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Remove gum from leather car seats

To remove gum from leather car seats, first remove as much as you can with your fingers, gently, so you don't spread it out more. Then get clear Scotch tape (not magic tape) and use the Scotch tape to pick up the remaining gum. You'll go through about half a rool, but all the gum will come out. Works like a champ.

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Worked when ice didn't! Comments By: Deb on 2004-12-13
Gum was on leather sofa, too thin to freeze off. Reg. Scotch tape worked great! Didn't have to use that much.
Awesome Comments By: Michael on 2005-01-04
Had gum all over my leather driver's seat. An ordinary roll of scotch tape took if off in 2 minutes!! Great tip. Skip the ice, canola oil, WD 40 and goo be gone. This was easy, cheap, completely effective and did not damage the leather.
Excellent on my leather jacket Comments By: happy camper now on 2005-01-16
Chewing gum on my new leather jacket! It's light colored & very soft. I thought it was hopeless as any 'cleaner' might leave a darkened spot. The tape worked like a miracle!!!
FREAKIN AWESOME Comments By: Andrew on 2005-01-22
i got gum on my leather car seats, and was stressing about it, wondering if id be able to take it off. it took a little while, and not that much tape, but it all came off. god bless u.
Ooh it did actually work!! Comments By: qweasdzxckm on 2005-01-27
Was quite suspicios in the beginning since i thought it might damage the leather!
However it DID work and it did not leave any marks what so ever.
Good stuff, thanks for saving our sofa.

Peeling works better than blotting Comments By: Evan on 2005-02-18
Okay - I'm amazed too. Didn't work with packing tape. Only "scotch" tape. Try peeling the tape repeatedly from the area after pressing the tape into the gum. Blotting didn't seem to work as well. Took about 5 strips of tape to remove gum from jeans.
scotch tape Comments By: jay on 2005-02-24
tried it over 30 times

didnt work at all

Actually Works Comments By: Jordan on 2005-03-22
Took 1 hour and 1/2 roll scotch tape to take off and entire leather car seat covered in gum that had been there for a week. But it worked!
Didn't work for me Comments By: Son of a Gum on 2005-04-03
My son decided to put his gum all over the leather seats in our van about a week ago. I tried about a roll and a half of scotch tape, duct tape, electrical tape, hockey tape - you name it, I tried it. Wit heat and without heat.

I even tried several over the counter cleaners and theonly thing that worked was WD40. Of course this left it pretty slick so I then had to clean the seat completely with McGuires Leather Cleaner and then used a leather sealer and protector on the clean surface.

Worked with only a little marking Comments By: Alison on 2005-04-06
Tan leather coat, huge bit of gum from tube (nice!).
Scotch tape worked and has only left a slight mark which I think will fade with time and wearing.

Can't believe it worked! Comments By: Connie on 2005-06-27
Hard to believe, but it really worked!
Our Lexus leather seat is completely clean after 20 min of blotting and struggling with BIG scotch tape.
Thank you!

works like promised Comments By: Jim on 2005-12-04
I used transparent shipping tape. It is cheaper and I had some laying around!
worked great Comments By: anon on 2005-12-26
i also used clear shipping tape. it worked much better than expected. i also applied a small amount of heat with a hair dryer to help make the gum tacky.
worked perfectly Comments By: Georgie on 2005-12-27
Tried this on a pair of leather shoes. The leather was printed with a pattern of the sky, so I don't think it damaged the leather at all. The gum was completely removed regardless. Thanks!
gum on sofa gone!!! Comments By: lhf from hawaii on 2005-12-27
my niece accidentally sat on gum on our new sofa. she was worried and so was i! we tried cleaning it of with a wet paper towel BUT this was SIMPLE and GREAT!!! thanks
MAGIC TAPE WORKED LIKE MAGIC! Comments By: Stacey on 2006-04-27
All I had was magic tape so I thought what the heck? I tried it and it only took 5 minutes and 4 pieces of tape! Thanks a bunch!!!!!
Thank you Comments By: John P on 2006-05-20
I ending up sitting in gum, then sitting in my wife's car. What a mess.
BUT, the tape worked perfectly. No marks, no sign of my goof.

AMAZING Comments By: K in Tx on 2006-05-21
I tried the clear packing tape because it's all I could find. I had 3 big gum spots on a leather sofa. Worked like a charm and I don't think I even spent 5 minutes trying. I think part of the trick was to use the tape and press down on the gum. It seemed to grab more that way! Thanks for the great tip.
Unbelievable! Comments By: marianne s. on 2006-08-05
I thought the tan leather seat in my new BMW was ruined...not so! It took less than 5 minutes! Left a slightly darker mark where the gum was, but the gum lifted right off..thank you so much!!!
Thankyou!!! Comments By: Jane on 2006-08-27
Parents away, few friends round... 6 month old cream leather sofa - cost 2000. 3" round gum stain, Ouch!! Literally 5 minutes with a few strips of sellotape - GONE!!! Thank you SO much, I wasn't quite ready to leave the country ;o)
Fabulous, my boot was in the freezer for a week! Comments By: V-J on 2006-09-16
Had gum on a new leather boot, put it in the freezer and tried to scrap off the gum day by day - wasnt working - found this tip - 5 mins and the new boot looks as it should - fab! Thanx.
Won't work if cold Comments By: Anon on 2006-10-31
Had trouble with cold/hard gum. Put tape on gum, put an electric heating pad on in for about 20 minutes. Gum gone!
Great Comments By: Anon on 2006-11-21
Scotch tape on leather seats works. Thumbs up to the person who recommended this idea. Thanks
It works! Comments By: David C. Taylor on 2007-01-07
Clear packaging tape works well. You need to be patient and work a small area.
Brilliant Tip Comments By: Nikita on 2007-01-21
I used the tape method after a friend had sat on my china blue leather couch with chewing gum stuck to his jeans. nightmare because ice didn't work cos the gum was so thin so tried the tape approach. excellent and very effective, is time consuming but well worth it. when bits just weren't budging I used the hairdryer for heat to make the gum tacky - worked a treat :) as the suite is a very light colour I was worrid but no marks were left! thank you
Excellent and cheap! Comments By: Alan on 2007-02-18
Removed chewing gum from my coat and leather car seat very simply by pressing clear sellotape onto remnants of the gum (after having removed as much as possible by light scraping). I used a small amount of tape three or four times and it disappeared from the fabric! Magic! Thanks for whoever sussed this in the first place!
Sweet, sweet relief Comments By: Christina on 2007-03-05
My son got gum on my mothers couch, I was ready for her to freak out. I say this and tried it. It worked! Scotch tape removed the gum and I didn't use too much! Thanks!
Worked Perfectly! Comments By: Anon on 2007-03-06
A friend rolled around in gum my leather couch. Scotch tape took the gum off in a hurry without a mark!
Amazing!!! Comments By: Tdogg Dobbs on 2007-04-29
This is incredible!!!!! I only used 3 8" strips and removed a large piece from a 2500.00 Italian leather sofa. It removed all residue as well. I saved a spot for my nephew to finish.
great idea---it works! Comments By: Kami on 2007-05-01
Don't scratch the leather with your fingernails! I left a mark before I found this tip. Just blot with tape over and over and it will come off!
wow im shocked!!!!! Comments By: megan on 2007-05-30
my gum was dry and smeared all over my leather drivers seat...tried freezing it...didnt do nething....the tape was amazing...u kinda have to press it hard and snap it but it worked awesome!
No Way...It is to good to be true Comments By: Nancy on 2007-08-03
This must only work on gum that hasn't been in the seat very long. Mine has been there for about three months in the van and it has been thru 100+ degrees weather. THat Tape didn't faze it one little bit. I need another idea fast.
EXCELLENT JOB ON MY COACH LEATHER HANDBAG!!! Comments By: Linda on 2007-08-03
Somehow gum go all over my Coach leather handbag. It also got on the tassels hanging from the bag. The Scotch tape got EVERYTHING off!!! I thought my bag was ruined. Thank you for the AWESOME tip!!!
You saved my son's life! Comments By: Shae on 2007-09-02
My five year old for some reason decided to wipe gum all over our leather sofa on purpose. Long story short, I looked up this solution online and it saved the day and the sofa. Only took a few minutes with clear packing tape. No marks were left. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Genius!!! Comments By: P.P on 2007-09-04
Thanks a lot for this wonderful scotch tape idea. It worked like a dream on my leather couch and saved my son a lot of bad coscience since he manged this by accident.
Saved my new BCBG shoes!! Comments By: Lauren on 2007-09-18
Somehow I got gum stuck on the side of
leather heal on my brand new shoes. I
tried picking it off (didn't work well),
then I went on line and read this fabulous tip. It completely got rid of
the gum. Thank you so much!!!!!

Unbelievable! Comments By: Marie on 2007-10-28
I first rubbed the gum off of the leather seats with my fingertips as much as possible, then I took some regular scotch tape and rubbed it across the gum, did that 4 times with a new piece of tape each time, the gum disappeared - awesome!!!!
Save money and very affective! Comments By: Kendall on 2007-11-01
Man I had gum on my seats for about a week and tried the tape suggestion and 5 minutes later poof gone! Highly reconmended!
saved my bacon Comments By: anon on 2008-01-06
worked brilliant on leather we used hair dryer to heat it up while taking it off dont pick or scrape at it as it will damage leather
Brill!!!!! Comments By: Jon on 2008-01-20
After some one had sat all over my 3 piece leather suite in my living room at home, an patches of chewing gum ALL over the place, I was ready to kill them. Thanks to this website, he gets to live. 5 minutes and a bit of sticky tape, all gone! I found that it worked better when you apply the tape then remove the tape at a horizontal angle, it stretches the gum a bit more, and takes more off. Just keep dab dab dabbing with pieces of tape, the gum WILL come off!! Great tip!
saved my ass Comments By: anon on 2008-04-13
this does work really well--my wife would have killed me if this didn't work!
Gum under a booster seat for how long????? Comments By: Mom of a gum chewer on 2008-04-19
Summer heat and gum under a booster seat for, who knows how long made this Utah mom so angry. I don't know how many times it was 100 degrees in the car and back to cooler weather before I saw this gummy mess! I got online to see what kind of cleaner to buy and headed for my car with the scotch tape and a lot of doubt! It worked beautifully!!! It took a lot of tape, because it was smeared and had been there for a long time, but it worked!! I just hated it when someone got in the car and I had to move the booster seat....YUCK!! Thanks for great tip!!
Amazing Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-16
It just worked. Packaging tape going over and over the same spot removed bit by bit the gum on my leather sofa. Great advice.
all gone baby Comments By: Lee on 2008-07-02
"expert" told me $4500 for new leather on my Lamborghini drivers seat. Nope! some packing tape and patience--all gone
Gum-b-gone Comments By: B-Man on 2008-07-15
My websearch turned up two approaches: warm soap water followed by veggy oil.. and this. The tape worked WAY better... but the cleaning finished it off nicely. Black leather couch had a big new spot and one remnant that had been there for about a year... Thanks!
Unbelievably Amazing Comments By: Deb on 2008-07-24
I thought no way this is going to work. But I had to try something. Ice was not working. I had both the Scotch brand packing tape and the Scotch magic tape (the tape you wrap presents with). I tried them both because I had two spots on my leather seats in my SUV. I have to say the simple magic tape did better than the packing tape. It all came off fairly easy. Blotting the tape did much better than rubbing the tape with my fingenail and then pulling. Amazingly Great Advise. Thanks.
WOW Comments By: susan on 2008-08-12
It really worked! My daughter dropped gum on my leather seat of my brand new car! I was hot, so was the weather, about 100 degrees every day for a week. Thats how long it took me to find it. I made her help me clean it so she wouldn't do it again. We were amazed! WOW!
WOW!! I'ts true!! Comments By: Sergio on 2008-09-19
I had gum stuck in the back of my bmw 330i. I did not think it was going work. I was wrong! This is awsome!!!!
Leather Computer Bag clean Comments By: DCK on 2008-09-28
Scotch Tape worked on the leather computer bag and shoulder strap. A piece of blue mint gum stuck to my leather computer bag and slight suede shoulder pad. Since I didn't notice it right away the gum also got transferred to the bag and on some zippers. The tape removed all the gum from the leather, shoulder pad, zippers, threads, and bindings. Now my bag is clean but still smells minty fresh.
content Comments By: happy office worker on 2008-10-07
thank you! just got new office chair and the scotch tape work great!
IT worked WOOT WOOT Comments By: Jackie on 2008-10-26
i didnt no if it was gona work but it did and it was a life saver i was wondering how much longer i could hide it from my parents before they found it but now i have no worries cuz it is ALLL gone =D
ripping is the trick Comments By: Stacy on 2008-11-03
Was having trouble getting the gum off my leather car seat at first, then tried ripping the tape off like a band-aid, and presto! Worked like a charm. Thanks for the great idea.

Supurb Way of Removing Gum Comments By: Debbie on 2008-11-11
I had gotten sticky chewing gum on the sides of my good leather shoes. After trying ice, and carefully scraping, I thought the rest would never come off. Scotch tape worked great! My shoes look as good as new, and with no residue! What a great tip! And it diidn't take very long and didn'[t use much tape. I will keep this tip in mind for any future mishaps. I hate it when people threw chewing gum on the street. How disgusting!
leather purse/pocketbook Comments By: JoeBob on 2008-11-12
I didn't have any clear scotch tape but I did have a roll of Duck High Performance Crystal Clear tape. The type typically used for wrapping packages. Worked perfectly on my daughter's leather purse/pocketbook.
excellent Comments By: antonio on 2008-11-16
I just removed a load of my new white leather sofa.... using this advice... had my doubts but worked a treat and now im happyyyyyyyyy!. how did it get there in the first place???? well i fell asleep on the sofa with some gum in my mouth!
Worked great for me!!!!!!!! Comments By: Carol on 2008-11-22
Great tip, thanks for posting it! Got a round spot off the leather in my car in just a few minutes. I think it helped that it is cold outside.
Cant believe it worked! Comments By: JKayne on 2008-11-21
Just wanted to say thank you for the great idea. I had gum all over my leather seat in brand new car. Googled how to get gum out of leather and im so happy i saw this. So easy and works great.
chewing gum on leather sofa Comments By: Sandra on 2008-11-25
Tried the Scotch Tape worked like magic!
Leather Jacket Clean as a Whistle Comments By: Miss Gumless on 2008-12-13
I did not think that it was going to work but it did in only 5 minutes. It was a small area on the elbow of my favorite $$$leather jacket. This is great being able to find a solution to an annoying little problem.
warning on vintage leather Comments By: jonny on 2009-01-27
removed the gum but also took off the surfage of a 70's leather chair. Try lightly scrubbing with washing up liquid in luke warm water on a soft scourer then lightly scraping you may be surprised
awesome! Comments By: LuvGisela on 2009-01-04
somehow i got gum on my new leather barstools. a friend of mine told me to try goo gone but i said i would google how to get it off. your site came up right away and it was the first method i tried. even though the gum was there for a week, scotch tape shipping tape worked great! thanks so much!
removing gum from leather sofa Comments By: grateful on 2009-01-06
We used clear packing tape to remove smeared gum from a leather sofa. After one hour of work, we cannot see the spot where the offending gum was located. THANK YOU!!!
HOLY Scotch Tape!! Comments By: Sherrie on 2009-01-08
It really works!! Took about 20 min and about a half of a roll of tape but it worked! I just kept applying and it eventually all came off on the tape!! Thanks everyone!!
worked great...but Comments By: richie on 2009-02-08
if you press down a bit too hard on the tape, you might just remove a bit of your leather. bummer! of course it might just be my cheap car seats
YAY FOR TAPE!!!! Comments By: Julie on 2009-02-08
Somehow ended up with gum on my new leather boots. The tape removed all of it. Brilliant!!!! I imagine that this would only work on newly chewed gum...needs to be sticky.
very useful Comments By: chad flinn on 2009-02-13
great tip. was very nervous about gum left on my leather car seats. tape worked a treat. cheers
PATIENCE, but works A+++ Comments By: Tom on 2009-02-18
Soiled gum all over my new car leather drivers seat. Patient use of clear tape (i.e. Scotch), using both thumbs applying pressure over small area then pulling vertically up snapping off the leather pulls small pieces of gum. Hard work but a great way to remove the gum without treatment. The only marks left were from stain removing solutions and alcohol that was suggested from another site. Thanks.
$1600 SAVED BY SCOTCH TAPE!!!! Comments By: Mike on 2009-02-22
Amazing, worked awesome, did not demage the leather color at all! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!
Got all the gum off a Patent Leather Coach Purse Comments By: Kathy on 2009-02-25
Before trying anything else my husband suggested checking on the internet to find a trick to the get the gum off the bottom of my brand new patent leather Coach purse. The tape worked perfectly, got all the gum off. I pressed down and removed slowly, several times. Very pleased with this advice and thankful for this info!!
chewing gum on leather Comments By: Rosalie Schall on 2009-03-15
chewing gum on my leather car seat was gone with 5 tries of scotch tape, then I did use a little goo gone to finish the job...and a great job it was. Thanks so much
Gum on my leather chair Comments By: anon on 2009-03-17
kids got gum on my leather furniture, I tried leather cleaner, ice and peeling it off, none of it worked. This worked great.
unbelievable Comments By: chels on 2009-03-18
It was all over my hummer's light tan leather seats. Nothing worked until the scotch tape! Thank you Sooooo much!!
Gum on my leather seat of my SUV. Comments By: Nikkie on 2009-03-31
On a hot sunny FL. afternoon, my sister put her gum in a tissue and in error sat on the gum in the leather seat of the SUV. I read all the other comments and tried it with clear packing tape and presto, 5 minutes later the gun was gone. I think being it was so hot, helped with the quick removal. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
PERFECT!! Comments By: Lauren on 2009-04-12
My sister sat in my new car with gum on her butt and got it stuck and failed to tell me! I scraped most of it off with my nail. But had a denim color stuck to dried gum. TAPE WORKED PERFECTLY!!
Clear packing tape works better! Comments By: Anonomous on 2009-04-19
Well, the scotch tape was a waste of time, but I tried duct tape--no. Then I tried the wide clear packing tape...this worked the best...all the gum from a week ago, is out of the leather van seat. I'm sure the stickier the tape, the better!--I'm happy!
Great Tip Comments By: M. Dalebout on 2009-04-22
Worked like a charm! Thanks!
I'm now a believer Comments By: Nicole on 2009-04-29
Thanks so much for putting me out of my misery. A friend got gum all over our car leather seat and I knew it would be next to impossible to get it off. After many calls to car detailing shops, most saying that there's nothing they can do and the ones who said they might be able to get it off weren't certain that their product wouldn't in the end ruin the leather. I found this site that suggested tape and it really did come all off (after about an hour of going at it). THANK YOU to those who suggested it in the first place!
scotch tape! Comments By: Rita on 2009-05-06
Thanks so much for the tip. I didn't know how I was going to get the gum off the car seat (just like my daughter didn't know how it got there -- right!) The tape wored like a charm!
Removed gum from leather couch pillow Comments By: Dave on 2009-05-16
I used two inch scotch tape from the tape rooler. Thanks for the tip.

worked on leather shoes Comments By: anon on 2009-05-29
I have a pair of dansko shoes which had a gum on top of it and it was there for a week or so. I used scotch tape since I'm afraid lighter fluid would damage the leather. It left a mark so I thought it's because I let it sit there for over a week. I thought I would have to bring it to the shoe repair shop to have it fixed, dye it or something to remove the ugly mark. Then I used the walking company's leather cleaner and the mark disappeared. I guess it was just dirty that's why there was a mark there, thought the gum damaged the shoes' dye.
So easy Comments By: mz on 2009-06-15
Prepared to put the shoes in the freezer and try and pry off new Italian leather sandals -- thought I'd give the Scotch Tape a try. It worked -- done in 5 minutes. Easy, simple, done. Thanks!
I didn't believe it!! Comments By: C Spencer on 2009-07-14
I read this tip and didn't believe it would work, but I have to say I am totally amazed. I have never commented on anything before but after trying this I had to put in my two cents worth. It really works!!!
dogs paw got gum on leather back seat of car Comments By: Sharleen B. on 2009-07-28
I was reading the comment, as all I had was magic tape, when I saw a comment that said it worked like magic. It really did and there was a great deal of gum. It took me about 10 minutes. really worked like magic
Saved Marching Band Shoes! Comments By: Olivia on 2009-09-12
I stepped in gum at our first performance of the season and thought I was going to have to go all season with a big pink spot on my new band shoes decided to try asking ask.com and this came up worked like a charm!!
can't believe it was that easy Comments By: tai on 2009-09-13
long story short.........went out last night to a bar/outside lounge, and at some point in time, sat my butt on some gum. when i got out my new bmw z4, i noticed something white on the seat, and instantly knew what it was once i felt my jeans. went to sleep to toss and turn all night wondering how i was going to remove it. woke up, found this site and valuable tip and didn't even use more than 6 strips of tape in less than 5 mins total effort, and it's like there was nothing ever there. try the tape before anything else, i don't think u'll be disappointed.
Thank you!! Comments By: Tina on 2009-10-11
I almost freaked out and threw my friend out of my house when we discovered that he had sat on gum on my "new" leather couch!!! Thankfully I read all of your comments and the gum was gone immediately! Thank you so much!!
Awesome!! Comments By: Diane on 2009-10-17
We had chewed gum smeared all over our leather sofa. We used clear scotch tape. Piece by piece we watched the gum removed and the sofa back to new. It only took about 30 minutes. The ice didn't work but this gum trick worked like a miracle cure. Thanks for the tip!!
removing chewing gum from leather seats Comments By: francesca on 2009-10-30
i put an iced pad over the gum for 30 mins then lightly soaked a corner of soft cloth with olive oil and smoothed over the gum, then rub gently this worked for me. the oil acted as a lubricant between the leather and the substance and therefore could no longer stick to the leather. was i just lucky or did this work for anyone else?
Gum on leather shoes Comments By: Rebecca on 2009-12-03
Gum on the side of very good leather shoes with stitching. Used clear mailing tape(like scoth tape)Several applications worked great. Thanks for the tip
Rubbing Alcohol Comments By: Phil on 2010-01-09
Rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball removed gum quickly from a leather shoe, although it also removed the polish. A quick polish and back to new!
It stinking worked Comments By: Neuropil on 2010-01-11
Helping a friend out in my brand new car with beautiful leather seats and his drunk @$$ got gumall over my seat. When he need to jump out and puke on the side of the road I noticed that there was a huge wad of gum spread all about my seat and almost killed him. But after reading this site I choose to give it a try with some clear packing tape. Layer by layer, tediuosly it came up, I'm amazed and my friend thanks you as he still lives and breathes... For the time being. After taking a damp cloth to it you can no longer tell the was ever a mark at all.
Thank god Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-31
Had a bunch of friends in the car the other night and one must of dropped there gumm (greattt -.-) it was spread allll over the seat, i first tried warm water but felt like i was hurting th leather (which i later found out i was)got fustrated and looked up other ways and couldnt believe it only took about an hour and a half. i tried blotting at first but then when i started scraping the tape it came off like a charm this trick really saved my ass from the rents
GUM IS GONE Comments By: Aramis on 2010-03-13
My kids put gum on my new leather chair and after struggling to remove it, it seemed to get worse. I found this tip and all I can saw is WOW!!!!. The gum is gone and my chair looks brand new again. Thanks a million.
Gum Disaster on Leather Seats - Tip Awesome!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-02
Had gum all over two leather seats in a car. It looked so bad, no one had any confidence it could be removed ...... tape worked like a charm - all it took was a little patience but was gratified with each lift of the tape. It is impossible to tell by looking at the seats now that there had been gum all over them. I highly recommend this tip!!!
Thank you Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-25
I had gum stuck all over my purse...I was a little skeptical but it worked. There is just a little bit left but I think once I clean my purse with some leather cleaner it will be just fine.
Unbelievable Comments By: Illini Nut on 2010-05-01
What a great tip! Had to try it and it worked like a charm on my leather car seat. Thank you for such a wonderful tip.
Fantastic Comments By: Dave on 2010-05-19
Tried the ice but the gum was too thinly spread.
The tape worked like magic slow but sure it took it off bit by bit.

Awesome!!! Comments By: Lars on 2010-06-06
Been "crying" all day long..after been sitting on a gum and smearing it into my car's tan leather seat. Tried freezing it earlier today, but no luck on that one. 30 min. after reading about it here.....THE GUM IS GOOONE!!!! You will get excited, so take small steps at the time. and don't rip to hard. Scotch Tape works baby!!! (it leaves you a slightly darker spot/area...but I think that can be restored w/ some kinda product from the auto-part store. Good luck, I can sleep now:)
Woohooo Comments By: andrea on 2010-06-13
I had spat out some gum into a tissue and set it on the car seat. Well guess what hot sun does to gum....even when it's in a tissue. lol I set my new leather purse down on the seat and the bottom got coated with sticky melted gum. This trick pulled the residue right off. Took about five peices of clear packing tape.
Worked for year old dried gum Comments By: Shumi on 2010-06-15
I had despaired about getting this gum out. All the gum came off with the scotch tape. Thank you
Gum gone Comments By: Penny on 2010-06-16
I used wide parcel tape and it worked brilliantly! I left each piece of tape on for about 20 mins, applying pressure and vigorously rubbing it to heat it up. The gum lost its stick and after half an hour the sofa was good as new!
It Really Works!!!! Comments By: cpeter on 2010-07-10
I tried several strips of tape and was beginning to think this wasn't going to work. But it finally did! The trick was to apply tape, press and rub, peel, repeat, repeat, repeat. After about 5 minutes my dried up gum was gone. It had been on my seat for 2 months!
It really works!!!! Comments By: suburban mom on 2010-07-12
I had dried gum on my carseat for over two months in the summer heat. I used the scotch tape trick and it worked amazingly well. All the gum came off with no residue from the tape! The key is to be patient.... apply a strip of tape, rub the tape, peel off and repeat over and over again. It really works!!! Thanks for the fabulous tip!
only tape worked on leather car seat Comments By: maryls on 2010-08-17
It took an hour but showed progress from the beginning. Duct tape not quite as effective but regular old scotch tape was great. Press on tape, remove slowly-- better than ripping off tape quickly. Thanks so much.
Works!! Comments By: Dana on 2010-08-22
I had old gum on a leather purse (tip:dont put a leather purse down at the ballpark). I was scared to try anything because the purse was a very expensive gift. I tried ice in plastic wrap, but it just made the gum gooey. Then, I tried the tape--it worke like a charm!! Couldn't believe how easy it was!
thank god Comments By: sunglasses on 2010-09-19
boy this week was stresful. first i had a pregnancy scare, then i guided a hunt to no game, had a long road trip, then this "gum situation". after reading all the advice here, i figured "heck, what have i got to lose", thank god it worked great and you can see the gum come off. i recommend removing the tape at different angles.
PERFECT! Comments By: I Hate Gum! on 2010-09-21
Thank you! I stepped in gum and got it all over my $350 Allen Edmonds shoes. I tried ice and it didn't work. I didn't want to try Goo Gone because of potentially damaging the leather. Found your hint and 10 minutes later the gum is gone! Phew! Thank you!
SUPER SAVER Comments By: Muffet on 2010-10-13
Just did what you suggested and WOW... took a half an hour and a roll of tape. NOW things are perfect. Thanks so much. My daughter's new VERY expensive Lexus convertible has been saved! Some one threw gum in the car when the top was down and it somehow got smashed into the seat. She is smiling again.
Didn't believe it would work!! Comments By: Jo on 2010-10-26
Got my first ever brand new car. Was determined to keep it beautiful inside and out (with 4 kids). Within the first week, there was gum ground into the seat. Saw your 'tip'. Just tried it. My seat looks like new again! Thanks so much
IT WORKS!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-01
I somehow got gum on my driver seat of my BRAND NEW car. So thankful that it worked!!
best tip ever! Comments By: jennie on 2010-11-13
removed chewing gum from brown leather sofa. Looked like someone had been rolling round in chewing gum!! Used sellotape to remove most, then used the hairdryer on hot to soften up the smaller dried on smears. Took about 15 mins and half a roll on tape. excellent
SOLD!!!!!!! Comments By: DM in Texas on 2011-01-05
Kids got gum on a leather theater chair.....Worked sooooooooooooooo well!!!!!! My trick was to first remove as much as possible with your fingers....then, press tape on gum and press down and rub back and forth real fast...kinda of like when waxing.....and then rip off real fast! Repeat!! Did not hurt leather and left no residue! Love it!!!!!!!
Amazing! Comments By: Audrey O'Brien on 2011-01-30
This DID work!! (scotch tape)...as others said, blotting and then stripping...sometimes several times, but it DID ACTUALLY TAKE THE GUM OFF!!!!) Whatever did we do before the internet!!! (Gum was on side, near the sole of soft leather boots)..
THANK YOU...to whomever first posted this tip!!

Unbelievable! Comments By: Sue B on 2011-02-14
OK--I was as skeptical as some of the others on this site, but using scotch tape actually worked!! You saved my daughter's beautiful leather boots. Thank you!
Wow Comments By: MO on 2011-03-02
one minute later all of the gum was off my car seat.
You Rock! Comments By: Marina on 2011-03-06
Thanks it worked. Yes it takes time but it worked.
Magic Comments By: Joy on 2011-03-06
I used magic tape. Someone said not to but it worked !!
TREMENDOUS Comments By: Wags on 2011-03-16
My Wife sat on gum with brand new BLUE jeans on my WHITE LEATHER range rover seats. This worked unbelievably~!

Incredible! Comments By: Hello Hi on 2011-03-27
I am happy to report that it came right off! I was scared that it wouldn't BUT IT DID!
THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY SCHOOL BAG Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-29
I was a bit curious and suspicious to begin with. But after trying that technique, it really worked! Thank you so much. My school bag got stuck with some chewing gum. >.<
Tipking=Tipgenius Comments By: Cj on 2011-03-31
I came home last night to learn that I sat in gum at the theater. It was all over my jeans and my leather seat in my car. Wow! I was angry. This morning a quick google search yielded Tipking's suggestion to use scotch tape. HOLY GUACAMOLE! A brilliant idea. I used packing tape, as it was wider and the gum was completely eradicated from the car seat and my jeans in less than 10 minutes! Wow! Thank you so much!
worked like a charm! Comments By: Jerry on 2011-04-22
I've got a Mercedes Benz with almost cream colored interior and I was scared to death when everybody was telling me to use goo gone, rubbing alcohol, etc... all I could imagine was an immaculate cream colored interior with a big dark or discolored spot! Thank god I found this tip because it worked like a charm! Took about 20 minutes and half a roll of scotch tape. Thank you so much!
awesome Comments By: grape ape on 2011-05-21
with a little elbow greese and tape it worked perfect... i was so worried it would not come off. so i googled how to get gum off leaather car seats.. and this came up about the tape.. i was skeptical but was ready to try anything... taped worked great.. got all the gum off and you cant even tell it was ever there...
gum from leather seats Comments By: Jeremy on 2011-06-03
do NOT use goo gone or goof off - it will melt the gum into the natural fibers. Freezing the gum with ice is just as bad - when you pick it off, the leather "finish", or finished surface, will be damaged. Any oils will darken the lighter leathers and the leather will be stained. Whatever you do, kick yourself in the ass for being stupid enough to let your kid walk on your leather seats. Next, whip the brat's ass if you told him or her NOT to get shoes on the leather. Why do you parents insist on NOT busting your kids' asses - The rest of us have to pay the price for your spoiled overindulged children forever. Oh- try hot water first. Apply it sparingly with the corner of a washcloth - it will take more time than you would wish - just like correctly disciplining your spoiled sorry-ass children... or scotch tape - but it too will remove the finish oftentimes
Works perfectly! Comments By: Peter on 2011-06-25
Loads of gum on the leather seat and black shorts. The tape removed 90% of the gum and simple green cleaned it up!
Worked on Black Leather Purse Comments By: kellie on 2011-08-18
Remove gum from leather Comments By: Mkchele on 2011-07-23
This works amazing!!!!!!
wide clear 3m tape for sealing cartons Comments By: JIM BARNES NEW HAMPSHIRE on 2011-08-03
used the wide clear 3m carton sealing tape the next day and it took it right off and didn't mark the seats in my Lincoln thanks tipking

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