Wipe the leaves of your plants with the soft inside of a banana skin. It brings up a lovely shine and removes dust while adding a great smell to your home.

Make your plant look great using this tip: Place a few drops of glycerin onto a soft cloth to wipe the leaves of your house plants on the top where dust collects, this will give the leaves a great shine.

Egg Whites
Use egg whites on your house plants! To clean your houseplant leaves simply dip a cotton ball into some egg whites and wipe over the leaf tops to dust them off and leave a great shine.

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