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Removing Dark or Bleached Carpet Stains

Submitted by Southern Belle

If you have tried to remove dark ie: ink, mildew type of stains from a light tan to brown carpet here is a tip that i discovered from desperation.

Using X14 mildew remover get close to stain spray and let set for few seconds and splash with water to dilute x14 [you'll see color fading so use it fast]
Soak up and clean area to remove residue.

NOW here is the kwel trick...Take your used coffee grounds spread over lightened area on carpet [you can put coffee grounds in bowl with water or directly apply them to carpet.]

Let Set a few minutes at time until desired color is obtained.

Also you can use TEA Grounds for color too.

Coffee and Tea's and even berries were used in the old days to ancient history to color lace and fabrics.

Try not to use bleach on any carpet and x14 is even stronger bleach tends to leave an orange tint . Best time to do these task is when using a carpet machine to suck all the water out of carpet and cleaning it as well. If you don't have machine a wet dry vac is helpful.

Strange tip I know but has helped several ppl i know out of a $$$ costing jam as in renters.

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