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Do you want your hair to be nice and long and healthy?

Submitted by Areeba

Do you want your hair to be nice and long and healthy? I have the solution here! I am only like 11 and i have my hair thick and past my shoulders! You must have olive oil, a bowl, and a microwave. heat up the olive oil in the bowl okay for the microwave and heat it for about 32 seconds. 

Then massage the oil onto your hair for about 2 mins. Then after 1-4 hrs. shampoo twice to get the oil out of your hair. do this every other day and you'll have great hair! * Best if you apply at night and leave it on the whole night. Then shower in the morning!

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Um....... Comments By: mia on 2005-09-24
being 11 with hair past your shoulders isn't very long...does this actually work and how often can you use this if you have African American hair that is extremely dry that can't be washed everyday?
This works but... Comments By: sam on 2006-08-31
it works but theay use that as a lice treatment...:/
yeah right Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-08
that never works and is yaou last name start with a A.

You're right Comments By: Xzigalia on 2009-03-12
Olive oil is a natural hair moisturising product that has been used for centuries. And you know those oil treatments you get from the salon? Guess what's in them? Yup, just oil. Olive is a nice natural one and won't stimulate acne. My only issue with it is that it is hard to get out properly. I would not recommend shampooing it twice as this will dry the hair out again. So far I just shampoo and condition but it isn't 100% effective. That being said, your hair is meant to naturally have some oils in it. If you are worried about greasy roots, just apply the oil to the ends of your hair.
:O Comments By: SIDRAH on 2009-04-16
SO wt if her 2nd name starts with a a?
whats that got to do with the topic?

You Lost or suma?
Sounds Good:P
Am gna try it XD

Fnks for sharin it :D


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