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 Azaleas can flourish in your garden using these tips:

 Bedding plants
 When you are planting plants in the spring, be sure that the last ...

 Buying flowering plants
 When purchasing flowering plants, use this tip:

 Cheap idea for bonsai tools
 Check out this really cheap alternative to expensive bonsai tools

 Check your soil
 If you have recently moved, use this tip for checking your soil:

 Christmas Cactus Tips
 Christmas Cactus Gardening Tips

 Clean your lawn and yard furniture
 Here is a tip to help you clean your garden furniture

 Cleaning white garden table tops
 My mum unsuccessfully tried cream cleaner, bleach and a power washer ...

 Clear grass from paths and paved areas
 Here is a tip to clear grass from paths and paved areas where it just ...

 Container plants
 Keep container plants looking great using this tip:

 Control Aphids
 Here is some good advice for controlling aphids

 Create a new garden
 Start a new garden from any patch of soil

 Storing cucumbers so they last longer is actually quite easy using ...

 When growing cucumbers in the garden or in the house, use this tip:

 Deter crawling insects like Vine Weevil
 Keep crawling insects at bay with this simple idea

 Drooping tulips
 When you bring your tulips indoors and have them, take a sharp knife ...

 Drying herbs
 Dry your herbs from the garden with out having to worry about bugs ...

 Dusting houseplants
 Use this tip to dust off houseplants while keeping the kids busy:

 Easy use of Shears
 Here is a neat idea for the garden

 Electric lawn mowers
 Safety should be first when using an electric lawn mower or weed ...

 Electrical garden equipment
 Safety should come first when using electrical garden equipment:

 Finding Time for Gardening
 Do you find yourself hurried, always in a frazzle, wondering where ...

 Flower box ideas
 Make your own flower boxes quick using this tip:

 Frugal Gardening
 Part of the Tip King experience is cleaning, the sharing of ideas, ...

 Garden pests
 Get rid of garden pests and plants pests using this tip:

 Garden supplies
 Before heading off to buy gardening supplies try this tip:

 Garden tools
 Keep your garden tools from rusting during cold months using this ...

 Healthier Tomato Plants with asprin
 When planting tomato plants, put an aspirin beside the roots when ...

 Homemade Plant food
 Homemade plant food for your garden and house plants

 House and Garden Natural Insecticide
 Here is a recipe to make your own House and Garden Natural ...

 Houseplant Dusting. Tips to dust your houseplants
 Dusting off Houseplants can be easy with this great tip

 Houseplant Soil
 Keep your soil in your houseplants using this tip:

 Hydrangea plant colors and tips
 Hydrangea plant colors and tips

 Keep house plants looking good�
 Here is a tip to keep your house plants looking good

 Keep weeds down with newspaper
 Keep weeds down in your garden using this quick tip:

 Kill dandelions with salt
 Kill dandelions in your yards with this tip:

 Kill moss with bleach
 Here is a tip to get rid off moss

 Kill weeds with vinegar
 Have a go at killing weeds with vinegar

 Killing dandelions
 Use your hoe to chop the root of the dandelion in half. dispose of ...

 Knee pad
 Make your own knee pads for gardening using this tip:

 Lawns Tips for lawn maintenance
 If you are a new homeowner or if you are looking to brush up on your ...

 Grow leeks easily using this tip in your garden:

 Long Lasting Cut (Stemmed) Flowers
 If you want to preserve cut stemmed flowers like Lilacs etc., cut ...

 Make your own plant labels and markers
 Make your own plant and flower markers and labels

 Making Compost using urine
 Ever wondered how to make compost from grass clippings and urine

 Patios: Get rid of moss stains
 To get rid of moss on patios and steps all you need to do is brush ...

 Use this tip to grow more peas in your garden:

 Petrol engines on lawn mowers and garden machinery
 Make sure your mower will start in the spring

 Ph levels in your garden
 Better gardens are grown using this tip:

 Pots for sowing seeds
 Start seeds in your home during the winter months using this tip:

 Preserve Cut Flowers
 For fresh cut flowers that you want to dry and preserve use one ...

 Protect your plants from frost
 Save your plants and flowers from frost using this tip:

 Rose bushes. Tips and advice for Roses
 Brighten up your rose bushes using this great tip!

 Keep your roses growing using this tip:

 Saving seeds
 You can plan for your spring garden in the fall and save money. Take ...

 Saving seeds
 We all have junk mail that comes to our homes and office - using the ...

 If you like your shrubs to be rounded and shaped use this tip:

 Sick Plants, Give them a boost.
 Tip for treating those sickly plants in the garden

 Slugs and snails Get rid of them
 Get rid of snails and slugs in the garden or lawn

 Small seeds
 Planting small fine seeds with success using this tip:

 Speed up flowering buds
 Make your buds bloom fast in a vase using this tip:

 Stop animals digging in patio plants and window boxes
 Stop squirrels or cats from digging in your patio pots and containers ...

 Stop Weeds and Deter Insects
 The plants and weeds have been allowed to grow over the winter months ...

 Tips for growing Fuchsias
 Keep your fuchsia's year to year with this tip

 Tips for Preparing for Spring Gardens
 Summer will fast be upon us and preparing for the spring growing ...

 Trees near houses
 Use this tip when planting a tree near your home:

 Try using Borax as a Weed Killer
 I have had stubborn weeds growing on my garden path for years, and up ...

 Uses for aquarium water
 Use aquarium water to keep your house plants thriving!

 Watering hanging baskets
 Here is a great idea for watering hanging baskets

 If you have a problem with weeds in your gardens try this tip:

 Growing over the winter months is easy with this tip:

 Young trees
 Use this tip when you are growing young trees in your landscape:

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