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To make curly hair frizz-free and springy

OK. I swear this works for me!! I have tried product after product because I figured something had to work. Redken smooth does not work for curly hair. Nexxus ensure works pretty well and I am guessing that things for dry or damaged hair would also work.

Anyway, if you have curly hair that is frizzy, it is probably because it is dry and brittle. The way to fix this is to make sure your hair gets the moisture it needs. here goes the instructions:

Shampoo your hair only 4 times per month unless hair is extremely dirty

Condition your hair every day with lorel vive conditioner for curly hair.

Put the conditioner in hair at the beginning of your shower making sure to get a lot in and massage it into hair until tangles are out and it is soft because this conditioner does not do a lot when there is only a little bit and it needs to be rubbed into the hair for it to work, and then continue with shower (do not wet hair when taking the rest of your shower!!). 

If you took a short shower do this step in the sink five minutes later. turn the water on cold and flip hair over one shoulder. yes, this might be a little chilly but if you want good hair you cannot skip this. 

Rinse hair in the cold water, but not all the way out. this might take some experimenting, but you'll get the hang of it. you want your hair to still be soft and feel good when you are done with this, not squeaky clean. when you get out of the shower, dab -dab and pat, not rub or move the towel over hair in a back-and-forth motion- so that hair is not soaking wet. after a few minutes, not more than five, squirt some shine spray such as extreme shine by special effects (do not use the bedhead frizz serum because it just makes hair oily) and comb this through hair. you will also have to experiment with this, but depending on how shiny you want your hair, add more or less spray. spray on both sides on the inside and outside and on the back. comb this through hair. 

Carefully put hair behind your shoulders, not in front of them, and do not touch it while it dries!!!!!you should have a little bit of conditioner in your hair but it makes hair smooth and soft. Your hair should be springy, frizz-free, shiny, and soft! hopefully this works for you. i do not know how this will work on african-american curly hair because it is a different type than mine, but this should work for the rest.

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this works realy well Comments By: Abbi on 2005-06-01
this tip was really good thank u soo much!! my hair is shiny, soft, and curly, not frizzy!! it really works!
THIS IS AWESOME!!! Comments By: anon on 2005-05-31
ok this works but using more of the shine spray will usually make hair oily and dirty. maybe five times a month would work because using the spray will make hair oily after about five days(depending on how long your hair is). also, cut hair about once every two months to get rid of split ends!!!!!
to make curly hair supple, full, and notfrizzy!! Comments By: anon on 2005-06-19
ok!! hi this is the same girl that entered the tip on curly hair to make it curly, shiny, soft, etc. i have experimented some more with my hair and have found that although my previous tip does work, the following works better for me(at least it gives me my desired look!!)

ok well i have two techniques to share with you. the first one is to condition your hair and just leave the conditioner in it. let it air dry and try not to mess with it too much. the second is to spray with some curlyhair spray !!gel!!, (not hairspray!!) and rub it into hair with hands, dristributing evenly through hair, from roots to ends.usually the gel comes in small bottles with spray nozzles. you can also just use gel and hand apply it, but i find the spray gel is better to use because it is more evenly dristributed in the first place. let it air dry and voila! i personally like this better than conditioner, because it really gets rid of frizz!!


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