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Lips Staining your lips

Submitted by Vicky Lowe

For staining your lips like alot of models do, use cherry or strawberry koolaid and dab on your lips with a damp Qtip. Just remember to stay within the lip lines.

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hahahaha Comments By: lorinka on 2004-07-19
First of all "vicky" models use lip stick or lip gloss to stain their lips, and if you use koolaid it will look like you just ate a red popsicle. heheh bye
this does work! Comments By: Jameel on 2005-02-04
This can be very bright, but if diluted with water you can control the depth of the color. Another stain that works is using raw beet juice in the same manner as the koolaid. It does work!
This absolutely works! Comments By: anon on 2006-01-11
My daughter even uses a kool-aid paste in the summertime to have fun coloring her blond hair in colorful streaks. Lasts for a few days and gives very vivid color.

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