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Lips. Make your lips look smaller

Submitted by laura

To make big lips look smaller cover your lips with a good foundation or concealer then draw an ouline just inside the natural lipline using a soft lip pensil then using a darker shade of lipstick to fill in this will make them look smaller

Visitors comments

right Comments By: anon on 2005-09-29
yeah right gurl
i think Comments By: Sarah on 2006-05-15
i think this method will work for some... because as you know some lips are uneven, the upper lip looks more fuller than the lower lip... let's just be contented on our lips... ;) fuller lips are better! it looks sexy!
big lips Comments By: Kiran on 2007-06-22
well, iv tried this tip and it aint really worked for me.. my bottom lips are quite big and i hate them!! is there anyway to permanantly get them to be small?
smaller??? Comments By: dnt wry on 2009-01-19
y would anyone want small lips
big lips r sexy


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