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Smelly feet cured with bleach

Submitted by Laurie Leigh

To cure smelly feet soak in 1 part bleach to 3 parts hot water. Oldest son had smelly feet so bad, went to doctor got prescription, didn't do a darn thing other and still smell and then cracked.

Soak 10 minutes, dry thoroughly with a blow dryer, for two nights. Hasn't had a problem since.

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Isn't a long term solution Comments By: Cara on 2006-09-20
My partner tried this .... several times now...it takes away the stink for about 2 or 3 days and then he has to do it again. I think it's too harsh of a treatment to the feet to have to keep on repeating.
Throw away shoes and socks Comments By: Laurie Leigh on 2006-09-25
If you put on the same shoes and socks back on. The bacteria is still going to grow.

Bleach is safe for hand dishwashing every day if diluted.

how long does it last Comments By: ij on 2007-07-14
if this treatment is used, how often should it be repeated or is it a one off treatment.

TipKiing says: The feedback suggests that you may need to repeat

dry your feet for how long? Comments By: Eats, shoots, and leaves on 2007-08-08
I can't dry my feet for 2 nights. That's a long time; 16+ hours. I have to sleep so I can get up for work. Plus, won't that get really hot?
Smelly feet Comments By: anon on 2008-01-10
It should be a one off treatment but one part bleach to three of bleach is way too strong.

If your feet smell there's something wrong. They are supposed to sweat, but not smell. If they do then you have picked up a bug and for want of a better description the bugs are eating your dead skin and sweat and a farting (hence the smell).

There's an overnight cure for this. You need to get rid of the bug off your feet. First thing is wash your feet in hot soapy water and rinse really well. Then thoroughly dry them using a hair dryer if necessary. You're washing them to get rid of grease and fat that may give the bugs an overcoat which may protect them from the next bit....

In some hot water (doesn't have to be very hot), add some sterilising solution to a bowl of water. The best thing to use is the same solution that you use to clean baby bottles. It's called Milton in the UK. Use a few glugs so the solution smells bleachy. DON'T use household bleach. (There are detergents and other things in that you don't really want on your feet). Soak for about half an hour and then pat dry. Don't make them very dry put on clean socks keep them on in bed and when you get up in the morning your bugs are gone.

BUT... don't put on your old shoes. The bugs are waiting in there and will instantly climb back on your feet. So use new shoes and as you'll have tried them on briefly with buggy feet when you bought them then spray them with any disinfectant as soon as you get them home.

Your old shoes are best put somewhere dry - like an airing cupboard for a couple of months so they are really dried out. That will kill off the bugs as they like moisture. If your smelly feet return then you've picked the bug up again from your bathroom floor (has someone else in your family got smelly feet ?) so wear flip flops unless you can stop picking up the bug again.

still wont go away Comments By: sos(someone smelly) on 2008-05-17
i wash my feet in hot soapy water after taking off my tennis shoes hoping for the smell to go away but when i put flip flops on the smell is still there i hate it
smelly feet no more Comments By: I.Antonou on 2008-06-01
I had smelly feet for 64 years.Try usesing sudocrem after shower in the morning it works.My family made me wash
my feet outside the house but this no more,my feet smell no more

bleach really works says my dermatologist Comments By: Sweet Feet Forever on 2008-11-20
the smell is from bacteria/fungus. continue with the bleach 1 part to 3 water therapy. when dry, coat with vicks vapor rub cream and put on socks to sleep. moisturizes well and has camphor which kills fungus. sweet feet from then on. i use this treatment 3 or 4 times a week and my feet are awesome to be near. have done this for five years now. dermatologist is baffled but agrees it works great.
The only solution Comments By: Kathy on 2009-02-24
If you find the bleach is not working try using borax powder. sprinkle some in every pair of shoes you have and dust your feet with it before you put your shoes on you will never look back again it's also great for adding to your carpet cleaning solution for pet odours or sprinkling a little after you have washed the carpets.
Bleach Comments By: whatalife on 2009-11-06
What type of bleach to use
bleach Comments By: sue on 2010-05-02
What type of bleach do you use ?
get a pedicure Comments By: taye on 2010-07-09
i had a pedicue, changed my shoes and i have not had same problem, get a pedicure every once in a while. Dont go back to old smelly shoes!
Bleach ^^ Comments By: Tannen on 2011-02-15
I didn't try your way, but I gotten a pan of hot water, about 1/5 bleach and some salt, soaked my feet for 15 minutes, and it cured almost all the problems I had on them, warts/smell/etc I find bleach to be a pretty effective cure. :D But of course, be careful and cautious when using the stuff, it corrodes.
This does work Comments By: Mother Goose on 2011-03-03
My feet have smelled for roughly 6 years now and I must say this tip did the trick. I was in total shock when the next day my feet did not give off any smell. They did sweat but there was no smell. Thank you for this tip as I have tried everything. Who would have thought a twenty minute soak with some bleach would have done the trick. All I have to say is thanks.

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