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Swollen Taste Bud, clip it off

Submitted by Karen Alexandre

This may sound crazy.. But if you have a swollen taste bud just take a sterilized nail clipper and clip it off. I know is sounds painful but it works. You can sterilize the nail clipper with rubbing alcohol. FYI, it would be best to use the smallest nail clipper you can find like and infant's nail clipper. Try to keep your mouth clean with "Glycerin" which you can find in any health food store. Just wrap a cotton ball on the tip of your finger and saturate the cotton ball with glycerin then clean all around your mouth (gums, teeth, tongue and cud-which is the walls of your mouth).

Visitors comments

Haha, i Have one on My Tongue Because i Bit it a Few Days Ago D; it Hurts to a Small Amount but the Thing is That its Super Annoyingg -___- Haha, But im Too Freaked Out to Clip it Off, andd i Was Trying to Pull it Off And it Hurt So So Badd ;/ So im Going to Let it Be, For a Whilee(; Haha, But i Think this is Great informationn :DD
WOW! THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Comments By: Diana on 2010-05-13
I numbed mine up with a large cube of ice for about 3 minutes before I clipped it off. I am shocked! It really worked, didn't hurt at all and I feel sooooo much better :)
pretty simple Comments By: Christina on 2010-05-14
a) the people who followed this advice and posted right after clipping probably ended up with an infection or something later

b) the people who do this and don't suffer infections, etc. probably got lucky or they're not really removing an actual piece of the tongue

c) only idiots will take a cutting tool meant for their nails to their tongue. the smart people will read this advice and say to themselves 'crazy imbeciles, no way in hell I'm doing that'

Nail Clippers Rule!!! Comments By: Carol on 2010-05-16
I am an RN and hesitated doing this, but was so uncomfortable. My swollen, super sore bud was in the center of my tongue. I used alcohol on the baby clipper, and clipped quickly. Bleed quite a bit, but held a wet washcloth and it stopped quickly. INSTANT pain relief and it is a dot size. NO problem!!!!!! Awesome relief!!! Thanks you!!!!!
I waited it out... Comments By: Mobile Belle on 2010-05-20
I had one for several days - yep, sunflower seeds. It's gone down and no longer hurts but it's brown now. Is it just dead tissue? Will it just fall off?
Ok you guys Comments By: Kaitlyn on 2010-05-23
Ok you guys, for those of you who think you are going to get an infection from cutting off a small little bump on your tongue, your like 99.9% wrong. You can get one, but it's very, very, very (etcr) unlikely so long as your nail clippers are properly sterilized. Yes, your mouth is filled with bacteria, but no it's not all bad. There are good bacteria that keep you from getting infections in there. Not only that your mouth is the fastest healing part of your body. So chill out.
And to people going on about how you won't be able to taste anything. Every 3-10 days your mouth has entirely new taste buds. That's right, new taste buds. It's like your skin. You shed it off and it gets replaced with new skin/taste buds. So you don't have to worry about that.
If you don't believe me look up how often your taste buds get replaced. The bacteria stuff I found out when I was looking into getting my tongue pierced.

Yep...Worked like a charm!!! Comments By: Amy on 2010-05-24
I just read the posts and decided more people than less did it and it worked...so off I went into the bathroom to get rid of this bad bud. I had a little clove oil which I used to numb the bud, sterilized my clippers, found the little guy, and snip!!! Didn't even hurt and now my tongue feels a million percent better!!!
hi Comments By: ange on 2010-05-27
The taste buds regenerate every 2 weeks or so,your old ones fall off to be replaced by new ones,iv had the same problem sevral times and its only sore for a fue days so id not recomend pulling or cutting them off as they fall off anyway.
Hurt So Good Comments By: JPBaby on 2010-05-27
I like the pain of messing with my swollen taste bud. I guess i'm weird but its a good type of pain. If you're going to do it use a tweezer though, it feels so good to yank that thing out. Ohh yeah I went on a date tonight.
Feels so much better! Comments By: Tina Bo Bina on 2010-05-28
I was very apprehensive to try this but I had this for 3 days and it was causing me so much pain. It worked! I couldnt even tell that I snipped it...I had to look at the clipper to see that I did. Thanks! I will have a much better weekend
I didn't believe it, but it works! Comments By: Robin on 2010-05-31
Actually, I didn't believe thes post so I got dome ice to relieve the pain, the swollen taste bud stuck to the ice right away XD, and it doesn't hurt anymore ^^
this shit works Comments By: breyona on 2010-06-03
i had one bothering me for days and i was having a hard time eating, well i got fed up and turned to the net. i just put a little orajel on my tongue and got the toe nail clippers ran it under hot water for a s=few seconds then pour alcohol on it then ran hot water over it again ran my finger across my tongue to make sure i was in the right spot and clipped it off didnt feel a thing and now i feel one hundred percent better! not even sore. thank you so much.
Relief outweighs risk by far! Comments By: No sore tounge on 2010-06-04
If you had them and removed them by any method you would not doubt this method does work. Those who dissagree with 'infection' fear are far from stoping a person with a 2 week curse to a 2 minute curse. Walk in my swollen bud shoes for 2 weeks and then comment! The relief far outweighs the risk.
Use clove oil, chloraseptic or anbesol for pain Comments By: Mina on 2010-06-06
I just tried this and it worked. But Im a wimp for pain (obviously) so I used a dab of clove oil on the swollen bud first to numb the area. If you dont have clove oil have some chloraseptic mouth spray (its for sore throats and also numbs mouth pain) or anbesol for oral pain. Mine didnt even bleed and it feels much better. :)
No prob Comments By: Foody on 2010-06-07

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