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Gum on a leather seat

WD-40 takes gum off easily, spray on a towel and wipe the gum off.

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Works perfectly. Comments By: Sarah on 2004-09-03
Yup, it works Comments By: Greg on 2004-12-23
Took a _LOT_ of WD 40, but some time for it to soak in might have worked too...
wonderful!!!! Comments By: vix on 2005-05-05
a quick squirt on the towel and a few rubs of the leather and all traces removed from my new leather suite .Thanks a bunch
AWESOME!! Comments By: Milissa on 2005-08-17
I would have never thought to use WD-40, the tip worked great!!
Hurrah! Works perfectly Comments By: Steve on 2006-09-03
Just a dash of WD40 sprayed onto towel and hey presto - gone in two ticks with no problems whatsoever. After I had spent HOURS trying the ice cube tip which doesn't seem to work at all!
I love you.... Comments By: Shazzam on 2007-10-12
...and will bear your children.
Brilliant result Comments By: Terry on 2008-06-14
Just tried the WD40 and it has removed every trace of the nasty gum on our leather chair. Thanks for a great tip.
How cool is that!!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-18
How brilliant can't believe it would never have tried that in a million years!!
remove gum from leather chair Comments By: beverly on 2009-08-03
WD 40 on a towel. Rubbed three times. Can't thank you enough. Worked like a charm and saved the chair and the day. As a bonus it oiled the leather.
no problem Comments By: jimmy on 2010-02-20
worked easily just a short wipe, all gone

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