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Weeds. Kill weeds with vinegar Gardening tip

Many of us do not like using weed killer yet few of us know that there are alternatives. You can remove weeds from your garden, yard, paths, driveway and patio by simply spraying them with vinegar.

On a dry day spray vinegar directly onto weeds. Be careful not to spray on other plants as they too will die. You will be left with a small brown area where the weeds once stood but this will return to normal in no time at all.

For extra strength you can also add some orange oil extract to the vinegar.

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brilliant Comments By: barry evison on 2008-06-07
ive been buying expensive weed killers like weedall and roundup for years but recently i saw an advertisment on the orange homepage that suggested using vinegar to kill weeds, never i thought, how wrong was i. i suppose i went over the top a bit and i used all the vinegar that my wife had. all weeds are now DEAD and i will have to buy more more vinegar before my wife notices. are there any other gardening tips out there that are less expensive to the pocket ?
Weeds Killer - Vinegar Comments By: Sky on 2009-03-08
Vinegar will transform to toxicated substance inside our vegetables plants?
please advise.

TipKing says: Not heard that before!

Thank you

car battery water Comments By: faith on 2009-04-13
i found out spraying car battery water can kill weed immediately in 1 hour, will it be harmful to the soil? and will the chemical go inside my edible plant? pls advise

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