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How to Remove white spots from finished wood surfaces.

Submitted by Louee

To remove white spots caused by heat or moisture from finished wood surfaces, apply small amount of nail polish remover and rub. You will need to polish the surface afterwards to restore the finish and shine.

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great stuff Comments By: Sue O'Leary on 2005-12-29
thank you so much for this tip. Tried it today and worked like a treat. Wonderful
excellent Comments By: Bren on 2006-01-26
just tried it with a tiny bit worked a treat
going to do the mother inlaws that should keep me in dinner for a mounth

more help needed Comments By: Ronni Taylor on 2006-02-04
didn't work for me, is there a particular kind of nail polish remover? for instance, acetate free??

TipKing says: Did you try the other tips in the category


Impressed Comments By: Heather Pritchard on 2006-03-12
I have to admit I was skeptical, the results were immediate. Thanks for the excellent tip.
Worked like a charm... Comments By: Lauren on 2006-04-23
I thought my Ethan Allen table was ruined by a pizza box. A cotton ball damp with nail polish remover did the job. The white cloudy mark vanished!
Thanks for saving my table! Comments By: Jen on 2006-06-02
Just a small amount on a cotton swab took the white cloud marks off my kitchen table. I thought I'd just have to live with them. Be careful not to rub hard or too much! Just a light touch will do!
Good advice Comments By: Jackie and Jenny on 2006-06-14
It really worked golly gosh darn it!!!!!! Impressed
ohh my gosh!!! Comments By: jennifer on 2006-07-07
this stuff really does work my stain just went away in 3 easy scrubs
Great Tip!! Comments By: Wendy Allan on 2007-01-11
This tip worked GREAT! Thought I had ruined a nice lazy susan and now it looks as good as new. Thanks!
Works BUT................... Comments By: Damon on 2008-05-20
This really works well just finished our table. it's the acetone in the nail polish remover, in saying that if you got a high finish gloss or anykind of shine be prepared for it to turn dull. no big deal really just get you a wax and touch it up. I went ahead and went all out and took a wool pad to the surface since it was already dull from the acetone and will be putting on the varnish a little later. THANKS for the tip saved a bundle in the long run.
Great, Great, Great. Did I say Great. Comments By: Catherine Swain on 2009-03-15
Had doubts about putting nail remover on wood table, tried on old table first, was so excited about results that i used it on new table now i love my old table just as much as my new one. Great tip, thank you.
HELP Comments By: Michele on 2009-09-02
I'v just split some nail polish remover on my maple wood dresser & its turned white, so i suppose adding more polish would actually make it worse ~ surely???
Savior to the gun stock turned white Comments By: Hunter on 2009-12-06
I borrowed my brothers gun to go hunting and during my hunt it was snowing and the stock turned white from getting wet. Aftr reading this tip, I used nail polishe remover and it worked great. You saved me a HUGE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!

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