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Onions Natural decongestant

Submitted by Katie

An onion can also help your sinus' drainage. It is a natural decongestant. Just make some onion juice, you do this by slicing up slices of and onion and put sugar in it. 1-2 tbl spoons, let set for 1/2 hour till juice forms and spoon it out. Swallow, it is not too bad. One onion can be "juiced" many times. This is a great tip for a pregnant woman who has a cold and can't take medicine.

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Total failure Comments By: Tom Jones on 2004-11-16
I suppose no decongestant works for 100% of the people who try it but this was a total flop. I took 2 teaspoonfuls of the syropy sugar/onion solution and it hasn't done anything. My stuffy nose is even stuffier. How much of the stuff does it take to make a difference?
onions are subtle, but they work Comments By: Jamie on 2006-01-04
I had read this tip the other day, hadn't had a lot of success getting my two year old to try it when she was sick last year (saw the remedy in a natural cold remedy book). The other comment convinced me it wasn't worth trying; but this morning I was sauteing some onions and my nose started to run. I've had nasel congestion constantly draining into my throat for several days now, so it was a nice relief. I decided to give the sugar onions another try, this time i put just a little oil in the pan and sauted them for maybe a minute then I poured fructose granules on top, as well as some thyme and ground star aniseseed (as they are both good cold remedies also). I took two warm table spoons and my nose started to run. I got a good nose blowing out of it. Like most cold remedies, it does only provide temporary relief, might be really good to do before bed to help get a good nights sleep. Warming the onions helps juice them a lot quicker. After I sauted mine, I turned the burner off and left a lid on it. I'm thinking that making a vapor tent with oil sauted onions will probably be even more potent.

poor remedy Comments By: eliot on 2007-01-27
It would probably be better to saute onions and hold your face over the pan inhaling the fumes, however agonizing that sounds. drinking the juice did nothing for me in fact i think I got more congested. Eat wasabi or something spicy depending on preference.
Old Remedy Comments By: Raine on 2007-10-19
My grandmother (who would be about 103 today) told me that when she was a little girl (around 1909) if you were coming down with a cold they would give you onion sandwiches.
works for ages on chest congestion Comments By: natural works on 2007-11-11
I grew up eating onion and sardine sandwiches when cold or flu came along. It wasn't untill I was in my 30's that I found out you can just use the juice. I have used this very succesful as I am now 55 and still recommend this but will try the cooking part now that I know this works. Onions are high in sulphur
Great REMEDY Comments By: Catherine on 2007-11-28
In the Dominican Republic where I come from, people normally have a jar of onions soaked in honey in their refrigerator, that is like the norm over there. Of course, they take the onion-honey juice when they have a cold.

I believe honey is a lot better than sugar as it is healthier and also has many healing properties, not to menttion the whole onion remedy will taste a lot better.

zinc will decongest Comments By: kiai on 2007-12-15
Zinc will encourage your body to naturally decongest.
Sugared onions Comments By: meredithann on 2008-09-05
As a child my grandmother was generally our daily care provider. She used to make a concoction of onions and sugar and put them in a jar and refrigerate it. We would be given at least a tablespooon of this concoction during the time we felt the sniffles, et cetera. This mixture was simmered slowly, jarred and then put in the frig. And, of course, we never hated it (unlike her dose of cod liver oil daily). She was a brilliant woman. The only worst "remedy" she had was the bacon grease slathered all over our bodies for flea problems!!!
fits of laughter Comments By: Stuart on 2009-02-10
Would just like to thank everyone for your tips. reading them out to my other half has had us both in tears laughing
Onion and brown sugar cough fix. Comments By: Steve on 2010-05-03
My sixteen year old daughter has been hacking away for several hours. Earlier today we put layers of sliced onion and brown sugar in a jar to try out this folk fix. Fifteen minutes ago she was desperate enough to try the syrup. As I type this she's not coughing anymore.
Mom used onions on us when I was a kid Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-28
My mom use to used onions& brown sugar and lemon juice. She would heat it on the stove and then we would drink the juice
Didn't kill any of us still kicking

Onion and sugar Comments By: anon on 2010-11-26
my friend has triplets and she told me to grate onion and add brown sugar,leave overnite and give every 4 hours to the baby.my girl of 7 months is getting better n she is screaming her normal delights now....thank God.
I think it helped Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-30
Microwaved one sliced up onion with some honey for a couple of minutes and ate it. It was good. I've been sick for almost 3 weeks now with pneumonia and I'm so tired of coughing up phlem and blowing my nose.
Or you could just eat an onion. Comments By: Emmy on 2011-02-13
I would have done this, except that I had a voice lesson in 10 minutes and needed faster recovery. A much more reliable method is to just eat the onion like an apple. Just one bite. My nose started burning and my eyes watered up a storm, but my nose was clear of mucous.

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