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Making Compost. Making compost with urine here's how

Grass cuttings are very slow to compost unless you take a lot of time and trouble... unless...

  1. Dig a shallow hole
  2. Pile up the grass cuttings in the hole
  3. When the wife is not looking, 'wee' on the cuttings.
  4. 'inspect' the pile each day (and have a quick 'whiz' too!)
  5. Next weekend cut the lawn and put on more grass cuttings
  6. Keep going until the pile gets a bit tall and then start another pile
  7. When the 2nd one is full, the first one will be nicely 'digested' and ready for use on the garden.

It's the ammonia that does it!

Definitely not a tip for the ladies though!

Visitors comments

Not for the ladies? Comments By: Xtine on 2004-10-20
Hey, I'm a lady and I have no man available to wee for my compost..so..? once a week I save mine up, store it in a bottle then at the end of the day pour it on my compost.
SICKO Comments By: Dave MOrano on 2006-03-20
That is rather discusting and you should remove that from the site.
CONSERVATIVE PARTY ADVICE! Comments By: anon on 2006-05-06
Rt Hon Francis Maude MP regularly pees on his compost. (See Guardian article 30 April 2006). Not only does the product provide nitrogen but it saves water which is short in Southern England.
sicko Comments By: blueboy on 2007-09-26
that guy that said you are a sicko is a idiot i take it he didn't do basic science at school if he even went to school, keep it up.
It works..... Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-30
It IS good for compost. But it is also good to sprinkle around your garden to keep the critters out. I was having trouble with a groundhog eating my veggies, sprinkled a little urine around, and wah-lah! No more problems from the groundhog. You need to do this every other day or so to keep them away.

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