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Remove chewing gum

Chewing gum is not my favorite type of candy or sweet thing but the kids sure love it. If you ever look down at a pavement you can see where people have spat out their chewing gum for you to step in. It is a terrible problem for local authorities who are in charge of cleaning it up, as soon as they remove it, someone will replace it.

I have gathered a multitude of ways that you can remove chewing gum from your hair, clothes and carpets. So read on if you are looking to remove some chewing gum.

Egg White.
The white of an egg will remove chewing gum from most things, including your hair. Put the white of an egg on the gum and leave for a couple of minutes. Then work the gum out with your fingers little by little.

Freeze it out.
If the chewing gum is on an item of clothing, put the item in the freezer. The chewing gum will go hard and all you need to do is crack it off. You can also use the freezing technique on larger items, such as a car seat or carpet, by using ice cubes. Place an ice cube onto the gum and slowly rub it around. The gum will harden and you will be able to crack it off in big pieces.

This technique will work great if you have chewing gum in your clothes or hair. Melt some chocolate and rub some of the melted chocolate into the gum. The chocolate dissolves the chewing gum's stickiness - so it can be brushed or combed out instead of having to cut it out. 

Mayonnaise will also remove chewing gum. Simply apply and work it in, gum softens and comes off easily.

Saturate the area that has the gum on it with vinegar. The gum will actually dissolve. If the vinegar is heated first the process will work faster.

Peanut Butter.
Simply apply peanut butter to the offending gum and work it in. The gum comes right off.

Lemon Juice.
Chewing gum can be removed from clothes if the gum is first soaked in lemon juice and then the clothes are washed as normal.

WD40/Penetrating Oil.
Very similar to the other chewing gum remover tips. Simply spray the sticky gum with WD40 and work it into the gum. The gum will come out easily.

Visitors comments

removal by mayonnaise Comments By: Jude Foote on 2004-09-04
Thanks so much I tried mayonnaise like you say and hey presto the gum is gone from my trousers
Well done a great tip!!!

brillinat Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-16
THANKYOU soo much!your tips really helped i had my jeans in the freezer for weeks and the gum wouldnt budge but thnaks to your vingegar tip my jeans are gum free!thanks a lot!
Remove Gum With Mayonnaise Comments By: Malcolm Smith on 2004-09-26
Worked a treat.
oil & vinegar combo Comments By: Kelly on 2004-09-28
first I put in vinegar and let it break down then I added olive oil to comb through my four year olds hair
Gum gone in seconds with VINEGAR!!! Comments By: t. marquardt on 2005-01-07
I removed gum from a pair of jeans in seconds with the vinegar method. I heated the vinegar up in the microwave and applied it to the gum on the jeans. The vinegar immediately softens the gum so I took a old toothbrush and brushed in circles and the gum balled up for easy removal. Literally took less than 30 seconds.
freezing didn't work WD40 did Comments By: Jim on 2005-02-06
Vinegar !!! Comments By: Jim in Los Angeles on 2005-02-21
Some lowly, disgusting #%@**#% at the gym put gum in the bottom of the cup-holder in the cardio machine, where someone would certainly put a water bottle. I use a fabric bottle holder with a shoulder strap and the gum adhered right onto the bottom.

Freezer had no effect on this type of gum.

After removing the main chunk of gum with a dull knife, I dipped the whole area with the gum into warm vinegar. The gum started to melt. Rubbed in a circular motion with a toothbrush and cleaned the gum off the toothbrush with paper towels. Complete success. Washed the entire bottle-holder with dish soap afterwards to remove vinegar scent.

I wonder how many gum-remover products are just re-packaged vinegar?

ice, vinegar & mayo! Comments By: Sandy on 2005-03-21
My daughter got gum on her terry cloth shirt and I figured there wasn't much hope. The ice got a chunk out, but I was afraid it would damage the material. The vinegar softened it...but it was still messy. The mayo did it. I guess different gum and different material react differently or maybe it just needed the combination on solutions. My daughter looks great! Too bad she smells like a salad. Only kidding.
chewing gum & mayo Comments By: anon on 2005-04-12
Brilliant, mayonaise removed chewing gum from my dogs fur. Don't have a clue how it got there, but my son is now banned from chewing it!
Heated Vinegar Works ! Comments By: Tracy on 2005-05-23
I discovered a piece of gum had stuck in my car's driver's side car mat and tried the Vinegar removing method. I heated up about 1/4 cup of Cider Vinegar for 30 seconds in the microwave. I applied the area,(the size of a quater)with the heated vinegar, scrubbed it with a butter knife, picked out the gum residue, and scrubbbed the area again with a vegitable scrubber, it worked Great !

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