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Clear grass from paths and paved areas

If you are struggling to keep grass and weeds from your paths and patio areas, try this tip for great results: Pour vinegar onto the affected area, this will kill grass on walks and driveways where you don't want the grass to grow. This is a lot safer and cheaper than using weed killers and chemicals.

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not all info is there Comments By: Laurie on 2005-08-31
not all info is all there...is it white vinegar? do you add water?

TipKing says: Just vinegar and any type will work. Not diluted.

weed control with vinegar Comments By: Barbara A. on 2006-09-12
I used a vinegar solution of 1 gal. of vinegar and 3 oz. of lawn weed killer in my 2-gal. sprayer to get rid a a very pesky spreading weed and the usual ones like dandelion,and it seems to be working.

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