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Remove ink pen from LCD monitor

Submitted by French

If you end up with ink pen on your LCD screen try a damp cloth (only slightly moist) and some hand soap. My 4 year old decide to scribble on my laptop monitor and this took it right off, with no effects to it.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Comments By: suz325xi on 2006-11-09
This tip works great!! My 5 yr-old marked all over my new 21" LCD monitor screen with a ballpoint pen-YIKES! Called Gateway and Best Buy- nothing will remove it, they said. So, thank you for an easy fix!!!
Didn't work for me Comments By: Jimmy on 2006-11-28
My kids decided to draw all over the monitor with a ballpoint pen. Tried everything from dishwashing soap to the above mentioned hand soap. What kinda handsoap do you use anyway? Must be some heavy duty stuff. So finally I tried nail-polish remover. Worked like a charm. Dunno if it did any damage to the screen tho... Time will tell.
Thank you Comments By: Steve on 2007-01-31
This has worked for me, yougest daughter scribbled on the screen, the soap worked, but had to be a bit more vigorous than expected, no apparent damage to the screen
Hairspray Comments By: Shannon on 2007-02-06
Soap did not work for me. Tried hairspray (works on clothes). Worked perfect. Put on dry soft, cloth - used medium pressure. Done.
Hairspray Comments By: Samantha on 2007-03-03
Thank God for hairspray. I wasn't sure how I was going to explain to my husband that our budding Picasso created a pen and ink on our new LCD monitor. Sprayed hairspray on an old cloth diaper and rubbed vigoriously (but not TOO vigoriously). Monitor seems fine.
baby almost for sale Comments By: Terry on 2007-03-15
my 2 year old took a ball point to my lcd-It would not come off with SkreenKleen. I used a damp soft cloth with warm water and about a teaspoon of liquid Ajax kitchen sink dish soap. It work great with no sign of marks.
Rubbing Alchohol Comments By: Chris on 2007-03-30
Tried screen cleaner and hairspray on a Dell LCD with no luck...ordinary rubbing alchohol worked like a charm.
Hairspray Comments By: Amy on 2007-05-16
Without a doubt, hairspray rules! It worked great. Just put a little on a diaper and rub off the ink-gently. Once the hairspray dries, you have to keep applying it. My children scribbled all over my flat screen lcd monitor with a ball-point pen, and the computer stores said they didn't have anything that would remove it....Hairspray!!!!
well it worked! Comments By: corri on 2007-08-21
my 2 year old is always looking to color so he got to my monitor (not the first time but before it was a sharpie) it was all over and bugging me i tried the soap and water on a washcloth and with a bit of work I got most of it off. Thanks so much!
Rubbibg Alcohol rules Comments By: Pebaz on 2007-12-15
Applied rubbibg alcohol with q-tip, worked great
Excellent Advice Comments By: Steve on 2008-01-24
My 3 year old 'great-granddaughter' liked the way a pen made it easier to follow one of her games. Again, thank you for such a terrific, economical fix.
Worked as promised Comments By: Hank on 2008-02-19
Thank you for hand soap Comments By: Leilani on 2008-03-11
My 18 month old climbed up the computer chair and opened a ball point pen and scribbled all over my husbands brand new 21' LCD screen. I was freaking I know nothing about computer care. I took a damp towel with hand soap (dial) and it came right off. Thank you so much!

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