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Garden. Finding Time for Gardening

Do you find yourself hurried, always in a frazzle, wondering where the time of the day went? Have your friends and family given you nicknames for always being there for what they want, need, have to do and for everything in between?  It is time for you to relax a bit, find some time to garden and learn to relax.  There are many ways that gardening is going to bring you back to earth, back to nature, and back to a place in your life where nothing else matters except watching that flower grow, bloom and thrive in the sunlight.

Why is gardening relaxing? There are many reasons why gardening is relaxing, but one of the main reasons is because you can do it by yourself, you are using your own creative juices, and you are creating life. Gardening gives you a break from the rush of the hurried life, allowing you to slow down and focus on something natural, artsy and personal all at the same time. Gardening does not mean that you have to spend lots of money and you dont have to have a huge yard. Here we are going to give you a few ideas on how to spend a little time gardening in just a little space. You will find that your entire day will take on a whole new look because you have been able to leave all that stress behind and focus on yourself and your thoughts, even if it is just for five minutes a day! 

Lets assume that most of you live in town, or at least in an apartment where you are very limited on space for this little project. If you have cats, you might like to keep your plants up further where they cant jump up, as cats are known for digging in the dirt when you least expect it and this could be hazardous to your little plants! 

First you need a few little pots, you dont have to go buy any you can use old metal pots, little plastic containers like butter containers or yogurt containers and anything else like that. You can use an old Tupperware container or a pan that you dont like to cook in anymore. You can find a bag of potting soil in your local shopping center for less than two dollars, or if you have the chance, you can grab some soil from a place in your yard, or from another yard, and fill your pots. Adding a few handfuls of sand, shredded paper or even a few shredded paper towels is going to make our soil stay loose but hold water at the same time.

You can packets of flower seeds, vegetable seeds, or what ever you want to grow in your local home centers for usually less than two dollars. What is going to give you the best results is when you look up the seeds that you want to plant, and learn more about what these seeds need before you just plant them in the soil. Some seeds have very hard outer shells so you need to soak them overnight, or you might need to strike them with a nail file or on the counter before planting them. Some seeds need to be cold to grow, others need heat, and yet other seed want moisture while some like it dry. Read up a little about your favorite flower or plant seeds before planting them in the soil in your containers. Seeds from various types of plants are more than just plopping them in the soil, a little bit of reading and learning will take you and your container gardens years into the future.

One great thing about a container garden is that after you have grown a plant for the first year, you can continue to pick off the seeds, dry them and re-grow plants year after year with very little cost so this is something that can fit into everyones budget.

Depending on the size of the plant that you want to grow you will need various types of containers. If you are growing a few small herbs a few small containers will be fine, but if you want to grow onions for fresh salads, you would need a taller container so that the onion will grow both in the ground and the weight of the onion will be supported at the same time. So you get the idea of what type of plant you are growing will also help determine what type and size of container you want to grow. If you want to grow big tomatoes, you might need a few five gallon buckets, which you can set out back, on the fire escape or by the garage and you can get free five gallon buckets from various bakeries or delis or at least you can pick them up fairly cheap.

A container garden is an easy way to add a little green to your life and to add a relaxing moment of creating life something that you might otherwise not get to do in your life because of your hectic life when you cant have a pet. You can grow plants that are going to give you flowers, vegetables or aromas that are going to make your little house or apartment more like an enjoyable home!

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