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Hanging Baskets. Water hanging basket plants the easy way

Hanging baskets can be a pain to water at the best of times. First of all they can be hard to get to, then when you have got some water in, they dry out within a few hours. If they have become really dry the soil or compost goes hard and all the water you manage to get in the basket flows out all over your feet.

I always end up with the water dribbling down my arm. You can buy one of those attachments to place on the end of your hose. This is okay as long as you enjoy pulling out the hose every day and rolling it back up. So use a meat baster to water hanging plants. No drips and no climbing.

If you are just too busy to bother to water your hanging baskets, pots or window boxes then put some ice cubes in a plastic bag, make some holes in it & pop it in your basket, pot or window box. As the ice melts it slowly waters your plants and NO the ice does not harm them.

To make your watering more effective, slip a shower cap over the bottom of the basket before watering. the cap will catch the drips and allow the water to soak back up to the basket. Don't over water as the cap will slip off, full of water onto your feet.

So with all that advice you have no excuses, your blooms should be blooming lovely.

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