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Window Cleaning made easy

Submitted by Ashwin Khagram

Have you wondered about how to best clean windows? My mother passed this little gem to me, and I found it very useful....try it!!

Dip a wad of a few pages from a newspaper in a bucket of water, just enough to lightly soak it, and press this onto and along the window-pane, cleaning in small circular motions o0f the hand. The newsprint will lift off all the grime and stains off the glass, leaving it gleaming white!

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window cleaning with newspaper Comments By: Lel on 2009-03-08
I found it worked a treat, although I wore rubber gloves to stop print from coming off onto my hands.
Window Cleaning Comments By: Rock Johnston on 2011-04-20
Ashwin, am sure you're good at this! Experience tells... by the way was it a family profession? So it looks like? I live off Oxford can you pay us a visit for the building glasses?

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