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Removing ball point pen ink from carpet

Submitted by Tony

When you are removing ball point pen ink from carpet it needs 2 aerosol cans of cheap hair laquer spray. Spray hair laquer onto ink on carpet to soften ink, then BLOT the wet laquer up with white kitchen towel. (be prepared to use up 2 rolls) Do NOT scrub the stain. You will start to remove the ink with the laquer. 

Keep repeating the action untill the laquer on the towel is clean of ink repeat the action 3 more times to be sure of removing any stubborn ink. keep using the towel in a blotting action to remove as much laquer as possible then allow the carpet to completely dry.

When dry hand brush the area gently, then vacuum away any dried laquer. I have remove Blue ink from a deep pile carpet successfully the secret is to NOT scrub the carpet with the towel

Visitors comments

ball point ink on carpet Comments By: Jim Cameron on 2005-10-15
14/10/05 - In desperation I found and tried this tip on a big stain on my carpet - it really does work!! Thank you so very much (JC)
INK FROM CARPET Comments By: Debbie on 2007-01-08
removing ink from carpet Comments By: anon on 2007-01-26
thank you thank you thank you. Just hit a ink pen with vacuum cleaner. worked great!
Removing ball point pen ink Comments By: Gloria on 2008-06-25
Thanks for the tip. I thought my carpet was ruined. It really works!
SUCCESS Comments By: Kathy on 2008-08-24
I tried your tip and it worked great. I hit a pen with vacumn and had the most awful stain. Never thought the carpet could be saved, but your tip worked like a champ. Thanks so much!
Amazing! Comments By: Jo on 2009-11-03
I couldn't believe it would all come off, but it did! The light beige carpet has no blue blotches! Thank you!!!
Worked a treat Comments By: casterle on 2010-03-07
Worked great. We had several drops of ballpoint pen ink. I tried spraying as suggested and while that worked well, most of the spray was missing the target. I used an eyedropper to drop the liquid where needed which worked faster and resulted in less wasted spray.
????????????? Comments By: Cutie Pie 453 on 2010-05-20
Does it remove all of the stain?Or just some of it? It is blue ink from a ballpoint pen. Does my carpet need to be color fast? it is also dry.
I hope you can hepl me......

Works like a charm! Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-04
I just removed ink from all over an ivory area rug and it looks good as new. Hair spray will also work on clothing. Just spray the ink mark and then launder.

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