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Stop ironing those knit golf shirts!

Submitted by Deborah - Dallas

This is a little routine that I go through when laundering my husband's all-cotton golf shirts that prevents me from having to iron them. Be sure to use liquid fabric softener in your washer and then put the clean, wet shirts in the dryer and tumble on medium high heat for just a minute or two to warm them up. 

Take one at a time from the dryer, put on hangar, button top button, smooth the collar into place and hang-up. Make sure you re-start the dryer to keep the rest of them tumbling until you hang the next one. I purchased several shaped hangers from The Container Store, a Dallas based company, that are designed to prevent a hangar crease in clothing when it is hung to dry. They are a little pricey, but worth it, and there may be less expensive alternatives available now in other stores. 

This process takes out most if not all the wrinkles and when they are dry they are wrinkle free! When dry, just transfer from your special hangars in the laundry room to the regular ones in his closet. The shirts aren't in the dryer long enough to risk any shrinkage but don't be distracted by the telephone! Definitely a time saver and money saver, too, if you have been Dry Cleaning them.

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