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Sore Throat Relief with bleach

Submitted by CrisQ

I have terrible sinus allergies, which in turn makes for regular sore throats. When I was young my granny would take a 16 oz glass of warm water and add just 2 or 3 DROPS of bleach.

She would have me gargle (NOT DRINK) the entire glass. Kills any bacteria at the throat opening and gets rid of the soreness immediately.


Visitors comments

crazy? Comments By: Medic on 2005-08-01
I hope you realize that this could seriously harm you!
She is right ! Comments By: Sebring on 2006-01-13
Medic: Bleach (chorline) is used in public drinking water to disinfect. Where have you been?
Naturally, more than 2-3 DROPS would be dangerous. But it does work and shouldn't hurt you if you use very little with an 8 oz glass of water.

What the hell !!..? Comments By: docter on 2007-10-12
What are you on about bleach cold kill you i hope you dont have children!!!!!
It may get rid of the infection but come on there are safer ways that work just as good!!!!! I sincerely hope people dont believe you!!!

Maybe, maybe not.... Comments By: Doc on 2008-04-21
.... but I seriously doubt that the "docter" that can`t spell "doctor" is a doctor.
mad Comments By: kelly on 2008-10-25
that is very very stuid dont ever ever put bleach in your mouth you silly silly people
It's totally safe Comments By: Kristy on 2009-04-01
I recently just came from the dentist. Have severe gum disease. This is just what was recommended. Gargle with 8 oz of water and 1/4 tsp of bleach. If I am using my water pik, I am to use 1 tblsp. and fill the water tank up. It is completely safe and kills all of the bacteria in your mouth.
I guess most are not aware that city water is sanitized with chlorine?

Hahaha Comments By: Dane on 2009-09-24
This is comical!! - Honestly it really worries me people of today ha!!

Guys I suggest you find an alternative to cutting up your fruit and veg - You see knives can KILL!!

Unless your planning on drinking the stuff .. then really you needn't worry haha!

don't swallow Comments By: carmenmarie on 2009-10-23
It is about gargling really! do you swallow mouth wash? you silly people come on use your head here of course drinking bleach will kill you that's not what is suggested.
It is called gargling!!!

It works.... Comments By: Noh on 2010-02-15
Should only be used for EXTREMELY SERIOUS cases...
I did twice.... Comments By: Loony on 2010-04-22
I did it twice. Only didn't know wich's the right proportion. Used much more bleach thatn I should. it tasted funny but it didn't hurt me
OMG Comments By: branche on 2010-09-13
wot is wrong with us ? its only a sore throat 4 days max??? do not try this crap its only 4 the floor
well.... Comments By: Mike on 2010-09-27
this is from the Clorox website - is this is drinking.

"Clorox� Regular-Bleach can be used to disinfect water in the event of an emergency. Eight drops of bleach added to a gallon of water will make the water safe to drink."

I'm sure that they would not lie about this - they don't want to end up in a lawsuit.

WTF Comments By: CJ on 2010-12-31
Sure get rid of an infection but wind up with throat cancer later down the line. I can't believe anybody would be so irresponsible as to post something as dangerous as this online. There are people who might actually try this now after reading it. Their blood is on your hands.
I dont know about the sore throat but bleach is safe in the right amount Comments By: jjr on 2011-01-15
copy and paste this and see for yourselfs: http://www.ehow.com/how_6906982_purify-water-clorox.html
YES IT WORKS SAFELY FOR ME Comments By: Yasmeen on 2011-02-15
I had a bad sore throat and wanted to gargle with salt water, I accidently took a resonably strong mix of bleach and water and started gargling, I realises something was wrong and spat it out. I had no injury, no more bacteria in my mouth and it is now a few days later and I am still in one piece, and no more bacteria but I would not use a strong solution again.

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